Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Arrival of Christopher Sterling Duflo - Part VI

The news just keeps getting better.....Over the past couple of days Christopher has continued to show great improvement.


He is no longer in that tanning bad contraption, and is now in a regular crib.

The CPAP machine has been removed (as has the hideous headgear)so his face is exposed and the nurse said he has two of the biggest blues eyes she has ever seen... Noelle's eye - Grandpa's eyes.

All intravenious tubes have been removed, except for some oxygen, and his intake is down to 24%, which is fantastic. We breath 21% oxygen so he is close to being off of it completely. Who knows as of this morning he may he off the oxygen completely.

He can now be held, although I haven't yet, and is drinking 2 ounces of milk every couple of hours.

He is reaching all of the goals they have set for him and now that he is feeding it won't be long before he gains a few ounces, and I suspect he will be home very soon.


palestar said...

omg chris - what great news - see cj is coming home SOON - oo rah!

please tell me he is not getting diary milk - perhaps from mama or a formulae.

don't be afraid of him - he will not break and he needs the gpas's too.

hope noelle is excited about the baby brother - i am sure she is loving him - soon baby soon...

Scott said...

That is great news indeed. I feel your joy and continue to keep your family in my thoughts.

wimomz said...

oh such great news chris! ty for posting!

Gia said...

Ohhhh!! I'm so excited for you and your family Chris!!! CONGRATS!!! Great, wonderful news!!!!

Thanks for keeping us up to date!!!