Monday, January 7, 2008


The ISM (my big bro) brought this to my attention and I think it shows the real Hillary. I have always beliwved she is a great woman who cares. Unlike so many others, she truly wants to make a difference in the lives of the average American.

Judge for yourself!


Scott-O-Rama said...

Congratulations to Hillary and her supporters on tonight's win in NH.

I’ve been as big of Hillary detractor as anyone out there, but it was this video that made me reconsider her. The cynics out there will say that it was calculated and staged, but I do think that she really does believe what she is saying and that the emotion is real.

My biggest reason so far for not supporting Hillary is that I didn’t think she could win. Perhaps, and only perhaps, if she showed more of herself like this, she could pull off a victory. I’m not willing to give up on Edwards yet (as I still think he’s the surest bet against a Republican), but should he not make it, I’m beginning to think my support would go to Hillary over Obama.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to her on N.H! Hope this is the start of something really great!

Gpawilli said...

I disagree. I think she can win.

People want to feel good about this country again and she is just what we need.

and the lackluster group of Republicans only helps her even more...

Drop Ken and go with Barbie.

Scott-O-Rama said...

Hey, I'm curious what your take is on this:

Anonymous said...

In Paris talking with people and they just have so much respect for the Clintons. we have to deal with a global society. Please ask yourself who we want to be our representative. Obama is not ready I dont care what anyone says. In 8 years maybe. Edwards is not electable(quit smiling, after all he has been through just quit smiling). Plain and simple. to say Hillary isnt electableis not giving America enough credit. I do believe that video of her makes a world of diference. she is not a robot. she is a woman who I believe cares deeply about our country and its children.
Sydney (my 10 year old grandaughter) was stunned the other nite to learn that not that long ago woman and blacks couldnt even vote! Its time to show my grandaughter and other kids her age that we care enough about them to elect someone who will do more good than harm. Our children read and hear about "us" killing people in foreign countrys and wonder Why? Sydney asked me how we can go to another country and kill and destroy it? Help me answer her questions by showing we care about more than money and oil. The time is right for a change. I hope and pray it begins soon. Before "our" young lose hope in America.

Palestar said...

omg yes - we need a little colour in the white house and someone who knows how to clean house metaphorically speaking - not as maids or what ever - the two of them barack and hillary together can move mountains.

we need accountability - for every thing politicians have forgotten the work for us!!! if they do not keep their word - then we need to fire their asses!!!

you are so right we need/want to feel good again about the country - the world needs to see that, too.