Friday, August 3, 2007


Four and a half years ago I read an article regarding the illegal war in Iraq and the decay of the American infrastructure. The article follows:
Condoleezza Rice on Meet the Press: Condoleezza Rice wants us to believe that one of the reasons for invading Iraq is to save the poor Iraqi people who are being persecuted by Saddam Hussein. But what about our own soldiers and Iraqi civilians who will be killed in the process?

Ms. Rice knows the real reason we are invading Iraq right now, she just doesn't want to say it because it doesn't sound quite as noble as saving the Iraqi people. The real reasons are:
1) OIL: Ms. Rice used to have an oil tanker named after her. And she used to be on the corporate board of she knows the importance Iraq plays in terms of access to oil. And she knows what the oil companies stand to gain if we get rid of Saddam.

2) DISTRACTION: The War on Terrorism has not been as successful as President Bush has stated, and he is feeling pressure to do something, even if that something has nothing to do with actually fighting terrorism! The Bush administration thinks they can fool us into thinking they have the terrorism situation under control by going after Saddam, when all they are doing is exacerbating the problem by creating more outrage against the United States from potential terrorists.

< Laden?s bin>: The media made it look like Osama bin Laden's most recent statement showed proof of a link between al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein...ignoring the fact that in the statement, when bin Laden asked the Muslim people to rise up against the United States, he also told the Iraqi people to rise up against Saddam. In bin Laden's statement, he expressed solidarity with the Muslim civilians of Iraq and the Middle East, not with Saddam Hussein.

President Bush's "economic growth" idea (i.e. a tax cut for the rich) has been widely panned. Most experts agree that it will do nothing productive for the short-term and will only hurt us long term. Even Alan Greenspan, who has thus far gone along with the Bush administration, spoke out against the tax cut plan and its negative implications.

It used to be that the government got involved in job growth itself, by creating jobs for the unemployed. Now, more than ever, our infrastructure needs help. Nearly every bridge and many highways need work...homeland security is also an enormous need. Rather than give rich people a tax cut and hope they create new jobs and don't just pocket the money, why not spend that money employing out-of-work Americans by rebuilding our infrastructure - that would kill two birds with one stone!

The FBI It seems that every week there is a new regulation or piece of legislation that is being considered that would further impede on our right to privacy and our civil rights. By continually lowering the threshold to justify warrants, the FBI can now go after people based on little more than rumor and suspicion - destroying innocent lives in the process.
Two days ago a bridge in Minneapolis, MN collapsed and several people were killed and even more are missing. This is a horrific situation, but it in not surprising. Our roads and bridges are now over 50 years old and although the roads often are updated, the bridges have gone neglected.

King George has run up a bill of nearly one half billion dollars on the war in Iraq and that number is climbing. Five hundred million dollars would go a long way to rebuild the roads and bridges in America and just think how many Americans could be put to work, making a decent wage and all for good as opposed to destruction and death.

Death and destruction in Iraq or growth in the United States?


Oh... and the author of this 3 1/2 year old article?

Barbra Streisand

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