Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Arrival of Christopher Sterling Duflo - Part V

Last night after work Fettit and I drove to the hospital in North Scottsdale to visit Christopher. Of course, when we arrived it was shift change and during that time it is parents only (grandparents do not count).

Twenty minutes later we were allowed in to see him and we only stayed a brief's not like we can play catch with him or anything.

He has one the most Gawd-awful headgear, and was lying there sleeping. So Peaceful and precious.

Fettit lightly touched his little back. I was too afraid - didn't know what to do.

Michelle held him for the first time yesterday and she texted me earlier that if I came up I might be able to hold him. He is so tiny I would be afraid I would hurt him. She later told me I wouldn't have been able to hold him...phew!

I think Noelle saw him again today. I don't have a take on what she thinks of him. To her he probably looks like one of her dolls that she wants to lay on the floor and cover with dish towels.

His oxygen numbers are improving and they are now giving him milk through tubes. It won't be long before he will be off the CPAP machine and on his own.

I am hoping to get some more pictures soon and as soon as I do they will be posted here.

Thank you to all for the kind words of love, support and encouragement. Never under-estimate the power we each hold.


wimomz said...

oh chris this must feel like the longest wait you and your family have ever endured
sounds like he is getting stronger and will be in our arms soon!

palestar said...

thank you dear heart for keeping us updated - cj comes from hearty stock - look forward to the time when we can see photos of everyone in the family holding him and enjoying him and loving him...

we are not under-estimating the power of young cj - we are waiting young man - but take your time there is much love and caring awaiting you. i am sure you know this.

be safe and well everyone - take care...

Anonymous said...

I will be there tomorrow and all will be just fine. I HAVE THE POWER!! God (or whatever power)learned a long time ago DONT FUCK WITH PEOPLE I LOVE!! I cant wait to hold my newest member of this family.
I do believe "a life replaces a life".

ManyMeez said...

Chris!! I'm so excited for you and your new arrival to your family.

Everything will work out wonderfully and before long he'll be tackling you to the ground!

Thanks for the updates and pics! New baby pics always make me smile!

Hope you're doing well! Thanks for the nice comment you left me!!!

Sparroweye said...

So glad he is improving and taking milk. This is great. He is so beautiful. I have been praying for him.

palestar said...

lovin' the kev too - here he comes to save the day... too.

i always thank the universe daily for the protection of everyone i love and everyone that they love... ;o) that covers lots of people. along with that i always say thank you for that protection...

cj will be home with y'all SOON...

Scott said...

Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you and your family.

amanda said...

Aww chris I'm sorry.