Friday, August 31, 2007


Several year ago this song (Save the Best for Last) was popular and I fell madly in love with someone. I can't be certain I ever got over it. This song takes me back to that special time. Some people with get it.... most will not!

I still love Vanessa Williams and how she pronounces her esses....




I haven't added my two cents regarding the disgraced Idaho Senator Larry Craig. Initially I intended to write one of my long-winded diatribes but I am lacking the energy to do so.

I have listened to the taped interview and his subsequent press conference and I only have two things to say:

First, Senator Craig is just another lying, self-loathing, hypocritical republican who lives his life hiding in the shadows while voting against full civil rights for all American citizens. I hope he resigns in disgrace or is forced out by his fellow bigoted comrades.

Second, the act of enticing and entrapping men in airport or public rest rooms is wrong (as well as a poor use of manpower) and should be unlawful . Undercover operations, such as this, purposely target gay men and benefit no one. More good would be accomplished by having a uniformed police presense in such places - not only would it stop restroom "cruising" it would also prevent crimes where there is a victim, such as assault, robbery, rape, murder etc.

Oh... Did I say I hope Senator Craig swings for this?

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Recently I made an internet connection with a blogger much like me but I believe she is much more proficient than me.

She is a woman I have never met face-to-face and have never talked to on the phone and am fairly certain I never will.

But what initially captivated me was her refreshing honesty, and also the anonymity of the situation – she even uses a nom de plume which I found very intriguing and wish I had thought of earlier.

Personal details have been scarce but always there, and her thoughts and ideas have both energized and lifted me up and I know I strive to be more like her in my blogging.

Being tremendously open minded, I give most the benefit of the doubt, and usually can instantly foretell the outcome of a situation, and in this case I knew instantly I was communicating with a person of substance and not a typical internet wacko – you know, the people whose stories do not add up – pumping themselves up to be grander than their shallow little lives allow.

This is not the case with my new “stranger friend.”

For some reason this morning, after receiving an email from her, I decided to Google her name. I had pieced together her real name (which she never truly hidden from me) and much to my amazement there were pages of entries. Okay honestly, I wasn’t surprised to find her, but I was excited to find so much available on her.

I read about her activities and without even trying I uncovered where she is employed, how she spent time outside of her office, and was not surprised to find that she is exactly who I thought she was, quite an accomplished young woman. Several photos appeared on one link I entered and it was the same beautiful lady smiling back at me.

Then I started to get concerned.

There is no privacy or even anonymity any longer. With a few keystrokes I was easily able to piece together small bits of her life to create a fairly telling portrait of my new “stranger-friend.”

In the age of technology it is quite elementary to put together enough tidbits of information in order to find almost anything you want to know about people you’ve never even spent time or met.

Of course, individuals that share their opinions on the World Wide Web are easy to locate.

In an age of internet predators and fakes and phonies, it may be more important to be a tad less forthcoming with personal information.

I got side tracked (I’m still concerned about all of our privacy)

Anyway - I was happy to sneak a peak into her life and see her accomplishments and works. They don’t really mean anything to me other than to confirm what I already knew – she is a lovely young woman who is accomplished and is enjoying a fully enriched life – and that made be happy and proud for her.

My new stranger-friend - I look forward to learning more about your wonderful self and life and reading your thoughts.


When I was a teenager my father bought me a rifle to hunt in my grandparents back eight acres and when I was in the Air Force it was a requirement to become proficient on the M-16. I was fairly good with the rifle but I never liked the the power and kick of the M-16 ... what can I say.. I'm a wimp!

Guns make me uncomfortable and I can not find a reason today to own one, but just because I do not feel the need doesn't mean that other responsible, law abiding citizens should not have the right to own guns.

What does not make sense to me is why we cannot have strict regulation on who can and cannot have a gun, restrictions on the sale of weapons, background checks, mandatory safety classes, etc.

There is no middle of the road feeling on this issue for most people. It is either the take all the guns away and melt them down fraidy-cats or crazies who think they have the right to own 15 machine guns and be able to carry them to the local tavern.

If family man Frank feels the need to protect his family with a firearm, he should be allowed to do so without interference from the government. If Harry the hunter wants to go deer hunting to put food on his family's table he should be allowed to do so.

If gang banger George has a record of violent offenses and walks into a firearms store or convention to buy a piece, he should be turned away. Sure he may eventually find a way to get one but it will take him a little time and in that time a life may have been spared.

Americans (as the recent World News article points out) are not the only people with guns. The citizenry of other countries own them too but perhaps more responsibly. Is it because the governments of these other countries more closely regulate gun ownership or is it because the citizens of those countries are smarter?

I'm hoping it is as simple as Sensible Gun Control....

Monday, August 27, 2007

IS RUSH LIMBAUGH A RACIST...or just an idiot?

To really get what Cenk is saying in this clip you need to watch the entire thing. It begins with a conversation about Rush Limbaugh being a racist (which I'm sure he is) and then Cenk lays out the criteria for going to war - meaning Iraq vs Bosnia or Darfur.

The first war against Iraq was justified; however the current invasion and occupation is illegal and yet we claim the moral high ground. We went against international law and invaded Iraq.

Darfur is a completely different situation. The poor people are dying, or more accurately, are being murdered, no different than the Jews in World War II and the United States is not intervening.... why?

Because there is no oil or as much profit to be made.

Rush Limbaugh, talking to his white suburban housewife, is a drug addled racist(un)Compassionate Conservative. Nothing he says surprises me.

But The Young Turks are right. If the people in Darfur were white, we would have been there and taken care of this problem long ago.


After months of protracted hearings into the inept handling of FBI terror investigations and the firing of U.S. attorneys, embattled Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has finally decided to do the right thing and is stepping down.

Two weeks ago it was puppet master Karl Rove - would it be too much to ask for King George and Evil Dick to do the same?

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Have any of you ever heard of Wonder Robbie? Sometime in the last couple of months I ran across him and his videos. He is a 26 year old Xanadu obsessed, New Yorker and he makes me smile.

Friday night while at Mostly Sondheim at the Duplex I saw this rail thin newly hatched cutie and I knew he was familiar and when he was called up to sing (he is great at lip-syncing) and they announced his name I was like... OMG... Ive seen this kid.

I think he is a doll and is blessed with an ennormous amount of energy and personailty.

After he sang I called him over (he was sitting right in front of me) and told him I've enjoyed his videos and think he is adorable.

He has many videos on YouTube..... Watch them... he will put a HUGE smile on your face.



Here is the actual video without having to go to Amazon.


Thursday, August 23, 2007


I'm sitting at the Denver International Airport waiting for my plane to take off. It should be leaving in 5 minutes but for some mysterious reason it is delayed. This is typical of air travel these days.

You stand around in lines and then wait around for planes.

Just prior to arriving at Sky Harbor International (Phoenix airport)this morning we heard on talk radio that there was a "SCARE" at the airport and everyone from a Continental flight had to de-plane and the security line snaked throughout the airport and out the door for several hundred feet.

I guess they found a suspicious piece of luggage but fortunately it was corrected prior to my arrival.

Today suspicious could be anything, a 3.5 ounce bottle of Scope mouthwash, a book of matches, a passenger who didn't take off their sandals prior to going through security.

Its all a game to lull us into feeling secure, or more accurately more scared. The only thing we have to fear is fear itself, right.

The only thing we have to fear is our government and its manipulation of the security levels and regulations.

Are we any more secure today then we were pre-September 11th? I don't think so.

I also like to look around to see the people traveling. Its mostly business people in the middle of the week but plenty of others as well.

Air travel is obviously cheap these days. People of all walks of life can now afford to fly and the variety of baggage runs the gamit from Louie Vuitton to Samsonite to large black garbage bags.

These are the things I think about as I sit here waiting for my delayed flight.

Well, we should be boarding soon. Wish me luck!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


The first gay kiss on daytime television.


Sure wish it was JT and Nick on The Young and the Restless!


Fox News is at it again.

Four years ago they were helping the White House (King George) spread lies regarding Iraqi ties with Al-Quada and weapons of mass destruction.

Four years ago the mainstream media (CBS, NBC, ABC) were lead around by their nose by the White House press department - FOX NEWS.

Please watch is happening again and if we don't stand up NOW we will be moving tanks and soldiers next door to Iran.


Now this is my kind of flight attendant. You know she isn't going to be charging for the booze, if there is any left - you know the bitch is stealing the minis.

I love it when she says, "I'm a Fucking Flight Attendant," like that means something, and how she is crawling all over the floor of the cell, pressing her face against the glass.

The report stated her blood alcohol level was .03 which is much lower than the .08 level for operating a vehicle. I suspect something other than alcohol is her problem.

I'm not sure what all the fuss is about though....aren't all flight attendants pushy primadonnas and aren't they all closeted (or not so closeted) drunks? All of em I know are!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


It has taken me over a month to get around to making this movie of my vacation to the Black Hills and Yellowstone National Park. I took approximately 1500 photos and had to narrow that down to 300 or so.

Initially the movie was 20 minutes long and YouTube wouldn't let me upload it.... so I have now gotten it down to a managable amount of photos.

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I did the vacation.

(I notice that the photos seem to be a little out of focus in the movie.... I will keep working on it.)

Monday, August 20, 2007



I often forget how much I REALLY like her, her voice and what she has to say. Click on the header (ANNIE LENNOX-DARK ROAD) above to be taken to Amazon.Com to watch her new "Dark Road" video.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


I am thinking of attending. Is anyone else?

Click on the header (SEP 15-MARCH AGAINST WAR-WASHINGTON DC) to learn more.


I wrote the following after seeing the Barbra Streisand concert in November 2006. It is posted on I decided that even though it was posted there I want it on my site as well.

Coincidentally, the review posted just above mine was from another Barbra lover - one of Fettit's (Jim) other former boyfriends Mark (I was number one, he was number three).....


This was the fourth time I’ve been privileged to see Barbra Streisand in concert. In flew to Detroit in 1994, New York in 2000, and Chicago last Tuesday. Maybe it was the seats, but last night in Phoenix was by far the best.

Her voice was lovely, huskier than in the past, enjoying the occasion, and receiving the outpouring of affection and admiration from the crowd of mostly loyal devotees.

In between the first and second song, or was it the second and third, who can be sure, I yelled “I love you Barbra” and she replied, “Why, thank you sir.”

I met Rosie O’Donnell at the Chicago concert and that was a treat, but after all these years of hearing her voice, it was overwhelming to have her acknowledge mine – exciting for a teenager worshipping his idol – just as exciting for a 45 year old gay father/grandfather.

With trepidation I was looking forward to the “political” segment – Phoenix being a red city in a red state – but it went over surprisingly well. Having been reworked since the election results of last week, it was truly funny and the crowd laughed, screamed, and clapped with approval.

When she mentioned her appreciation that AZ had defeated the inclusion of bigotry in the state constitution (by defeating a ban on gay marriage) the crowd was right there cheering with her.

She noted in the beginning that she hadn’t sung in Phoenix since 1975 (when she was filming A Star is Born) and that by coincidence Kris Kristopherson was also playing in town at the same time. She told the crowd she had invited him to stop by if his show got out earlier than hers, and after the first encore she came back hand-in-hand with him and the crowd was rapturous.

For me personally, this was the pinnacle. She didn’t have to sing, she just had to be.

I fell in love with Barbra 29 years ago, December 26th, when I first saw A Star is Born. As a child I had seen her other films, but as a sometimes lost and often lonely 15 year old boy, she touched me so deeply and personally that she has never released her grip on my heart. So to see her walk onstage with Kris K. after all these years, I was euphoric.

The Phoenix crowd was much livelier that the Chicago crowd the week before. Other than a sourpuss couple in front of us what didn’t clap one time during the entire show – and wanted to start fights with those that did – I was moved to see so many people around me, women and men, with child like smiles and moist eyes – enjoying their dream of seeing their idol – this icon – who has meant so much, in such a personal way, to so many people. I almost enjoyed watching her through their eyes as much as seeing her standing 30 feet in front of me.

Wow….What a Night… Thank you Barbra

I wrote this review 10 months ago... but it takes me right back to the concert... even the part where the unhappy guy in front of us wanted to kill Fettit!

Friday, August 17, 2007


I was awakened this morning by Edna barking. Someone was in the backyard peaking in at us as we slept. It was Fettit’s hanger-on Walo. Something is not right about Walo waking me up. Even with this I was able to have a good day.

Kevin (brother) called soon after and during the conversation he coined a phrase. I can’t say what it is because he wants to copyright it and make a kazillion dollars.

I am making the invitations for Kevin and Brad’s (Craig) 50th birthday party. It is being held September 29th in Kalamazoo (yes there really is a Kalamazoo). I don’t think I will be attending… they will probably come out this way around that time anyway.

Having lunch with friends Joann and Laura is always a favorite of mine - Fettit joined as well. The time goes too fast and we touch on far too many topics to give any one of them our full attention – from my unemployment situation to prostate cancer, blood clots in the lungs to born again Jews, gay rodeos to my trip to New York City.

I love these long time friends who are crazy and opinionated and passionate and funny.

Later Christy dropped off Noelle - Icing on the day that was already pretty perfect.

Today I shared a conversation with my brother, a pizza and salad with Fettit, laughter and conversation with friends and kisses from Noelle. I say today is a keeper!

I sure hope someone doesn’t piss me off before I go to bed!!!!!!!


Evil Dick knew all along what would happen if we invaded Baghdad, then he become CEO of Halliburton and he changed his tune. This illegal war has made Evil Dick a multi-kabillionaire.

King George and Evil Dick are criminals - WAR CRIMINALS!!


Monday, August 13, 2007



Karl Rove announced today that he will be leaving the White House at the end of August - leaving behind debris and decay, devastation and desperation, and the hollowed out body he has possessed for the past 14 years.

Like the demon he is, Mr Rove identified a man, George W Bush, devoid of a brain and soul, with no accomplishments or convictions of his own, and effortlessly took possession, and ultimately took him all the way to the White House.

Without the semblance of a soul himself, Mr Rove deceived, disparaged and destroyed all that crossed his path or attempted to keep him from reaching his goal - becoming the President of the United States.

Honestly I have always feared Karl Rove. He has manipulated politics like no other player - past or present, and you never knew what was going to come next, but with all that, I took some comfort (okay.. not much) that he wouldn't let King George go too far. For all the adjectives thrown his way, both fair or foul, I believe him to be a smart man...a man I despise, but still a smart puppet master.

Seven years ago, even before the catastrophe that was September 11th, the world braced itself and spent billions for what became known as Y2K - the turning of our clocks to a new millennium. It turned out there was nothing to worry about.

I am not so confident about OH OH NO K, September 1, 2007, the day the citizens of the United States, and the entire world, should fear more - the day when King George has his Rove-otomy and will be left to govern without the ability to think and speak for himself.

The world thought King George was a dangerous idiot before... JUST WAIT!!!

(I wanted to insert "If I Only Had a Brain" here but was too inpatient to look for it on the web)


It is a new Monday, the sun is bright in the cloudless sky and I am not sure what to do with it. Since being laid-off on August 1st I cannot seem to find the motivation to start or complete the myriad of projects that need to be accomplished around the house.

For the past year I have been chained to my laptop awaiting an urgent email asking me to help put out this or that fire and I find that although I am no longer required to do so, I can't step away.

I find the same is true when I go out to lunch. I order and eat as though I am expecting a telephone call which will require me to rush home to resolve someones elementary issue.

I'm free and am released from hell but I can't move past it.

I have identified several employment opportunities but haven't forwarded my resume to any of them.

I keep talking about taking a few days and going to California to see some friends but I can't commit to that yet either.

At one point I thought of going over to Palm Springs for a few days and lying by a pool reading, but it made no sense to me. Why spend the money for a hotel when I have a deliciously private pool in my back yard and Jim is away each day at work?

I have also been contemplating, a partially planning, a camping trip. I've thought of gathering up my camping gear, which has only been used once, putting Miss Edna Bitely (my pooch) in the car and taking off to visit the half dozen or so national parks within Arizona, southern Utah and California. Almost like part two of the trip I took in June/July - but camping instead of hoteling it.

I can see myself setting up camp next to a babbling brook with the towering pines above me, Miss Edna by my side, catching up on all the books and magazine Ive purchased over the past year and have not read. Sounds like heaven - no people just Ed and me...IDEAL!

But why am I not motivated enough to do it?

Maybe today I will make some prgogress..............

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Today I received a response to a comment I made to a new blog I am reading. The writer emailed me and told me how she lost a friend because of some articles she wrote on her blog. It reminded me, and I responded back to her, about the friends I have let go over the years.

Friendships are as susceptible to death as humans. Because they happen for a variety of reasons, they can die away once the need disappears. When the shared situation is no longer shared, there is a chance the friendship dies.

I am fortunate. I have lived all over the country and have many wonderful people in my live, and most of my friends have stuck around for years, 25, 20, 15, 10 years and surprisingly, some of the ones I treasure and value the most are not the ones I am in the closest contact.

I always call my girl friend Ronda my oldest friend. Ronda worked for me briefly twenty-two years ago and once she was leaving my employment we got close and we have remained close in our own way although we haven't lived in the same part of the country for twenty-one of those years. We haven't seen each other in three years and don't often talk on the phone anymore - the advent of the internet helps us communicate and we remain connected.

Fettit recently tried to correct me when I referred to Ronda as my oldest friend, perhaps feeling slighted. He told me he was my oldest friend and in the strictest sense he is right. I just don't look at him as a friend.

Fettit and I have lived together off-and-on for close to 25 years. It may sound strange but after having been in an intimate relationship with him for five years and everything we've done, together and separate the subsequent 20, its hard to call him a friend.

Our lives today are not much different that they were 25 years ago. In 1984 we stayed home on the weekends taking care of the twins. Today we do the same thing with my (our) granddaughter. We have spent over half our lives sharing the same multi-leveled, intimate experiences - we are more than friends.

When I left Kalamazoo and moved to Phoenix in 1987 I left some friends. A couple of those friends followed us to Arizona within a year and we remained close for many years, sharing holiday dinners and a couple tragic losses. Ten years later I realized that the life support sustaining the friendship was one sided and when I relocated to California I flipped the switch and let the friendship fade.

I have never second guessed my decision and ironically one of these former friends lives a few houses away. We pass each other on the street and are pleasant. I remember the good times but feel no need to pick up where we left off.

When a friendship has run it's course it's fine to let it die. As we grow, our relationships either grow with us or need to be reconsidered. Call it relationship spring cleaning.

Thursday, August 9, 2007


Americans should be pissed, no, American should be scared to death. The constitution of the United States and the rights it entitles its citizens are being trampled. King George and his republican pals have done it again, and this time they have scared the other side, the democrats, into submission. What in the hell is going on?

What has me so upset is not the actual act of eavesdropping, I not afraid of that - most of my secrets are out there. It is what it represents. Today my private conversations can be listened in on, tomorrow my house may be broken into and I may be jailed for my thoughts or for writing this blog or because I gather with a group of like-minded individuals and we protest this administration's policies.

Why is the average Joe and Joanne American NOT outraged by this? Our rights are slowly deteriorating and no one says a thing, everyone just rolls over because it is in the name of catching terrorists. HA!!!! We were told the same thing about invading IRAQ!

King George and his republican cronies, as well as the sleeping democrats work for US - not the other way around. They are not governing the way we expect and yet they get a pass.

In Arizona when the governor doesn't perform in a manner we find agreeable, we either recall them or have them impeached. Why can't the same be true of the President and Vice President of the United States.

What will get Americans up in arms....TRY TAKING AWAY THEIR GUNS!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Friday, August 3, 2007


I received an email from my VP on Monday
Conference Call 8/1/7 at 11:30
What should I have prepared
I respond




So at 11:30 on 8/1/7 I was laid off
Exactly 3 years and 2 months

I'm happy now

I wasn't happy
Tired of being on the road so much
The job was not for me
I knew it almost immediately
But I wanted to give it a try

So I did
And I learned what I knew
It wasn't for me

After 14 months in the position
I started casting my line
Let em know I'm looking
New Adventure
Solid Opportunity

I had already contacted some headhunters this past month
Knew it was time to start looking

It will give me more time to BLOG
Complete my website
Get things done around the house and yard
Travel to California to see some friends
Finish my room

Her mommy asked if I want to babysit full time
I may just take her up on it
Anything to be near her
Such a joy
Pure JOY!

I need to shower
Drive across town to pick up Noelle
Saturday to Sunday she belongs to Grandpa
and Papa
How I (we) look forward to it

Papa is always excited
He asked several times yesterday
Noelle coming tomorrow


Four and a half years ago I read an article regarding the illegal war in Iraq and the decay of the American infrastructure. The article follows:
Condoleezza Rice on Meet the Press: Condoleezza Rice wants us to believe that one of the reasons for invading Iraq is to save the poor Iraqi people who are being persecuted by Saddam Hussein. But what about our own soldiers and Iraqi civilians who will be killed in the process?

Ms. Rice knows the real reason we are invading Iraq right now, she just doesn't want to say it because it doesn't sound quite as noble as saving the Iraqi people. The real reasons are:
1) OIL: Ms. Rice used to have an oil tanker named after her. And she used to be on the corporate board of she knows the importance Iraq plays in terms of access to oil. And she knows what the oil companies stand to gain if we get rid of Saddam.

2) DISTRACTION: The War on Terrorism has not been as successful as President Bush has stated, and he is feeling pressure to do something, even if that something has nothing to do with actually fighting terrorism! The Bush administration thinks they can fool us into thinking they have the terrorism situation under control by going after Saddam, when all they are doing is exacerbating the problem by creating more outrage against the United States from potential terrorists.

< Laden?s bin>: The media made it look like Osama bin Laden's most recent statement showed proof of a link between al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein...ignoring the fact that in the statement, when bin Laden asked the Muslim people to rise up against the United States, he also told the Iraqi people to rise up against Saddam. In bin Laden's statement, he expressed solidarity with the Muslim civilians of Iraq and the Middle East, not with Saddam Hussein.

President Bush's "economic growth" idea (i.e. a tax cut for the rich) has been widely panned. Most experts agree that it will do nothing productive for the short-term and will only hurt us long term. Even Alan Greenspan, who has thus far gone along with the Bush administration, spoke out against the tax cut plan and its negative implications.

It used to be that the government got involved in job growth itself, by creating jobs for the unemployed. Now, more than ever, our infrastructure needs help. Nearly every bridge and many highways need work...homeland security is also an enormous need. Rather than give rich people a tax cut and hope they create new jobs and don't just pocket the money, why not spend that money employing out-of-work Americans by rebuilding our infrastructure - that would kill two birds with one stone!

The FBI It seems that every week there is a new regulation or piece of legislation that is being considered that would further impede on our right to privacy and our civil rights. By continually lowering the threshold to justify warrants, the FBI can now go after people based on little more than rumor and suspicion - destroying innocent lives in the process.
Two days ago a bridge in Minneapolis, MN collapsed and several people were killed and even more are missing. This is a horrific situation, but it in not surprising. Our roads and bridges are now over 50 years old and although the roads often are updated, the bridges have gone neglected.

King George has run up a bill of nearly one half billion dollars on the war in Iraq and that number is climbing. Five hundred million dollars would go a long way to rebuild the roads and bridges in America and just think how many Americans could be put to work, making a decent wage and all for good as opposed to destruction and death.

Death and destruction in Iraq or growth in the United States?


Oh... and the author of this 3 1/2 year old article?

Barbra Streisand