Saturday, January 5, 2008


The holidays are history – halleluiah.

Michele and Liz are getting today to do a talky. Michele’s twin will be there also. I have badgered them to talk about nothing but me. HAHA

My goal is to be the most annoying celebrity of 2008. Oh wait – I’m not a celebrity other than in my mind.

Thoughts of friends – Matt, Debbie, CW, Tova, Ronda, even Steve - those far away but never far from me – and the new ones - RBloggers!

It was a fantastic week at work, more like three days, but I am back doing what I enjoy the most…. for work!

Last night was an early night out with Josh and Steven – never a let down. I enjoy them so.

Did my “word project” video this morning under a gray sky wearing a gray sweater. Fitting!!!

The movies with Joann today - we are seeing “The Kite Runner.” She forced me to read the book and my heart broke as I read it. Christy got us free tickets as usual.

After the movies it is Noelle time - important time - treasured time - simple yet complete time.

A new life grows inside Michelle - another gift!

I am a fortunate man!

Oh.... Must not forget the ISM


Palestar said...

Yes and my dear friend and we are most fortunate to have you in our lives - you are one of the kindest gifts I have received in all of 2007. Stay well and safe.

Thank you for sharing - May you always walk in Beauty ~ Palestar

Gpawilli said...

Thanks Palestar... You are an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Dont have time at the moment. Just got back from Paris and am waiting for a flight home but I refuse to be out "fortunate manned" by my little brother, will write later!!

wimomz said...

what did u think of the KR movie
fairly close 2 book?
i say: very well done award winner 4sure

Anonymous said...

Fortunate "Men". Thats us, me and my little brother!! If only all could have known our amazing Grandparents. Its no wonder we are who we are. They taught us the value of Grandkids. I remember years and years ago my Grandma Sincler (my moms mom) said to me "one day when you have grandchildren you will know how much I love you". Well I now know and it can bring me to tears to think someone could love me THAT much. I know no one with better Grandparents!!
For me I am a fortunate man because:
I married my highschool sweetheart (Athens Homecoming Queen 1974) and have 3 wonderful kids. NO, thats my older brother!
I have my own website and and am working on becoming a celebrity blogger. No thats my little brother.
I have kept my good looks and figure and love a great big cocktail. No thats my little sister!
Sold my plastics company for millions and retired early. No thats our friends in Tucson!
I have been lucky enough to be with my partner Craig (Brad to Chris) for almost 24 years. He is a wonderful "Papa Craig" to my 5 grandkids.
I have two beautiful daughters that I love very much and they have given me so much.
I am able to judge the world by visiting places not by listening to Fox news!!
I have 3 of my five Grandkids living with us from Sunday night to Friday after school and nothing makes me happier than when they walk in the door from school and yell "HELLO"!
I have my own teeth, a nice home, fun and loving friends, a family that can be a mixed blessing, and a family in Craigs sisters that I love and kmow they love me as if we were blood.
But I have to share this: My adorable Grandson (who lives with us) Ryan is 7. Last week we were laying on the couch watching tv and he rolled over gave me a hug and said "Papa, we have a really special life dont we"!! What more could a person ask for?
But my favorite was New Years Eve: We were getting ready to go out for the evening (dropping the kids off at freinds for a sleep over) when Ryan looked at me and said "Papa, why do you always have to be so handsome"? I laughed till tears came.
Fortunate is an understatement!!!
Pray for peace and enjoy each day of this New Year!!

neicey said...

Beautiful Man with a Beautiful Family....A Blessing for sure to get a peek into your life....Thanks sweet thing! xoxoxoxo

Palestar said...

as i have said before WE are the fortunate ones - still having you as a friend. you are golden - thanks for sharing your humour and kindnesses - and for staying.

blessings - palestar