Monday, January 28, 2008

Introducing JACK

I've had Edna Bitely nearly 8 years and I thought it was time to add to our family so yesterday Noelle, Rich and I drove north of town about 40 miles and found...


A new addition to the family, and like Edna, she is an English Springer Spaniel. She is liver and white and has a mask just like Ed's. She is only 5 weeks old (which I didn't realize when I got her) but Jack is now drinking goats milk and eating water softened puppy food.

For the past 36 hours we've been trying to come up with a name.

We were looking for something that fit with Edna's name, a female name that can be shortened to a male name like Edna (Eddie/Ed.) We almost chose Esther but tonight Fettit came up with Jacqueline (Jackie/Jack.)

As a welcome to the family present, Steven, of the Wiley-Conforti's gifted Jackie tonight with an animal print buddy (Noelle's term for blanket).

Welcome Jack to our family!


Palestar said...

how sweet she is so cute - ya think she will grow into her feet?

only 5 weeks that explains why she is a bit wobbly - she is gonna be a big girl - she will be happy with all your company - bound to be spoiled. ;o)

be safe and well - enjoy!!!

Gpawilli said...

She IS bound to be spoiled.... jsut like Ed... who isnt too crazy about her.

She is keeping to herself.....

Jackie's has Edna's mask and that is the reason I got her. There were several to pick from but I wanted a puppy that would closely resemble Ed....

Her mom is a little bigger than Ed... but thats okay... Jackie was once of the smaller pups.


Bobby said...


What a cute pup!!! I love him! My friend Eric had one named dudley!! I loved him!! So curious, and just laid back!!! I just love the coats on the English Springer Spaniels. Absolutley beautiful!!!


Gpawilli said...

Bobby -

Jack is a girl! haha

Scott-O-Rama said...

What a little cutie!

Neicey said...

OMG!! I want a puppy..stamp feet...the need to nurture overwhelming!!
Puppy breath
house training
all of it...I love it
sigh...when it's right it'll be right
Congrats on Jack..she's perfect! Ed will learn to think so too

Anonymous said...

Its just a shame "Jack" wasnt with me on sunday in Rome. She could have been blessed by the Pope along with me!