Saturday, August 30, 2008

From The PTA to the Vice Presidency

I just finished watching Alaska Governess Sarah Palin accept John McCain’s offer to be his running mate and my reaction is, “Are you fucking kidding me?”

If this were April 1st I would get the joke and would be laughing along side both of them, but this isn’t a prank. Although it appears that John McCain’s tongue is pressed firmly against his check, he is serious. He is telling us she is the best, most qualified person he could select as a running mate.

What in the hell happened to Huckabee or Romney?

However, as I watched her speech, and kept my eyes on McCain, it all became clear. He thinks she is a hot piece of ass.

Watch for yourself. He stares at her ass constantly throughout.

As she introduces her “world champion snow machine racing” husband (again… are you fucking kidding me), McCain stands there with a sly grin on his face, unconsciously playing with his wedding band and checking out her ass several more times, and the crowd jumps to their feet.

As Ms Palin refers to herself as an "average hockey mom" John McCain is seeing something completely different. His eyes glaze over and he sees her in her navy blue power suit, arriving home from a long day of governing. She puts down her briefcase in the foyer as she enters and immediately moves to the bedroom where she looks in the mirror at her reflection. She unbuttons her blouse to expose her generous cleavage, takes off her smart-girl glasses and pulls the comb from her hair, shaking her head ever so slightly so that her hair sways in slow motion and falls around her shoulders.

She may look like a corporate tiger but if John McCain’s grin tells us anything, he is clearly not thinking about the economy. His mind in on invading and occupying Sarah “the sex kitten” Palin’s rear flank.

Now of course that is a joke, but everything about this is comical.

John McCain is salivating over her ass and the crowd is wildly applauding her husband’s snow machine racing trophies. What do we get next – an ultimate fighter for Secretary of State? The American people love this shit.

After milking the crowd regarding her oldest son’s military service she introduces the rest of her brood and I am thinking, “she wants us to accept her as the next in line to the most powerful position in the world, and she can’t ever put shoes on her infant son.”

John McCain's stunt casting would be laughable if it weren't so tragic. Trying to woo the female vote, he has offered the vice presidency to a completely inexperienced person simply because she is a woman (and a hot piece of ass).

Does he seriously think that by teaming with her he will gain the votes of the former Hillary supporters?

I wasn't backing Hillary because she was a woman. I supported Hillary because of her accomplishments, intellect, and because she was, in my opinion, the best person for the job.

In her stead John McCain has plucked a "team mom and part-time coach" who has been the governor of Alaska, a state with less people than bears, for two years.

She looks like she should have been announcing the winner of the local spelling bee, or Miss Skagway pageant, not announcing her run for the second highest office in the United States.

This race may now have piqued my interest. When does Saturday Night Live start new shows? Its going to be a fun fall.


palestar said...

oy - i am amazed that mccaint thinks we actually buy his shit.

ordinarily i would support a woman in this even with a large family - it certainly can and has been done - but this woman has a fairly new sweet beautiful baby with down's syndrome - SHE NEEDS TO BE WITH THE BABY for at least the first year to give this baby a fair start. selling out to the republican party is what she has done.

ms palen is tied to the corporate and the oil companies - she is trying to get congress to approve oil drilling in alaska's reserves - if she will sell out their own state - what makes everyone think she would not sell out america!!!

with a mccant/palin administration it would be the same same same as a bush/cheney administration, in other words crap lies and more crap!!!

we must make sure that never happens...!!!

what do you think of hillary clinton as attorney general - me thinks she could kick some ass and get things done. OR supreme court - refreshing thought me thinks - that's just me...

Anonymous said...

Miss Wasilla? Miss Alaska Congeniality? Is McInsane just screwing with us or what? Being Miss Wasilla by beating out 3 moose, a grizzly and one very hairy flannel wearing granola chick does not qualify a person to be the Vice President of the United States. And does anyone else find it odd how excited the crowd got at the announcement when she introduced her "international award winning snowmachine driver"? And what exactly does that mean? Is he really fast at plowing driveways? Is he going to be Secretary of the Interior? Now dont get me wrong I think if you like a "gun toting mother", who is so compassionate she says screw the animals, "LETS DRILL" than this woman is for you. And please keep those kids in Alaska where they obviously belong. I mean come on Willow, Pillow, Trick, Truck and Little Joe! Who are these people?
And how smart of McIdiot to select her after what appears to be a couple conversations. Suddenly the Mormon guy doesnt seem like such an odd choice now!
So in review: She is a crown wearing beauty with a great personality who pops out kids without concern of over population. She will bake you cookies and if you dont eat them and say thanks she will shoot your ass or god forbid if she thinks there is oil in there she will DRILL YA!!

Anonymous said...

tina fey as palin in guest spots on SNL. Can't you see it?!?

I LOVED this!!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Vice Presidential nominee Mrs Palin isnt the only one in the family that qualifies to be "Miss Congeniality"! McIdiot just really "Mcscrewed" up!! Palin believes the best form of birth control is to teach abstinance. Well that worked real well didnt it "Grandma Palin"? But we should all be relieved that she is going to marry the father. They must really be in love and the exception to the rule. NOT!! 750 thousand teen pregnancies a year proves we have a problem with unprotected sex in this country. How many of these young teens have bigger problems than pregnancy, like HIV and sexual disease? Once again wake up people. TEACHING YOUR KIDS TO "JUST DONT DO IT" DOESNT WORK. Especially when the parents are too busy with themselves and their jobs to pay attention to their own children. ie: being the Mayor of Wasilla and being a world champion snow machine racer/drunk driver!!
I think McCane is a good American. I think he is completly out of touch with "Americans". Just like "W". We dont need either of them running the show anymore. I also believe the choice of Palin proves he is unable to run this country.
As for Palin, being anti abortion doesnt qualify you to be the most powerful woman in the country. Lady, prove you can handle matters in your own home before you start telling me how to handle them in mine!! I dont judge her for the sad choice her daughter made (and will have to raise and support and care for). But I do judge her because I know this woman preaches "her" values and tells us how we should live our lives and look at her!