Monday, December 8, 2008


I have no idea who this man is, Louis CK, I have never heard of him before, but I came across this clip and think he is spot on?

(I may be a little guilty myself)



palestar said...

so this was you in disguise - is that what you mean - he is hilarious...

like you - whoo hoo...

Anonymous said...

I want this guy to do the safety demo for us. Yesterday coming back from Berlin we were delayed two hours because some of the lavatories werent working. This plane had 7 bathrooms on it and only half of them were working. SEVEN bathrooms on a plane for 175 people. Go to Wal Mart where there are a hundred emplployees (who by the way arent there to help,only stock) a thousand customers (who all eat unhealthy crap and are 10 minutes away from the largest dump of their lives) and there is 1 toilet with a couple stalls that havent been cleaned all day. And the FAA has laws as to how many need to be on a plane. Lets focus on keeping the ones clean that are on earth! When you are 35 thousand feet in the air why feel the need to GO! Hold it people. Isnt the fact that we get you from point A to point B without hitting a mountain enough? I had a lady complain once about the quality of toilet paper. Are you kidding me? Lady if you dont like the toilet paper dont eat, dont wipe or just STAY HOME!!
And in conclusion remember Flight Attendants are on that plane to save your ass, not kiss it or certainly not to wipe it!!

Anonymous said... so true...pretty much life in a nutshell these days

Did I tell you I loved you in the last post...if not I love you..if I did then I love you more!!
Denise and Peg