Monday, January 28, 2008

Introducing JACK

I've had Edna Bitely nearly 8 years and I thought it was time to add to our family so yesterday Noelle, Rich and I drove north of town about 40 miles and found...


A new addition to the family, and like Edna, she is an English Springer Spaniel. She is liver and white and has a mask just like Ed's. She is only 5 weeks old (which I didn't realize when I got her) but Jack is now drinking goats milk and eating water softened puppy food.

For the past 36 hours we've been trying to come up with a name.

We were looking for something that fit with Edna's name, a female name that can be shortened to a male name like Edna (Eddie/Ed.) We almost chose Esther but tonight Fettit came up with Jacqueline (Jackie/Jack.)

As a welcome to the family present, Steven, of the Wiley-Conforti's gifted Jackie tonight with an animal print buddy (Noelle's term for blanket).

Welcome Jack to our family!

Sunday, January 20, 2008


I received the following email yesterday from a stranger-friend who reads this blog. She and I correspond as time allows.

What follows is her take on the current state of the election. I hope she doesn't mind me posting it. The email is in it's entirety and I have only edited misspellings and things of that sort, not her content:

...I'm sending the last blurb I had to write in response to more Hillary bashing online:

I have heard speech after speech, and I think Hillary is the real deal. The accusations of lusting for power are ludicrous, and, by the way, never applied to her male counterparts. Anyone aspiring to the thankless position of President of the United States, is driven toward power=influence. What you have to determine is WHY any of them want to influence?

Huckabee wants to create a theocracy; Romney wants to produce the United Corporation of America, Guiliani wants to create a police state, McCain--did you hear his warmongering speech?--is going to WIN at all costs--not on my taxpayer dollars, thank you, while simpering about curbing spending (in between the jokes your weird old uncle tells at Thanksgiving dinner.) Until we are out of Iraq don't talk to me about pork barrel. Thompson is as dumb as a post. And Obama?--I'm sorry but I don't see the wonder of his speech making. He is full of platitudes and empty rhetoric.

Hillary has taken the trouble and the personal risk to talk about the issues in detail. She cares about women and children, and the reputation of our country, and the poor and middle class. She has thought about what it is really going to take to confront the incredible obstacles this country faces. " I'm so for Hillary."

I have liked Richardson's candor, and wish he had not backed Obama. A Hillary/Richardson ticket would be the most experienced for this country. And I am sad Biden and Dodd and Richardson are out and Kucinich is disregarded. Not sure why Edwards can't get traction.

We need all their voices. Seems to me people think getting along is better than fighting. I don't think we can get along with extreme right wingers. I think we need a strong progressive leader with well considered ideas, the background to make it happen, with a truly supportive marriage partner, truly a model marriage for our time, together through it all, I say, Go Hillary.

Chris, I want to let you know that your pro-Hillary bent has really influenced me. Yes, I wish she were even lefter of Kucinich, hell, I think government sponsored housecleaning and massage would greatly benefit humanity. I'd run on that platform alone...

I think Kim is spot-on.

John McCain has become the creepy uncle at Thanksgiving, Fred Thompson is a snoozefest, Mitt Romney is a talking Ken doll, Huckabee scares me, and although Guiliani is for gay marriage and a woman's right to choose, he completely misses the mark on everything else.

Last night I watched to results from yesterday's elections in South Carolina and Nevada and couldn't help but wonder what in the hell happened to Rudy? He rates lower than Thompson - sad given his front-runner status in the beginning.

The Republicans are a mess this year - I just don't see them gaining any traction.

Kim mentioned the Clinton marriage as the "Model Marriage for our times." I couldn't agree more.

I have never doubted the love Bill and Hillary share - although it isn't any of my business. She has loved this man practically from the moment he blew into her life and I think the same is true for him, but like all marriages there have been problems - just like 99% of all marriages.

Only in "The Provincial States of America" do we not forgive a cheating spouse. It is easier to throw away a lifetime, give money to lawyers and hand out scarlet letters. In Europe, and other parts of the world, having a mistress and a wife is commonplace. In America we call a lawyer the second we get a whiff of another woman's perfume.

Infidelity should be viewed as a weakness, not a crime, and standing by your man for the sake of your marriage and family should be seen as commendable.

Hillary Clinton was humiliated by the public airing of her husband's dirty laundry and yet she chose to forgive and recommit herself to the man she married, and in doing so she rediscovered herself and her voice - a voice for women and children and for low and middle income families. She has become the voice of reason in a time where there has been nothing but chaos and confusion.

Isn't it time we had a fresh voice in the White House? Someone who, with the help of a congress controlled by democrats, can finally put an end to the decline of our country and its reputation as a dictatorship. I believe Hillary will restore our place in the world as a country that believes in people and democratic ideals more than it does power, greed and war.

Thanks Kim for your thoughts and provoking me to write!

Thursday, January 17, 2008


I just told the RBloggers about this singer (Katie Thompson) I discovered in New York while attending Mostly Sondheim this past year and then I found her on itunes and purchased her CD. Tonight I stumbled upon her on Youtube... and this is one of my favorite songs she sings. She also does a very unique "Stayin Alive" which is better than the original.

It is so appropriate on so many levels after the chaos and hysteria.

It will all be okay... if you just STAY!

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Have you ever been backstage at a theater production? The facade is never as it appears and behind the stage it is always messy. There are people running around making sure that what appears on stage is perfect and no audience member sees the strings being pulled.

The theater goer never sees the backstage happenings - The magic and the smoke and mirrors…. The curtain fell about 33 hours ago……

If you live backstage this is normal - not so if you live in the real world - you see it all! Living in the live world requires you to see the smudged makeup and the dusty wigs, the ill prepared actor and actress, and the paint peeling from the scenery walls.

My friends, each of you, are players in someone’s game. This is not Deal or No Deal. Truth or Consequences is more like it.

I have stewed and stirred because at my core I believe in loyalty and truth.

The slap in the face was easy! What happened afterwards was more difficult to take. I am an adult! I never expected to be abused by one of my caretakers.

Thankfully reality intervened and for a few hours I was able to put aside the chaos that has become my past time.

Something went a rye and those I thought I knew have become strangers. My questions are many but I know the answers will never be forthcoming.

In a place of truth, acceptance and love, lives reality, but reality can be embraced without repercussion and if not it can fester for no reason at all.

I guess in this case the truth doesn’t matter and illusion takes it's place.

Acceptance and love do not excuse foul behavior.. I let you in, and I think I need an explanation.

The truth could easily have been accepted.

Whatever the reason - I feel betrayed!

I am Sorry for Love!

Monday, January 7, 2008


The ISM (my big bro) brought this to my attention and I think it shows the real Hillary. I have always beliwved she is a great woman who cares. Unlike so many others, she truly wants to make a difference in the lives of the average American.

Judge for yourself!

Sunday, January 6, 2008


For those who wonder why I am a member of this cult..... this is my answer.....

Saturday, January 5, 2008



The holidays are history – halleluiah.

Michele and Liz are getting today to do a talky. Michele’s twin will be there also. I have badgered them to talk about nothing but me. HAHA

My goal is to be the most annoying celebrity of 2008. Oh wait – I’m not a celebrity other than in my mind.

Thoughts of friends – Matt, Debbie, CW, Tova, Ronda, even Steve - those far away but never far from me – and the new ones - RBloggers!

It was a fantastic week at work, more like three days, but I am back doing what I enjoy the most…. for work!

Last night was an early night out with Josh and Steven – never a let down. I enjoy them so.

Did my “word project” video this morning under a gray sky wearing a gray sweater. Fitting!!!

The movies with Joann today - we are seeing “The Kite Runner.” She forced me to read the book and my heart broke as I read it. Christy got us free tickets as usual.

After the movies it is Noelle time - important time - treasured time - simple yet complete time.

A new life grows inside Michelle - another gift!

I am a fortunate man!

Oh.... Must not forget the ISM


This morning I awoke to a barrage of overnight blog hits searching a "Rosie O'Donnell and David Letterman" connection.

Between the hours of 10pm (mountain time) last night and 6:30 this morning I received 20 separate hits from people searching a combination of Rosie O'Donnell and David Letterman on Google. Each was a unique search, meaning there were no duplicates, and they came from all over North America - from Regina, St. Paul, Richmond, Houston, Denver, Edmonton, Broomfield, Needham, Alexandria, and Estero, Nashua, Herndon, Quebec and Melbourne and some I cannot identify.

These cities are from one end of the country to the other. What was on the news last night (or this morning) to drive so many people to my site for something as random as this? Lately Hillary Clinton, Peyton Manning and ocular penetration lead the Goggle searches.

Did I miss something overnight?

Yesterday the was a question on, "who do you prefer leno or letterman?" She answered Ferguson.

Could that one tiny question and answer steer 20 people overnight to this place?

Thursday, January 3, 2008


So the results of the Iowa caucuses are in and the winners are Obama and Huckabee.

My sentiments are - who cares?

In 1950 it may have made a difference but in the wi-fi world of instant information that is 2008 do the results from a tiny fly over state matter at all? Do the people living in Philadelphia or Boston, or even Chicago, care what the people of Iowa think? In 2008 are we going to elect a president based on the interests of a small, rural state whose major exports are corn and hogs?

I think not.

This is not to malign the good people of Iowa, but I am not swayed by the decisions they make. I don’t hold dear the same things the good people of the Hawkeye state do and their decision to vote for Barack Obama and what’s his name Huckabee do not make me believe either will be their respective party’s nominee.

The same holds true for New Hampshire.

New Hampshire is a beautiful New England state that contains half as many people as Phoenix, Arizona. What they think is not relevant in 2008 – and their place as an early bell-weather just doesn’t hold true today.

The prized caucuses in Iowa and New Hampshire are relics like the Model T, 8-track tapes and dial up internet. They just don’t play in 2008 and both parties need to take a long look at the process and make some changes.

States like Michigan and Florida have been penalized by their parties for moving up their primary elections – and for what? Tradition? Who cares?

It's time to modernize the electoral process, including the Electoral College (but I won’t go into that). After a year long campaigning process isn’t it time we get to the meat of it and start with states that make a difference?

Tonight’s results have nothing to do with the overall nomination outcome. I’ve said all along that Iowa and New Hampshire do not matter. I like Barack Obama, and if he is the candidate that is chosen to be the democratic nominee, I will certainly vote for him - although I think in two months the outcome will be different from todays. That goes for both sides.

In 2000 at least George Bush was at least likable to some. The same can’t be said of Huckabee. His chances of becoming the Republican nominee are about as good as me winning the Power Ball.

It is time to weed out the lesser candidates early on so we have an opportunity to hear what those with a chance at winning their party’s primaries have to say. I’m tired of watching 10 blowhards stand uncomfortably at a dais and attempt to debate when in the end all we want to hear from is 3 or 4 from each party.

On the republican side I may be interested in hearing what Guiliani, McCain, and Romney have to say. Notice I said may - I'm being polite.

On the democrat side let’s get down to Clinton, Obama and Edwards - even though I don't think Edwards has a chance either.

In the end they are the only ones with a snow balls chance in hell of gaining any real interest. After tonight I’m sure many members of the Ron Paul Revolution are becoming Benedict Arnolds.

Today’s results just aren’t relevant in 2008!