Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Why is Hillary called a bitch? Is it because she is an intelligent, strong woman with opinions? What exactly has she ever done to be called a bitch? I just don't understand why the right dispises her so - especially other woman.

They spent 8 years trying to dig up dirt on both Bill and Hil and all they ever got was a cum stained dress.


I think John McCain should have called the woman out for referring to her as such and asked her to re-ask her question in an appropriate manner.

Of course I'm the first to call King George and idiot, but that is evident every time he opens his mouth.

Can anyone give me one example of Hillary being a bitch? Show me a clip. Don't tell me that your second cousin twice removed heard from a friend that she did them wrong. I want real examples of her being a bitch.

If you do not agree with her stand on the issues, that's fine. If you dislike her for standing by her man after he humiliated her in front the the world, that's fine too - but don't call her a bitch.


Donna's World said...

Right on, Chris! I think it's an indication of small minds that can't find some real fact or issue to criticize her on, so they resort to childish name-calling!

Gpawilli said...


So agree