Wednesday, November 28, 2007



My friend Palestar brought this to my attention and I refuse to believe it is serious.


If it is real, and not a hoax, it is no wonder we are still in Iraq, our children are without heathcare and our infrastructure is crumbling.

I comes from and there are many other oddities to be found there.


When creating my website, I secretly hoped I was building a bridge from the past to the future and it would help me reconnect with far-away, but not forgotten friends. I purposely included captioned photographs hoping someone would find me while searching Google or Yahoo, or somehow word would filter back, rekindling old memories and spark renewed contact.

For the past few days memories of a long-ago life-changing secret love have been orbiting my cyber presence and swirling around in my consciousness. Recently my virtual front door has been knocked on frequently, welcoming unnamed visitors who unintentionally search his name from my past and inflame warm thoughts of distant memories.

My former love remains young, beautiful and perfect as ours was an instance of two youthful innocents wrestling against untested boundaries and fears. We were never forced to confront conformity or bend to acceptance because we never crossed the line or challenged its limits.

Ultimately for me it was a time of cowardly indecision and confusion, and the echoes, both joyful and filled with pain, constantly ring in my head.

My memory of him has never tarnished with the stale breath of reality. I look back at him now and can still see our beauty wrapped in the simplicity of the age, and the endless avenues of a yet lived life.

I have yet to receive that “voice from the past” email looking to re-ignite a long dormant distant passion, and unconsciously I am not certain I truly welcome it or how I would react. Perhaps it is best to keep past memories of unfulfilled love buried deep within and only unearth them in the privacy of our solitude.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Today I endorsed Hillary Clinton for President. Below is the announcement the Clinton campaign released to the media with my endorsement statement. Barbra

Streisand Endorses Hillary Clinton

Legendary filmmaker, artist, and Democratic activist, Barbra Streisand, today endorsed Hillary Clinton for President. Streisand cited Clinton's ability to bring about change and the historic nature of her campaign as reasons why she is supporting Hillary's candidacy.

"Madame President of the United's an extraordinary thought. We truly are in a momentous time, where a woman's potential has no limitations," said Streisand. "Hillary Clinton has already proven to a generation of women that there are no limits for success. She is driven by her passion for public service and her belief in the enormous potential of our country. Smart, capable and strong in her convictions, Hillary has transcended the dictates of what is thought to be possible for our time.

"Hillary is a powerful voice for change as we find our country at an important crossroads. Under her leadership, our country will regain its respect within the global community. She will prioritize issues of global climate change, universal healthcare and rebuilding a strong economy. After 8 long years, the public will once again have faith in their government.

"Another former first lady, Eleanor Roosevelt once wrote, 'In government, in business, and in the professions there may be a day when women will be looked upon as persons. We are, however, far from that day as yet.' More than 50 years later 'that day' is now upon us...and Hillary Clinton is ready to shatter through that glass ceiling for all women."

Streisand has been working on behalf of Democratic candidates for over forty years, performing at fundraisers and participating in campaign events. In addition, the Streisand Foundation has raised millions for causes including the environment, women's equality as well as human and civil rights and liberties.

"I'm honored to have Barbra's support," said Clinton. "Barbra has used her immense talent to be an advocate for truth, justice, and fairness and I deeply appreciate her confidence in my candidacy as we work together to change the direction of our nation."

Barbra Streisand is a singer, theatre and film actress, composer, film producer and director. She has won Oscars for Best Actress and Best Original Song as well as multiple Emmy Awards, Grammy Awards, and Golden Globe Awards. She is considered one of the most commercially and critically successful female entertainers in modern history.

Monday, November 26, 2007


Fettit woke up in a good mood yesterday. Well known for being a hermit and creature of habit, he rarely likes to go anywhere, so when he asked if I was interested in taking a road-trip to Tucson, I immediately jumped on the opportunity to get out of town.

The differences between Phoenix and Tucson are vast. The 115 miles between the two cities allow each of them their own distinctive personality.

In Phoenix, in an attempt to appear more tropical than we really are, we have green lawns and imported trees and flowers, where as Tucson celebrates the uniqueness of the desert.

The mountains that circle Tucson are breathtaking, especially the Santa Catalina Mountains to the north, and the desert around Tucson is much more diverse, lush and greener than ours in Phoenix.

I always welcome an opportunity to get out of Phoenix. Although I love living here I enjoy traveling, even if it is only a road trip, and Tucson holds many precious memories of my grandparents, and my life when I went to college.

Fettit said it would be fun to take a drive and then go to one of the many authentic Mexican restaurants I had told him about - My mind instantly flashed to the Crossroads, a place I went nearly every Thursday with my friend Adela. He reminded me that due to an unfortunate circumstance, our current boarder, Rich, hadn’t seen much of Arizona so he also saw it as an opportunity to show Rich some of the state.

The plan was vague, but we decided that after he returned from pumping his organ at church we would take a leisurely drive.

My imagination, and my fingers on the keyboard, went to work immediately as I started to plan our trip. I can’t stop myself sometimes. I had to find a different way of going to Tucson because driving the freeway is a bore and life was meant to be experienced on the back roads. I saw this as an opportunity to see some off-the-beaten-path locales.

In my head I saw a margarita tour. I envisioned us driving 45 minutes or so and stopping in a random little dirt town at a quaint little Mexican restaurant, the kind with authentic, homemade food and drinks where the help barely speaks English. We would load back in the car and drive another 30 or 40 minutes, find another margarita and tortilla chips and repeat.

On my computer I pulled up Mapquest and quickly found the route I wanted. The direct route being 115 miles I thought that an extra 65 or so miles wouldn’t be that big of a deal since we would be having fun along the way and seeing new places.

The route set, Rich and I showered and patiently awaited Fettit’s return from church. He was late and Rich and I were impatient. We were ready to start our adventure.

While getting into the car I told them of my margarita tour plans. Fettit’s was in a good mood and said he was up for anything, as was Rich.

We drove the interstate 50 miles or so south to Casa Grande and I turned west towards San Diego. From looking at the map I knew Chuichu Road was within a few miles from our last turn-off so I started looking for it – and don’t see it. I continued to drive and past several exits and still didn’t see it. I asked Fettit and Rich to start combing the car for an Arizona road map but they don’t have any luck. I have fifteen maps in the car and not one is for the state of Arizona.

There are few exits and the ones there are have not businesses or people. They are just endless roads leading to no where.

At this point I was waiting for short-fused Fettit to burst and start yelling at me – it’s what we do – but he didn’t say a word.

After close to 20 miles I give up and turn around. As I re-approach Casa Grande I look up at an exit-less overpass and I see Chuichu Road. We have now driven 40 miles out of our way and I still have to find a way back this road.

I took the next exit and worked my way over the Chuichu Road, leading us to Indian Highway 15. As I turned south I recalled the names of the towns on this part of the trip - Santa Rosa, Ak Chin, and Sells. All three places fit my fantasy perfectly, and as my stomach growled and my mouth watered, I pictured pulling into each dusty little town and finding the quaint local restaurants filled with friendly, sun-baked locals. I could practically smell the fried chips and fresh-made salsa and taste the tartness of the margarita.

We Had been driving for about an hour and a half and we were all starting to get hungry. Nearly an hour earlier I mentioned starting the margarita tour in Casa Grande but Fettit said he was afraid if we started there he would get tired too early so we continued.

The first town we came to was Santa Rose. My senses were on high alert as we neared and I mentioned to Fettit that I was certain there would be a cute little Mexican cafĂ© like I envisioned, but boy was I wrong. Santa Rosa was a tiny speck of a town, just off the highway but there was no restaurant, gas station or convenience store. We didn’t even see a resident. There was only a school.

By now Rich was sleeping in the back seat and I looked over at Fettit, waiting for him to hemorrhage from frustration, and he just smiled at me.

The next town was Ak Chin and my hopes were not high that we would find food there because I remembered from the map that the two towns were the same size.

Hell, Ak Chin didn’t even have a school.

Over 30 years previous I had passed through Sells on my way San Diego. I remembered it as a dusty and sleepy desert town and in my mind I saw the businesses and people. I told Fettit with certainty that in 40 miles we would be relaxing with margaritas and tacos. With no hint of dissatisfaction on his face, he nodded.

As we approached Sells, the three of us started to laugh about our little trip and how it really hadn’t turned out as planned. We had been on the road for what seemed like an eternity and each of us was ravenous, but I assured them that Sells was the answer to all of our thirst and hunger needs.

The speed limit changed from 65 to 55 and 55 to 45 then 45 to 35 as we entered Sells. In my head I qualified that since we had to reduce speed then we had definitely found our oasis. One of the first buildings we found had a sign that read “Career Center.” Bingo - a career center meant people and businesses and both of those meant Mexican restaurant to me and then to my left there was a Basha’s grocery store, we have them in Phoenix, so our margaritas were just around the corner.

The road curved and we saw buildings ahead and I felt my vindication at hand, but I was wrong. Sadly, the buildings were mostly in disrepair, and each was surrounded with six foot chain linked fences. I couldn’t figure out if they were meant to keep outsiders at bay or the inhabitants captive.

I continued driving and on the right hand side of the road is saw a sign that read “Business District – Turn Right” so I followed the instructions and still didn’t see a restaurant. I didn’t see a gas station. I didn’t see a post office. I didn’t see people. All I saw was poverty and fenced-in non-descript beige buildings that all looked like they were about to implode.

Fettit’s humor continued to remain intact. I was amazed. He was starting to rattle off jokes and much to my surprise they weren’t aimed at me.

Three hours into our journey and we remained margarita less and our empty stomachs were shouting to be filled. For an instant I saw a buzzard circling over my malnourished body, waiting to attack, but then I realized it was a border patrol helicopter hovering over what I suspected to be a group of Mexican nationals trying to make it north. Every tenth car I passed on the highway was a border patrol vehicle en route to the site of the helicopter suspended over its prey.

An additional forty-five minutes passed and our arrival into Tucson was imminent. I remembered that I had packed my cameras for the trip and had planned to visit Saguaro National Monument, just west of Tucson to capture its beauty, but I soon realized because of my missteps hunger and thirst took priority.

I drove us to South Tucson, a tiny municipality surrounded by the city of Tucson - the heart of authentic margaritas and Mexican food. Looking for the Crossroads, we stumbled upon a local legend, Minidito. Secretly fearing the long lines, and Fettit’s wrath, I apprehensively agreed to make this our destination. I had kept them hungrily locked in the car long enough.

Once inside the host told us the wait would be 25 minutes at which point I was certain Fettit would blow his cork, but he was fine. While we waited we had a margarita that did not disappoint. After a nearly 15 year absence from Tucson’s Mexican restaurants I had forgotten the taste of a traditional margarita.

But we were hungry and the room full of people didn’t seem to be moving toward the dining room so I suggested we try to find the Crossroads. Much to my amazement Fettit’s good mood continued to remain intact and after paying for the drinks we were back in the car.

Any typical Sunday Fettit and I go out for margaritas. Our favorite place is 15 minute away in Scottsdale, but Fettit often complains about the drive so we usually end up someplace closer; therefore, I was dumbfounded that after four hours in the car, for a trip that should have taken one and a half, he wasn’t screaming at me.

As we turned the corner I saw the Crossroads restaurant and could see it wasn’t busy. At first I feared they had gone out of the business and this would be the end of Fettit’s pleasant demeanor, but the restaurant was open and we got a parking spot right in front.

When I embarked on our journey, I was seeking a traditional Mexican restaurant, staffed with waitresses with limited English speaking and comprehension skills, serving a homemade, full-bodied, somewhat sweet and deliciously tart margarita, and food that was authentic and el fresco. Four hours later I had arrived where I should have planned to go all along.

While we were still in the restaurant Fettit told me he wanted to go to a casino and play some video poker. Ah Ha - The reason for his good mood. As I suspected, he had an agenda all along, but I didn’t care. His humor never left him all day. After our delicious margaritas, amazing chips and salsa, hand made tacos and chimichangas we drove through Tucson towards home. With each turn that took us deeper into the city, he never complained. I wanted to see a little of the place that had once been my home, and although he was most assuredly ready to go gambling, he allowed me to meander the city streets before entering the crowed freeway to make out way north.

We decided we would stop at one of the casinos on our way into Phoenix and just as the freeway traffic started to slow with our approach, Fettit instructed me to get off the freeway and where to turn.

I lost $40, Rich won $200, and I do not want to think how much Fettit lost.

Later, when I told Fettit that I had been waiting all day for him to blow up at me he laughed and said that he hadn’t minded at all. He enjoyed seeing the different landscape and experiencing new places, even if it was from within the confines of the car.

I’m hoping he’ll be game for a road trip again soon. I found the “Salsa Trail,” about 200 miles southeast of Phoenix which is four towns, all within a few miles of each other, with twenty-something award winning Mexican restaurants, tortilla factories, and salsa shops – each known for their margaritas, chips and salsa and Mexican food.

Thursday, November 22, 2007


She lies here next to me snoring (she has a bit of a cold still)!

I'm thankful for my parents for giving me life
I'm thankful for my grandparents for opening up the world to me
I'm thankful for my Fettit for giving me a home
I'm thankful for my daughters for loving me
I'm thankful for my brother who loves me and makes me laugh
I'm thankful for my friends who share my life and my dreams
I'm thankful for Noelle for giving me joy and a purpose

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


For close to a month I have grappled with the idea of writing about the Westboro Baptist Church and its founder, the self-proclaimed prophet, Reverend Fred Phelps. Strangely enough, for the past few days I have been receiving signs – everywhere I look there is a photograph or news story, then yesterday I saw a photo (below) on Rosie O’Donnell’s website of Dawn Budge (Rosie’s Nip/Tuck character) and I knew it was time to finally buckle down and write.

The Phelps family and the Westboro congregation are the para-religious group from Topeka, Kansas that spews their home-spun venom against the federal government’s “fag lust.” Their message, although distasteful to many, isn’t the shocking part, it’s where they conduct their hate-filled protestations - outside the funerals of fallen American soldiers and those that have succumbed to AIDS - waving their God Hates Fags, Sodomites, Thank God for Dead Soldiers, and God Hates America placards.

Fred Phelps has a pathological hatred of homosexuals and has indoctrinated and recruited his entire family into his crusade. His minions even picket other churches and temples, and protested Jerry Falwell's funeral because "he (Jerry) was too lenient on "fags." Reverend Phelps has also forewarned Evangelical preacher Billy Graham that come the time, the Westboro Baptist congregation will be demonstrating outside his funeral.

Westboro Baptist Church has a congregation of somewhere between 75-100 believers, primarily made up of family members, many whom are lawyers who work for the very government they claim to hate. They live in a Waco-like compound and freely disgorge their hatred and disdain for American soldiers, gays, Jews, Catholics and politicians, as well as all others who don’t believe as they do.

Last year the hate-group protested outside a young soldier’s funeral and it so enraged his father that he filed a suit against the Phelps and his clan. Claiming defamation, invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional distress, the federal court in Baltimore, Maryland, agreed and award the father $10.9 million in damages.

Phelps laughed at the decision, claiming it will be overturned on appeal.

Several states have changed demonstration laws in an effort to keep the Phelps clan at bay. In some states they are now required to stay at least 300 feet from funeral services. Other states are trying to pass legislation requiring them to be no closer than 500 feet.

It was while watching the BBC documentary on the Phelps family that I started to think about the clan’s children - and there are many.

Phelps’s daughter Shirley, the new power behind the protests, asked her young nephew Noah if he knows what fag troops are and the five year old replies, “ yeah, its this nation of these fags, it’s a nation of fags, that’s what Fag troops means.” She then asks, if you are not a practicing fag what are you, or if you support fags, what does that make you, to which he replied, “You’re a dyke!”

The original generation was not raised with the venom and hatred that the grandchildren believe is their heritage. Hate and poison spew from the youngest members who have no clue what it is they are saying and they are spoon fed abhorrence for this country and each of its citizens.

In my eyes, it is a form of child abuse at its very core. It is corrupt and damaging the minds of it's youngest members. They are being raised without compassion, empathy and love for mankind. In its stead they are force fed a despicable hatred for their neighbors.

As I watched the hour-long BBC documentary I was struck by the young women who have been brainwashed by their hard-hearted parents and grandparents to believe that their only place on this earth is to serve God, and due to the path their elders have chosen, they are shunned by society.

I listened with sadness as a granddaughter spoke with resignation about how they do not have friends, are ridiculed at school and will never have opportunities for dating or marriage.

Jael Phelps, one of Fred’s granddaughters, stands along the party line and almost everything that comes out of her mouth is textbook zealot craziness, and yet, the interviewer, Louis Theroux, saw a glimmer of hope in her and I think he was correct.

She claimed to have no desire for dating and marriage but her eyes and body language betrayed her words. For a second there wasn’t the conviction in her voice and several times in the conversation she giggled like a school girl. If she wasn’t typically a religion spewing robot, it would be easy to mistake her for any other young lady of her generation – attractive and intelligent with an eye of the boys.

With that said, she is the same Jael Phelps who ran against Topeka’s first and only openly gay councilwoman, and who told the New York Times, “The prescribed punishment for homosexuality in the Bible is death. They are worthy of death, and those people who condone that action are just as guilty."

Fortunately she finished last in the race.

Is it any wonder they spew hate-speech when they have been raised in a society that shuns them. They have always known conflict and the outside world has always received them with animosity. They have never known normalcy or had a typical life with school dances and sleep-overs, and they will never know true love and the gift of sex and the miracle of childbirth.

Their parents have sentenced them to a life of loneliness, darkness, hatred and exclusion. They will forever be shut off from society, be outcasts, always feeling different and misunderstood, yet I do not buy for one moment they don’t secretly wonder what it would be like to live in a “normal” family.

Phelps claims to be a “five point Calvinist” who believes in “Unconditional Election” which means that God has selected, or predetermined, certain people for salvation prior to birth. If this is so, why does he protest? According to this way of thinking, eternity is predestined - our actions on earth do not play into what I call “heavenly selection.”

I have heard him say he preaches as he does to save souls for God; however, I have heard him say he doesn’t care about people’s salvation. If that is the case what does he stand for and why does he protest? Secure that he is going to heaven, why does he put on his spectacle and force his congregation, also known as family members, to verbally abuse mourners; thereby placing them in harms way and subjecting them to physical danger and retribution?

The group’s every action is grandiose and protective. They know if they attack first they are less likely to feel inadequate. They rarely stop to listen to others; therefore, truth and reality cannot penetrate them – allowing self-doubt to seep into their souls.

Shouting and name calling are the norm and they inherit it from their rage-aholic patriarch, “Gramps,” who affirms himself not by being correct, or even caring to be correct, but by being a loud, shrill, and most obnoxious huckster. Anyone who challenges him or doesn’t agree with his brand of rhetoric is labeled a "fag", "bull dyke", "whore" and/or "bastard” - regardless of their sexual orientation.

It is about the attention grabbing, fame, and self-gratification.

Fred Phelps knows that by being loud, rude, and in your face he gets television coverage. Other than his inordinate distaste for homosexuality, he does not care what he message is – the message is fluid and changes – what he cares about is publicity. Remember, he believes eternal life is preordained.

According to one article I read, he believes Topeka, Kansas is "the most evil spot on the face of the earth, where Satan's seat is - whose zip codes bear the Mark of the Beast; where bloody, state-sponsored religious persecution on a scale not seen since the days of the Spanish Inquisition rages against humble Baptist preachers - whose moniker (nickname) is The Golden City as in ancient Babylon, city of whores and harlots and whose mascot, The Ichabod, means 'the glory of God has departed.'"

Phelps believes that the United States is “a sodomite nation of flag-worshiping idolators.” Why not leave? If you hate a place so much, why stay?

The Westboro Baptist Church was started by Fred Phelps and he maintains his grip on it and every member; however, rumors swirl around that he is not in the best of health. He may be meeting his maker sooner than later and it makes me question the future of the sect. Will it survive his passing or could the judgment against them for $11 million dollars undo them? Will the youngest generation continue to blindly follow the espoused cause or will they slowly start to migrate away from the church and its beliefs?

I would like to find a way to shut the cult down once and for all, but unlike other cults, this one has very few family members who live outside its confines. There aren’t grieving parents looking to extricate their children from the clutches of a charismatic rage-aholoic leader. They all live within.

Being well versed in the law, as most of them are lawyers, is their strength. They understand their legal rights better then the average American. Legally they may be within their rights but as citizens of the world, they do not know their moral obligation to society.

None of them, particularly the younger generation, understand proper social interactions or norms and it is not their fault. They do not understand what it means to contribute anything but hatred.

How do we get through to their youngest members to let them know what they are preaching is empty and hateful?

How do we censor the Westboro Baptist fanatics without jeopardizing our own rights? Where are the limits to free speech?

I guess none of us know for sure, but stay tuned for their next publicity motivated, God centered protestation – and watch the below clip to learn more about them.


Yesterday my friend Steven (you know the one who accuses the RBloggers of being a secret cult) left a comment on my last entry about bringing me cock soup to help with my cold.

At first I actually hesitated approving the post because I didn't have a clue what the hell he was talking about and I didn't want to offend anyone, but in the end I decided to post it anyway. I "try" to make this a "NO EDIT" Zone - there is only one person I always feel compelled to edit, but don't, and it isn't Steven.

Anyway... this morning at 9 am the doorbell rang and when Fettit opened the door there was Steven with cock soup in hand. I'm having it for breakfast

Who knew he wasn't just being suggestive and off-color?

Monday, November 19, 2007


I still haven’t completely shaken this damn cold. It’s been hanging on now for five days now, slowly migrating from my head to my lungs. It still isn’t there completely but it is trying.

Yesterday I was going to make a vlog but because of cold decided against it. I’m sure I will make one this week sometime, but I noticed I hasn’t written anything in a while so I need to find the motivation to do that.

I have had an idea for some time and have picked up tidbits of information here and there and even in some unexpected places so I know I need to write on this particular subject.

I also need to start looking for a job.

I spent a considerable amount of time yesterday pouring over Careerbuilder, Monster and I found several positions but noticed that the majority of the ones I am interested in are held by Accountemps or Robert Half and after my last conversation with JR at Accountemps, I just don’t think he is going to be putting me up for any positions. I thought I would call or write his manager and have a conversation. I can’t believe they would just throw away a strong candidate.

Ironically today I received an email from Accountemps “regarding the quality of our service.”

I’m off to send out some resumes and to start my new blog article.

Oh... and I wanted to send a heartfelt to a special know who you are... and NO Kevin... it isn't YOU!

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Bobby watched the below Peyton Manning clip and sent me the link for this one. I remember seeing it on Saturday Night Live when it first aired and I thought it was pretty fun.

And since its Sunday I thought I would post this as well. This is the closest I will get today to anything about football as I'm a Saturday (college) watcher, not a Sunday (Pro) watcher.

Several years ago I ran into Peyton Manning at the airport in St Louis. He was just out of college and I remember thinking that he was much better looking in person but also that he was BIG - I'm 6'2" and this guy just towered over me when he walked past.

Enjoy the clip and then......... NO MORE PEYTON MANNING!

Saturday, November 17, 2007


I was watching the disappointing Michigan v Ohio State football game today and I saw this commercial. I laughed outloud all alone. I was surprised I easily found the clip.


Tonight was game night at the Bishba-Willi house. Even though I had a cold I had a stupid good time... and then my friend Steven decided to leave a message for my RBloggers 4 Peace buddies.

Isn't he a doll?

Take a look at the size of those hands..... as big as ham steaks and so very expressive. WE SO LOVE HIM!

He is truly one of my favorite people.... and the funny thing is that he does know a little about the Rgroup... and he has heard about the t-shirts...... but knows next to nothing about any of it other than that people keep sending me checks. It makes them all wonder....


Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I found an article “The $2 Trillion Dollar War” published almost a year ago (12/15/6) on, written by Charles M. Young, and I had to include a few lines concerning the war in Iran… whoops… I mean Iraq….

It reminded me of something I forgot….”When America invaded Iraq in 2003, the Bush administration predicted that the war would turn a profit, paying for itself with increased oil revenues.”

Mr. Young has a conversation with Joseph Stiglitz, winner of the Nobel Prize for economics who estimates the true cost of the war at $2.267 trillion. He explains how the money could have been spent…

“…One quarter of the war budget would have fixed Social Security for the next seventy-five years. George Bush says that Social Security is a major economic problem. IF you believe him – although there are many reasons not to believe him – the war is four times worse as an economic problem. With $2 trillion, we could have funded the entire world’s commitment to foreign aid to poor countries for the next twenty years.”

Just think of all the ways we could be spending that money, money we don’t have by the way.

- We could easily shore up the levy system around New Orleans
- We could pay the college tuition for all American children to attend a 4 year state university
- We could cover healthcare for every American
- We could be investing in alternative fuels so we aren’t dependent on middle east oil

The list is endless………


Why is Hillary called a bitch? Is it because she is an intelligent, strong woman with opinions? What exactly has she ever done to be called a bitch? I just don't understand why the right dispises her so - especially other woman.

They spent 8 years trying to dig up dirt on both Bill and Hil and all they ever got was a cum stained dress.


I think John McCain should have called the woman out for referring to her as such and asked her to re-ask her question in an appropriate manner.

Of course I'm the first to call King George and idiot, but that is evident every time he opens his mouth.

Can anyone give me one example of Hillary being a bitch? Show me a clip. Don't tell me that your second cousin twice removed heard from a friend that she did them wrong. I want real examples of her being a bitch.

If you do not agree with her stand on the issues, that's fine. If you dislike her for standing by her man after he humiliated her in front the the world, that's fine too - but don't call her a bitch.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Tonight Josh and Steven wouldn't let me say no. They invited Fettit and me to go out tonight. Fettit declined and I tried to say no but they encouraged or insisted that I go with them.

Tonight was the 23rd Anniversary of Charlie's - the Phoenix institution. When I first moved here I found the place curious. Charlie's is a gay country and western establishment where men two step together, as do the women, but after all these years it remains a favorite. I spent many hours in this bar with so many wonderful people, including my friend Steven Budd who left me far too early. The above picture of me and Steve was taken at Charlies in 1990 (the other photo is Steven, Josh and my alter ego at our Halloween Party a 2 1/2 weeks ago.)

So it was special to go out tonight, with two of my favorite people to a magical place that will always be a part of my history.

Thanks Josh and Steven for making me go out tonight!!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007


Some one commented on the RBlog for Peace about owning a Rosie O'Donnell doll and I had to share this story.

For years I have carried around three Rosie O'Donnell dolls. One Rosie doll that says "Dreams Come True with Rosie" and two Rosie Barbies. All are in their original packaging and the only reason I bought them was because the money went to one of Rosie's charities.

Like I said, I bought them many years ago. They have lived in more states then most people have been to and travel all the miles along with me. They started in California, went to New York (well, actually they were in storage in New Jersey) and then to Michigan, back to California to Pennsylvania, on to Fort Lauderdale, and now reside in Phoenix.

A few weeks ago my granddaughter Noelle was over and she wanted to play with the Rosie doll and my initial thought was NO. Why that is I am not sure. Possibly its because I can be possessive of my things, but then a second later I thought "WHY ELSE AM I KEEPING IT, IF NOT FOR HER," so I took Rosie out of the packaging and it is now hers.

Having the attention span of a 20 month old, she turned to me and indicated she wanted to play with a Rosie Barbie. This time I didn't hesitate and I unwrapped one of them for her.

At my Halloween Party a couple of weeks ago, while still putting on my make-up a girl friend came in to say hi and she presented me with a bag. I opened it up and much to my surprise, there was a brand new, still in the packaging Rosie "What A Cutie Patooty" doll.



Sunday, November 11, 2007


This past week I received an email from someone I have come to know because of this page (and the rest of my website). This stranger-friend is extremely bright and very articulate and she and I were recently conversing via email on the upcoming presidential election.

Her email prompted me to write this in response and she has encouraged me to post it.... so after some edits here it is….

What I was going to write was about Hillary..... Hopefully the next president of the United States......

First, let me say that I believe Hillary is exceptionally intelligent. Although lacking the charisma of her husband, she is smarter that Bill (who I think is brilliant except when it comes to his willy) and I think she allowed Bill’s career to dominate her life all these years because of his ambition and now its her turn.

The reason I support her (and her husband) is because I truly believe they are good people who want to help Average Joe American. I've believed it 16 years ago when he was first running for office and I believe it today.

Is Hillary really moderate? I don't believe so. I think she is a true progressive that is smart enough to know that in order to get elected you have to appease (and appeal) to a broad audience. I also think WHEN she is elected she will surprise everyone, especially if she has a democratic controlled senate and house.

I do not dislike any of the other candidates, of course I am talking Democrats. I like Barack and John Edwards. Hell, I even like what the weasily little Ross Perot look-a-like Dennis Kucinich has to say. I like what he has to say a lot, and am glad he stood up and called for the impeachment of evil Dick. But I am not convinced that any of them can get elected.

Can Hillary get elected? I've always thought so, however, she is a polarizing figure. BUT... BUT the republicans do not have any candidate that can beat her.... in my estimation.

McCain became a joke after George W got the nomination in 2000 and he fell in line like a foot soldier. After all the unethical games Karl Rove and George Bush played on him during the primary season, he caved and has never had the respect of this country since. He is my senator and I wish he would retire.

Mitt Romney..... he has Ken Doll goodlooks but the majority of people are not going to vote for a Mormon. Americans are thick and they all think the Mormon religion is a cult and their right-wing Christian Churches are Jesus’ real churches. Jesus belongs to them and them alone. The mormons aren’t invited to sit at that table.

I can’t say much about Fred Thompson and I don’t think I need to – except – WAKE UP.

The only hope the Republicans have is Rudi Guiliani - who I genuinely think is a joke. He has been married three times, including once to his cousin. He is running on his 9/11 record (smoke and mirrors at best) and that he turned smut-filled Times Square into Disneyland. He is pro gays and pro abortion and wasn't beating Hillary in their last face off, and wont in this match up.

If the two nominees are Hillary and Rudi - Hillary will win.

One reason is because the big southern “Super” churches for the first time in many years will not be encouraging their voters to vote for either candidate - the (im)moral minority will have to sit this one out. They can’t energize their base with Rudi as the nominee.

I also think you may see a third party "religious" candidate emerge. When the Religious Right sees that they have no true candidate they will find one. I've already heard rumbling about it.

In her initial email to me she was mentioning that she was “looking hard” at Bill Richardson because “of his candor, depth of experience, and practical problem solving approach. He seems like someone who knows how to manage the executive role without being authoritarian, as his method is diplomacy.”

Some of her reply to the above

” actually reassures me that she (Hillary) will stay true to democratic principles, especially restoring our bill of rights, and refusing to allow the executive branch to be almighty. And yes she is--as my teenagers would say--""hella" smart.

You are right in your astute comparison of Kucinich's and Perot's looks/ears, and weasily demeanor. It is too bad that someone with principle has to come in such unfortunate packaging, but beauty is all mathematical really, so I won't refute it.

Mitt Romney, as you say so well, has those Ken Doll looks, also that ken doll blank naive dumb -as- a-post stare. I listened to most of the R. nominees at that family values conference on C-span--missed Guiliani though. I swear if that greasy swindler becomes President, I will have to leave the country.

Now I am annoyed with Bill Richardson for saying we should not waste time with discussing impeachment, that there is business to be done. The dems can conduct business all they like, but it will be futile as long as the President is vetoing, and the republicans are filibustering for a false majority. OUT OUT damn spot, I say!

Kim – I hope you don’t mind me using what you wrote but I enjoyed your words so much…..

Tuesday, November 6, 2007



When I should have been comfortably between the sheets and under the comforter I was up trying my hand at a little creative editing.

The people of Germany and all of Europe let Hilter go a very long time before he was stopped. What is it going to take for the American people to stop this war criminal with the school yard bully mentality and bring him to justice?

Monday, November 5, 2007


This is the one and only time I have ever seen a brave United States citizen be allowed to ask King George an in-depth, substantive question.

I just wonder if this man's family has seen him since that day. I would imagine he is in a secret CIA prison being waterboarded.

King George's continues to show what an embarrassment he is and then lets the gentleman know he is in charge and will violate the Geneva Convention and the Constitution of the United States, no matter what the world and the majority of Americans think.

Friday, November 2, 2007


Yesterday I received an email from my mother with the subject line “Who is Barack Obama?”

The email contained a list of supposed truths regarding Senator (and presidential hopeful) Barack Obama, insinuating that he is not who he portrays himself to be or everyone thinks he is, and that in fact he is a radical Muslim and may be in on an Islamic extremist plan to destroy the United States. The email is signed by William H. Shay of Yale University Procurement Department.

Initially when I received the email, my mother asking for my thoughts, I responded by telling her that it was nothing more than innuendo and half-truths spun for negative purposes, but I didn’t delete the email because I felt compelled to dispel its contents.

This morning when I got out of bed I searched the internet for Mr. Shay and found that “robotmaster” at had supposedly called the number and discovered that it was an unassigned number at Yale and that no one with that name works or ever worked at Yale. He adds in his blog entry “…how hard is it to Google something like this? In less than 20 seconds I found article after article saying this email was complete crap.”

I decided to go one step further just to satisfy my own curiosity (and to make sure “robotmaster” wasn’t lying himself) I called the listed number which simply rang and rang. No voicemail greeting was on the phone, but more importantly, no one named William H Shay answered.

The use of Yale University is meant to automatically give it authority, stature and authenticity. The problem is Mr. Shay does not exist. He is only real in the imagination of a cowardly writer.

It is lies like this that get started and ruin people’s reputations (and possibly lives) and the authors of this slander know the fastest way to disseminate any information (lies or otherwise) in the beginning of the 21st century is via email and the internet. And don’t forget, the more people hear the same lie repeated over and over the faster it becomes fact (insert King George’s face and the Fox News logo here). Just ask John McCain.

Eight years ago, King George’s brain, Karl Rove, did the same thing to John McCain. He and his backroom henchmen called unsuspecting republican voters in South Carolina and informed them that John McCain had carried on an extra-marital affair which resulted in an illegitimate black child that the couple was now raising.

The truth is, as Mr. Rove and King George were aware, John McCain and his wife had adopted a child from Bangladesh.

Prior to this smear, John McCain was on his way to winning the republican nomination for president. This lie started the fall of John McCain that led to the illegitimate presidency of King George.

For those that haven’t figured it out on their own, the purpose of this unvetted, often circulated email is to scare Americans. A black man with an Arab name is running to become the President of the United State. Mr. Obama, not having the typical Anglo name is an easy target in these times of finger pointing and terror alerts – and although many will not admit it, his skin color is also an issue for many Americans.

People need to question and not just blindly believe what they read. The old saying is believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see. Today the truth is you cannot believe anything you hear and none of what you see. With technology as it is today photos are easily doctored and conversations manufactured.

As I mentioned previously, spin doctors repeat lies over and over to the point that the public believes it true. Making matters even worse is that traditional, reliable news sources are now creating stories and quoting from less than honest sources. The tabloidization of the American press is in full swing and it is common place for the corporate media to reference tabloid sources when reporting important stories.

Everyday intelligent Americans believe what the news corps feed them, and if they receive an email from a friend, or friendly source, they believe the contents are truthful and have been verified. Most people do not question the origination source of the information they are receiving; trusting that someone along the chain has verified the validity and know it to be fact.

There remains one problem with this…. No one is verifying the information. They are simply passing it along as fact, and the lie perpetuates itself and eventually becomes part of history.

I responded a second time to my mother’s email, including all those that she forwarded it to as well, and I reported my findings. I had to break the misinformation chain. I plan to email her this as well.

Thursday, November 1, 2007


The first time I heard of Kristin Chenoweth was on The Rosie O'Donnell Show several years ago. She was in You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown on Broadway. She won a Tony award for that performance.

She has a voice of an angel and from the point on I was hooked.

She has appeared in several Broadway productions but is probably best known from her role of Galinda/Glinda the Good Witch in the original cast of Wicked.

She now is on the ABC show Pushing Daisies as Olive... and she is adorable.

Back on the Oct 10th show she sang the song, "Hopelessly Devoted to You." I have recorded it here but the quality is not the greatest... my slingbox isn't working correctly.