Saturday, August 30, 2008

From The PTA to the Vice Presidency

I just finished watching Alaska Governess Sarah Palin accept John McCain’s offer to be his running mate and my reaction is, “Are you fucking kidding me?”

If this were April 1st I would get the joke and would be laughing along side both of them, but this isn’t a prank. Although it appears that John McCain’s tongue is pressed firmly against his check, he is serious. He is telling us she is the best, most qualified person he could select as a running mate.

What in the hell happened to Huckabee or Romney?

However, as I watched her speech, and kept my eyes on McCain, it all became clear. He thinks she is a hot piece of ass.

Watch for yourself. He stares at her ass constantly throughout.

As she introduces her “world champion snow machine racing” husband (again… are you fucking kidding me), McCain stands there with a sly grin on his face, unconsciously playing with his wedding band and checking out her ass several more times, and the crowd jumps to their feet.

As Ms Palin refers to herself as an "average hockey mom" John McCain is seeing something completely different. His eyes glaze over and he sees her in her navy blue power suit, arriving home from a long day of governing. She puts down her briefcase in the foyer as she enters and immediately moves to the bedroom where she looks in the mirror at her reflection. She unbuttons her blouse to expose her generous cleavage, takes off her smart-girl glasses and pulls the comb from her hair, shaking her head ever so slightly so that her hair sways in slow motion and falls around her shoulders.

She may look like a corporate tiger but if John McCain’s grin tells us anything, he is clearly not thinking about the economy. His mind in on invading and occupying Sarah “the sex kitten” Palin’s rear flank.

Now of course that is a joke, but everything about this is comical.

John McCain is salivating over her ass and the crowd is wildly applauding her husband’s snow machine racing trophies. What do we get next – an ultimate fighter for Secretary of State? The American people love this shit.

After milking the crowd regarding her oldest son’s military service she introduces the rest of her brood and I am thinking, “she wants us to accept her as the next in line to the most powerful position in the world, and she can’t ever put shoes on her infant son.”

John McCain's stunt casting would be laughable if it weren't so tragic. Trying to woo the female vote, he has offered the vice presidency to a completely inexperienced person simply because she is a woman (and a hot piece of ass).

Does he seriously think that by teaming with her he will gain the votes of the former Hillary supporters?

I wasn't backing Hillary because she was a woman. I supported Hillary because of her accomplishments, intellect, and because she was, in my opinion, the best person for the job.

In her stead John McCain has plucked a "team mom and part-time coach" who has been the governor of Alaska, a state with less people than bears, for two years.

She looks like she should have been announcing the winner of the local spelling bee, or Miss Skagway pageant, not announcing her run for the second highest office in the United States.

This race may now have piqued my interest. When does Saturday Night Live start new shows? Its going to be a fun fall.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Did The Democrats Get it Wrong?

Tonight I watched Hillary Clinton at the 2008 Democratic Convention in Denver, CO and was, and still am, emotional and saddened - not at what she had to say -I've always championed her eloquence and strong and positive message for America - but that over the past year or more, people did not get her, understand her, and were blinded and bullied into believing her to be something other than what she is... a passionate advocate for woman, children, and America's lower and working classes.

Watch Hillary's speech in it's entirety and tell me what you think!

George W Bush and John McCain = McSame

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Arrival of Christopher Sterling Duflo - Part VIII

Christopher is home.

Jon, Michelle and Noelle went to the hospital late this morning to pick him up and then came directly over to our house.

We had friends, and his Aunt "T" over for a bbq, a kinda welcome to the real world bbq and play in the pool party.

Jon took a slew of pictures and I planned to put them on my computer before they left but things got hectic.

I know I am biased, but he is a beautiful ball of joy, or should I say he gives me a lump of joy in my heart. He is so little. Noelle was never this small and 7lbs is not that small but it has been so long since I have a seen a baby so small... but his feet and hands look disproportionately large ... all hands and feet.

I will post more pictures soon.

Thank you to everyone who sent out positive thoughts and prayers for him.

Blessed am I.

I once inherited two beautiful children, then was chosen to have special twin girls, and now have gifted with another two - Noelle and lil Christopher.

Thank you Michelle and Jon for expanding my heart and family, and allowing me to be so involved.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Arrival of Christpher Sterling Duflo - Part VII

Tonight after work Michelle called and asked if we were planning to come up to the hospital to see little Chris. We weren't planning on it. I was tired from working all day but I had the suspicion that she wanted us to come up.

I hung up the phone and called Fettit to meet me some where in between so we could go together.

When we arrived Michelle was sitting in a chair holding Christopher. His eyes were open - the first time I've seen his eyes - big and dark - certain to be blue.

Michelle needed to pump so she offered for me to hold him but I deferred to Fettit. I wanted him to be the first grandparent to hold him. It was a small thing for me to do and I knew it would mean a lot to him.

Christopher is doing much better. He is taking 2 ounces of milk every couple of hours and is only on the oxygen now - the same percentage as what we breathe. He just needs the little push the tubes offer.

The doctor says he will be home no later than a week from now... I'm thinking it will be sooner.....

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Arrival of Christopher Sterling Duflo - Part VI

The news just keeps getting better.....Over the past couple of days Christopher has continued to show great improvement.


He is no longer in that tanning bad contraption, and is now in a regular crib.

The CPAP machine has been removed (as has the hideous headgear)so his face is exposed and the nurse said he has two of the biggest blues eyes she has ever seen... Noelle's eye - Grandpa's eyes.

All intravenious tubes have been removed, except for some oxygen, and his intake is down to 24%, which is fantastic. We breath 21% oxygen so he is close to being off of it completely. Who knows as of this morning he may he off the oxygen completely.

He can now be held, although I haven't yet, and is drinking 2 ounces of milk every couple of hours.

He is reaching all of the goals they have set for him and now that he is feeding it won't be long before he gains a few ounces, and I suspect he will be home very soon.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Arrival of Christopher Sterling Duflo - Part V

Last night after work Fettit and I drove to the hospital in North Scottsdale to visit Christopher. Of course, when we arrived it was shift change and during that time it is parents only (grandparents do not count).

Twenty minutes later we were allowed in to see him and we only stayed a brief's not like we can play catch with him or anything.

He has one the most Gawd-awful headgear, and was lying there sleeping. So Peaceful and precious.

Fettit lightly touched his little back. I was too afraid - didn't know what to do.

Michelle held him for the first time yesterday and she texted me earlier that if I came up I might be able to hold him. He is so tiny I would be afraid I would hurt him. She later told me I wouldn't have been able to hold him...phew!

I think Noelle saw him again today. I don't have a take on what she thinks of him. To her he probably looks like one of her dolls that she wants to lay on the floor and cover with dish towels.

His oxygen numbers are improving and they are now giving him milk through tubes. It won't be long before he will be off the CPAP machine and on his own.

I am hoping to get some more pictures soon and as soon as I do they will be posted here.

Thank you to all for the kind words of love, support and encouragement. Never under-estimate the power we each hold.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Arrival of Christopher Sterling Duflo - Part IV

This morning I received a text message from Christopher's mother (Michelle) stating that he was down to receiving 50/60% oxygen, which was good news. A few minutes later I received a call from my her, obviously upset, telling me that the hospital had decided to transport him to a hospital in North Scottsdale because they had better equipment to handle his condition.

I left work and joined them at the hospital to lend moral support.

Michelle decided that she wanted to be released so she could be near her little boy and a doctor and a slew of nurses flooded in and out for the next couple of hours talking to her and examining her.

Going home 24 hours after a c-section is quite uncommon, but the hospital staff obliged and she was released.

We re-grouped an hour later at Scottsdale Healthcare - Shea and Michelle and Jon immediately went in and spent sometime with their newborn. Jon came out a few minutes later to allow me and Christopher's Aunt, Christy, to visit. It was her first time seeing him.

We entered the room and approached a contraption that looked like a minature version of my fake and bake tanning bed, the only thing I can compare it to, and there was this beautiful little boy (nicely bronzed) splayed out with a little gizmo covering his nose and tubes in his mouth, and coming out of his arms, and machines were beeping and displaying his latest statistics.

I was instantly transported back twenty-four years to when his mother, at one and a half years old, and only double his weight, was recovering from her pulminary artery replacement surgery. The memory of that and the reality of his situation, made my eyes start to water.

Christopher, like his mother so many years ago, will make it. He will be fine. One of the nurses even commented on what a fighter he is.

I think he just needs a littles hooplah and drama to accompany his arrival. Either gifted or cursed, he comes by it naturally. Grabbing for, or at least expecting, attention is a common trait. Melodrama is another common trait - one I can live without.

A little star he is and a little star he will be, but he can now knock the crap off and get well so we can craddle him in our arms and welcome him into the world the right way.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Arrival of Christopher Sterling Duflo - Part III

The doctors are saying that Christopher is experiencing Respiratory Distress which can be common among babies born c-section. They are monitoring him and giving him oxygen and if he doesn't improve after 6 hours they may transport him to a different hospital.

So we wait - and pray!

The Arrival of Christopher Sterling Duflo - Part II

Born: August 5, 2008 8:08am
Weight: 6 lbs 15 oz
Length: 20 inches

Monday, August 4, 2008

The Arrival of Christopher Sterling Duflo - Part I

I write this as I am preparing to go to bed. When I wake up in the morning I will have a cup of coffee or two, shower, and Fettit and I will make our way to Scottsdale Memorial Hospital for the arrival of Christopher Sterling Duflo - the first male in my bloodline.

I was blessed to get a son and daughter from my ex-wife when I married, and my dreams came true two years later when I was given the gift of twin girls. Then. after a troubling and turbulent twenty-four years, Noelle Marie Duflo entered the world, and my life, and I felt instantly proud and chosen again.

The years between his mother (and Aunt’s) births were more than turbulent. They were devastating as I learned to cope with, or maybe forget, the lives that I had created, worshipped, lived to be a part of, and lost early on, but my faith in the right thing and happy endings endured, even when I didn’t consciously have faith that it could happen, and yet today I have a full and wonderful family.

Perhaps our lives are not traditional, but love abounds in this crazy world, and tomorrow our grandson joins us, and Fettit and I couldn’t be more excited.

Throughout the next few days I will be posting photos, and perhaps videos, of my namesake, that Fettit and I plan on calling CJ – Christopher-James.

Michelle is having a C-section at 7:30am in the morning. I need to go to sleep, but please keep her (and Christopher) in you thoughts and prayers as she labors to bring him into the world.