Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Arrival of Christpher Sterling Duflo - Part VII

Tonight after work Michelle called and asked if we were planning to come up to the hospital to see little Chris. We weren't planning on it. I was tired from working all day but I had the suspicion that she wanted us to come up.

I hung up the phone and called Fettit to meet me some where in between so we could go together.

When we arrived Michelle was sitting in a chair holding Christopher. His eyes were open - the first time I've seen his eyes - big and dark - certain to be blue.

Michelle needed to pump so she offered for me to hold him but I deferred to Fettit. I wanted him to be the first grandparent to hold him. It was a small thing for me to do and I knew it would mean a lot to him.

Christopher is doing much better. He is taking 2 ounces of milk every couple of hours and is only on the oxygen now - the same percentage as what we breathe. He just needs the little push the tubes offer.

The doctor says he will be home no later than a week from now... I'm thinking it will be sooner.....


palestar said...

omg here i go in the middle of the night - could not stay asleep - came in to check my 'puter and viola - this beautiful family with the "CJ"... the look on noelle's beautiful face so priceless.

thanks so for posting these family photos. did kev make it to phoenix?

Chris - you and jim look so slender well hubba hubba - i am so going to put some photos on my site...

love and light to you all - you are golden. blessings...palestar

palestar said...

i did it - y'all are on my site too...

oo rah CJ - welcome to the world...

tammy said...

Chrissy pooh!!!All I have to say is...what a beautiful family!!!!!
Sweetie I am so happy that "baby Chrissy-pooh" is doing so well!

Love the pic of the 2 of you....and his little hand on his head as if to say..."oh hell, grampa....what did i get myself into".....

And the pics of little Noel being the great BIG sister...priceless!!!

I love you and hope that Christopher comes home quickly!praying for him and all your family, always in my thoughts!

ur adopted lil sis

meliluvsu said...

This is so what counts in life!!!!

My gosh he is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

You make such a handsome grandpa!! I love you chrissy poo!!


Kim said...

What a precious lil gift!

palestar said...

chris - love your flickr photos - you are all so beautiful - so happy you are sharing.

love you all. blessings...palestar

Anonymous said...

I will end with this image in my head

Purity at it's best

Life is Beautiful and Great

Loving you in Your Light