Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Bill Clinton responds to the bride of Chuckie (Ann Coulter) after she calls him gay.

I just happened upon this video and had to include it. If this woman was within ten feet of me I'd start waving crucifixes.... MANY CRUCIFIXES!


Matt brought this to my attention and requested I include this. I think King George has had a few...........

Friday, July 27, 2007


Im exhausted tonight
Five hours until wake up
Seven until the plane HOME

Seems like an eternity since I've slept in my own bed
Seems longer than eternity since I held Noelle
Five weeks
Normally six days

She's gone
Im gone
Tomorrow Im home

She and Christy are picking me up from the airport
So excited
She will ignore me until Christy leaves
A few minutes of lovin
She will ignore me when Papa comes home
I'll have the following morning
Just us two

She loves me
Is dependent upon me
Loves her Papa more

Im okay with that
It gives me great pleasure
She with Papa

I love her enough for all of em

She is my reason
For Everything


I want to laugh out loud when I hear Bill O'Reilly talking about other individuals being vicious. HE has made a living from being a vicious junkyard dog!

This video even shows a cliP of one of my least favorites - the unloyal friend, right-winger Elizabeth Hasselbeck. I think she is a plant for Fox News at ABC.


It is becoming clearer with each passing day - Alberto Gonzales IS A LIAR!

What is he covering up? And for whom? King George perhaps!!!!

Monday, July 23, 2007


Limiting a woman's right to choose
Limiting the rights of gay Americans
Limiting the access to affordable healthcare
Limiting the opportunities for low income children


Our President, George Bush is dangerous. Prior to invading Iraq there were no terrorist in the country. They never had car bombs exploding.

The lies and arrogance of this adminstration will be felt for future decades. Terrorists first attacked us because of our involvement in the middle east and for putting our nose in where it isnt wanted. My grandchildren and all of our grandchildren will now be fighting this so call "War of Terror" years after the criminal Bush/Cheney regime leave office.
I often think about the money spent on this illegal war and wonder what else could we have done with it. We cannot get healthcare for all children in the country but we can spend $500 billion to destroy a country.

We could have put that money to good use updating our infrastructure. Our bridges and highways were built after WWII thanks to President Eisenhower and now they are starting to crumble. Just think, we could have put people to work building up our country instead of killing over 3,000 young American man and women. We have also killed over ad 600,000 Iraqi children, men and woman are dead. They are more than numbers, they are sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, brother and sister.

Oh.. but they are Iraqi, they are all terrorists.... right. HELL NO! They were citizens of a country we invaded. And why did we invade Iraq? Money, Oil, or Greed? Or was it because Saddam Hussein threatened little George Bush's father? Was it because little George felt his father hadn't finished the job? Maybe it didnt have anything to do with George at all. Maybe it was is "handlers" who orchestrated the war. It has been proven that long before September 11th a group of George's buddies were putting together the justification for this unjust war against Iraq.
Bill Clinton was investigated for the entire eight years he was in office. In the end all Ken Star could find was a cum-stained dress worn by a desperate girl trying to feel loved ... and then he lied about it. So what? I'd lie about my sex life too.

And now we have little George Bush in that same office lying about every offical act that comes from there. Weapons of Mass Destruction? Iraqi links with terrorist groups? MY memory is short... what else has he lied about?

Why are we not removing little George Bush for office?

These are the darkest days our country has ever known.
Gays want to infiltrate the sacred state of marriage. Mexicans are jumping over the fences and taking hardworking American jobs. Stem-cell research is killing innocent babies.

Have you ever wondered why as an election nears we start hearing about these issues. Instead of talking about things that matter and effect our lives, they attempt to distract us with meaningless issues.

There are 12 million illegal immigrants in this country.
Now how do you suppose we round up 12 million people and send them back? I say we go door to door like census takers and ask for everyone's U.S. birth certificate. Those that can't produce one are put in a holding tank awaiting deportment.

And what if we did find a way to do so, how would it effect our economy? I am not willing to have 3 jobs making five dollars and hour. Im not going to bus tables at a restaurant and take abuse from some superior acting white family. Im not going to trim hedges or clean floors.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Junior Ranger Sydney Willi

Sydney was my companion thoughout the entire trip to the Black Hills and Yellowstone - Miss Sara joined half way through. The trip was fun as well as educational. Syd completed the requirements to receive two Junior Ranger patches - from Devil's Tower Nat'l Monument and Yellowstone National Park.

Monday, July 16, 2007


The only Warmonger who will drive you too the civil union for your gay brother and his partner right after you've had an abortion.!!!! This man is pro-everything!

Oh... have I mentioned I love the Young Turks?

Saturday, July 14, 2007


When I travel I rarely stay with friends in their homes. With few exceptions, I usually get a hotel room. There are a couple of reasons. The easy one is because the person I am visiting does not have an extra room. The other reasons, I don't want to put the person out and I am just not comfortable in other people's homes.

Like I said, there a couple exceptions. When I go back to Michigan (I stay with my brother, Kevin, and his partner Brad) and when I go east to New York to visit my friend Matt. Although I am not 100% comfortable in either place, I am more at ease and can relax and can sleep at night.

At my age, I have been out of the military and college so long I don't feel the need to bunk with people. I didn't like it 30 years ago when I was in the Air Force, so I cannot sleep on a couch or floor just to save a few dollars. It reminds me of being younger and never having a bed to sleep in when I visited my father on our bi-weekly visitation. Its not comfortable and you really don't feel welcome (It also reminds me of sitting at the kid's table on Thanksgiving. I feel I have outgrown it.)

More importantly, I am not comfortable in the homes of friends or family. I never have been and it does not matter how close the friend or relative. I think that is the way it should be.

People say, "Come in and make yourself comfortable." I have to remind myself not to say this because it would be hyprocritical - I wouldn't mean it. I think it is a crock - HONESTLY. People do some crazy things when they are comfortable.

We entertain often, and I want people to enjoy themselves when in my home but I do not want them to feel comfortable enough to complain or demand, smoke or sleep on the couch, drink the last of my vodka. I have to remember to say, "Welcome, come in." I want guests to be welcome. I don't want them to get comfortable.

So if I happen to visit a friend and end up staying the night, unlike in every other aspect of my life, I want to create as little disturbance as possible. I don't want to ask for much. If the pillow does not live up to my standards, I anxiously bury the discomfort. If the television show being watched is not a show I watch, I try to find some interest for the 30 to 60 minutes it is on. I could not conceive of complaining or demanding about any aspect of my stay. It is a strange house, it should feel strange.

I was never one of those people that would ever conceive of going to a friend's house and opening the refrigerator or kitchen cupboards to see what I can find - not even if I hadn't eaten in days.

When I was younger I always considered my Grandpa and Gramma Willi's house to be my second home so I was comfortable and I would get into the fridge. I can't say the same for Gramma's Sincler's house. And today, if I am visiting my mother's home, I would never, ever, walk in and open her cupboards. It's not my house. Perhaps if she lived in one of the same houses I grew up in I would feel different, but my mother's house is not my house.

Once I started writing this entry, it made me curious. Am I wrong to feel this way? Do other's feel the same way I do? And if circumstances force me to stay at someones home, to ease my thoughts of discomfort and not offend my host, what is it that makes a good house guest? So I did a little research, after all, I am going to my brother's next week.

According to Sue Fox, the author of "Etiquette for Dummies," the ideal house guest is "tidy, courteous, considerate of [the host's] normal routine" and ideally "really enthusiastic about whatever the host suggests." They keep certain opinions to themselves, whether they're about raising children or about home decor. "They don't suggest changing the furniture around in the living room."

And there are some rules I found:

- Stick by the Three Day Rule
- Follow Their Rules
- Be grateful and flexible
- Don't be a Slob
- Go with the Flow
- Bring a Book
- Treat Your Host to a Meal
- Bring your own Toiletries
- Offer to Help with the Dishes
- Bring a Small Gift
- Write a Thank you Note
- Don't Add to the Chaos
- Don't expect to be Entertained
- Don't be a Freeloader

I can say I do the majority of the above list. I may have to remember to bring a gift. I cannot say I always do that. And I never send a thank you note. I may email Matt afterwards what a wonderful time I had, but I don't send official thank you notes. I don't own stamps.

I would always prefer to get a hotel room, but that is not always possible, so if I stay at the home of a friend or family member, I will continue to feel less comfortable than at home, and try not to add to the chaos.


Thursday, July 12, 2007

2007 Tony Best Musical Winner Spring Awakening

Since my website (2288BeckleyRd.com) is not up and running yet, I thought I would ad this video to the blog.

I was in NYC in April and loved this TONY winning musical.

More Fun for Senator David Vitter

The name (Republican Senator) David Vitter, the subject of a post two days ago, is back in the news today. It seems he has a long history of visting prostitutes, not just in Washington DC, but in his homestate of Louisana also.

Today Jeanette Maier, the former DC madam, announced that Senator Vitter was a client at her now defunct Canal Street brothel in New Orleans. Ms Maier pleaded guilty to running the whorehouse in 2002.

In typical Republican fashion, the situation reeks of hypocrosy, after all these as the family values people.

In 1998 David Vitter replaced Republican Congressman Bob Livingston after he abruptly resigned after disclosures of numerous affairs. At the time he argued that an adulterous affair was ground for resignation, stating "I think Livingston’s stepping down makes a very powerful argument that Clinton should resign as well and move beyond this mess. [Atlanta Journal and Constitution, 12/20/98]

As for his wife Wendy, several years when asked how she would handle the news of her husband having an affair she told a Newhouse News reporter, "I’m a lot more like Lorena Bobbitt than Hillary. If he does something like that, I’m walking away with one thing, and it’s not alimony, trust me.”

Does Wendy have both hands full, or just a part of one?

Personally, I believe we need to grow up and legalize prostitution - regulate and tax this service. For once, CEOs and Senators would be contributing to our treasury.

I do not condemn Senator Vitter for his habitual adulterous affairs with call girls, but I disapprove of the lies, judgment and sermons from these morally bankrupt hypocrites.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Go to this website to send King George and Queen Dick a



Tuesday, July 10, 2007

HOW I SPENT MY 4TH OF JULY (aka Syd's Birthday, Livingston, MT and False Patriotism)

This past July 4th, while on vacation, I went to a rodeo in Livingston, MT., a charming town of roughly 7,000 people about an hour north of Yellowstone.

Our plan was to have a birthday celebration for Sydney and then attend the rodeo, with fireworks to follow.

Not knowing what to expect I was pleasantly surprised to find two upscale restaurants. From the setting and the food I saw pass by, Livingstonians know how to dine first rate. The first restaurant (I don't recall the name) had a wait of two hours so I asked the hostess if there was another place in town and she sent us on to the Chop House, a mile down the street.

They too had a two hour wait but if we wanted to sit at a high-top in the bar area we could be seated immediately - which we did.

The food was excellent. Our only mishap was that Sydney ordered Chicken Fried Steak and wasn't happy when it arrived. She wanted a steak for her birthday meal and thought that is what she had ordered. She ended up eating the majority of my baseball cut sirloin.

Once finished with the meal we headed over to the fairgrounds to attend the rodeo - 1 1/2 hours late. As we were walking looking for the ticket stand, a good looking, tall cowboy was walking by us and I asked if we were walking in the right direction.

He told us no, it was behind us, and that they were sold out and not allowing any additional people in, but..... he had been told of a way to get in and would help get us in if we were interested.

Not wanting to disappoint Sydney on her birthday, we followed our "coyote" down the road, over a big metal gate, between some worn down barbed wire, and past the contestants and their animals. Sydney and Sara kept pace and we were in the rodeo.

After shaking hands with our handsome savior he was off to get his friends to do it again. Little did we know this was his trial run.

We saw him a few times throughout the evening and he would slap me on the back as he passed and give me that knowing look.

Syd keeps saying her was drunk... and I think there is a little truth to that.

The rodeo was Sydney's first and it was easy to see she was enjoying it. Miss Sara stood out in the all-white crowd but no one paid any attention and everyone was pleasant.

After the roping and riding they dimmed the lights and the fireworks started, as did the faux patriotic anthem by Lee Greenwood, God Bless The USA.

This song irks me to no end. When I hear it I am instantly reminded of how it has been co-opted every time a Bush decides to invade Iraq..... Desert Storm.... Operation Iraqi Freedom.

And the public buys into it.... People who otherwise do not pay attention to anything in the world but NASCAR and professional wrestling, become proud Americans and they love to display their pride. They hang the flag, not from their front porch as is customary, but from their cars and motorcycles. The proudly don the flag on their attire, the flag on the front, maybe a bald eagle on their back.

They put magnetic yellow ribbons on their vehicles because they support the troops and call anyone who does not support our president unpatriotic, liberals, communists, faggots and worse.

What most of them don't do is VOTE.

They know good Ole boy George Bush is our president but not because they put him there. They might know who the vice president is, but they could not name the Speaker of the House or the Senate Majority Leader. They certainly don't know the three branches of government and think the Supreme Court is a place in New York City that basketball is played.

Voter turn out is somewhere between 50 and 60% depending on the election and who you believe. That means that only one in two people vote - and from the looks of the people I see with flags and ribbons on their cars, they aren't the ones voting.

The people of Livingtston, MT seemed nice enough to me, but they, just like most of America believe that by singing a bad Lee Greenwood ballad while watching fireworks, and wearing flag-covered attire they are patriotic Americans.

I have news for you folks - THAT'S BULLSHIT. The way to be patriotic is to vote, question, protest, get involved.

Monday, July 9, 2007


Oh When the Neo-Cons
Come Marchin In
Oh When the Neo-Cons
Come Marchin In.......

In 1994 Newt Gingrich set about to bring moral politicians to Congress. Individuals of pure moral fiber who painted the halls of congress with Christian Conservative Family Values.

We all learned long ago that Newt wasn't so moral although he attacked the then President on the United States for being less than Godly and moral. I believe the thrice married Gingrich was married to number two when he started a relationship with number three.

And now after so many Abramoffites have fled to jail or oblivion with their tails between their legs, and Florida Republican Congressmen Mark Foley fades from memory, the latest Neo-Con to fall from grace is Louisiana Republican Senator David Vitter, R-La. Just one more in a long line on Christian Conservative Republicans who have pointed fingers and wagged tongues in the direction of less perfect men, Senator Vitter admitted to being a patron of the infamous DC Madam.

This should come as little surprise since there were LOUD rumors (during his 2004 campaign) that the Senator enjoyed spending time with prostitutes.

Ironically, Senator Vitter, the first republican Senator from Louisiana since Reconstruction, and lector at St. Francis Xavier Church, in a special election in 1999 to succeed Congressman Bob Livingston, who resigned the House after an adultery scandal.

Typical of his kind, he votes the Rovian line....

- Discontinue affirmative action programs. (Nov 2002)
- Voted YES on Constitutional Amendment banning same-sex marriage. (Sep 2004)
- Voted YES on banning gay adoptions in DC. (Jul 1999)
- Rated 7% by the ACLU, indicating an anti-civil rights voting record. (Dec 2002)

But all is forgiven. He has asked God... and his wife for forgiveness, the same as every other holier-than-thou Neo-Con who fights against the weakening of family values .... as long as he can dabble in the saddle of a $275 an hour playmate.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Keith Olbermann Special Libby comment-BRAVO

Summer 07 Vacation

I had a wonderful vacation these past (nearly) two weeks. Near perfect and what wasnt perfect had nothing to do with me and I had to let go.

Below are a few of the things Ive learned:

America is soooo beautiful and has so much to see
I wish I had become a forest ranger (as I once dreamed)
Americans overall are wonderful people
There aren't many African Americans in Wyoming and Montana
Sydney is a wonderful travel companion
Beartooth Highway is the closest thing to HEAVEN ON EARTH
A piece of my heart remains in the Black Hills
African Americans do not share in our national parks
Japaneese do
Not many east coast Americans make the trip to Yellowstone
Moose make me happy
Some people see half full

We are in Salt Lake City, UT. I decided to forego the Teton route due to the length of time it was going to take and instead took a direct route. We arrived several hours ahead of schedule and I was able to take a nap.

Sydney got in a brief swim and later we are meeting Fet's sisters and niece (and their families) for dinner. Im not sure Miss Sara is joining.

Tomorrow is suppose to be Bryce Canyon Natl Park and the Grand Canyon but I was thinking that if we got up and left by 8 and didnt stop at either we could get home by 7pm.


I will share more of what we did on our vacation later.

Will anyone ever read this?

Tuesday, July 3, 2007



Monday, July 2, 2007


This has been an unparreled year in terms of favorites.

First and foremost is the pleasure of having my granddaughter near me. I cannot remember being this happy for such a sustained period of time. She makes the years of emptiness disappear and clearly puts into perspective what is important and what is filler. This is my favorite year in the past 20.

Less important(but still a favorite), this past April I was in New York visiting Matt and on that Friday night we (Matt, Miss Sara and I) went to see a show (Putnam County Spelling Bee) and then afterwards went to the Duplex for Mostly Sondheim.

The room was filled with so much raw talent, young singers doing what they can't help but do... BE TALENTED!

I walked out loudly proclaiming (which I do often - especially after a night of cocktails) the evening to be one of my favorites - ever.... and I meant it. The night was magical to me.

Today I spent one of my favorite days - ever.

We drove the Beartooth Highway from Red Lodge, MT to Yellowstone.... and I have never experienced such natural beauty in my life.

Instead of taking the closest route to Yellowstone from Cody, WY (less than 60 miles) I decided to take the more scenic (and longer) route. I think the trip was 150 or so miles but instead of taking 1 1/2 hours it took us 6, and it had nothing to do with the traffic.

Beyond each curve there was another breathtaking scene, and one majestic view gave way to a second and then a third and then a .....

I took nearly 200 pictures... and could have taken more but didnt want to bore Sara and Syd...too much.

I could drive that road again and again and never see it all or under appreciate it's beauty. TRULY MAGICAL!

Below is a write up I found...

The highway, described by the late Charles Kurault as "the most beautiful roadway in America," winds along alpine peaks and lakes and crosses 10,947-foot Beartooth Pass, the route features breathtaking views of the Absaroka and Beartooth Mountains, and open high alpine plateaus dotted with countless glacial lakes, forested valleys, waterfalls and wildlife.

Surrounded by the Custer, Gallatin, and Shoshone National Forests and their unparalleled wilderness areas, visitors to the Beartooth All-American Road are provided the unique opportunity to witness and explore pristine, untouched alpine and montane landscapes. Since its completion in 1936, the highway has provided millions of visitors a rare opportunity to see the transition from a lush forest ecosystem to alpine tundra in the space of just a few miles.

The Beartooth All-American Road passes through The Beartooth Corridor. It is one of the highest and most rugged areas in the lower 48 states, with 20 peaks reaching over 12,000 feet in elevation. In the surrounding mountains, glaciers are found on the north flank of nearly every mountain peak over 11,500 feet high. The Road itself is the highest elevation highway in Wyoming (10,947 feet) and Montana (10,350 feet), and is the highest elevation highway in the Northern Rockies.


I have another glorious day on the road only to turn on my computer at the end of it and learn that Emperor George Bush has proven his critics right again.... painfully so.

After one of the most amazing days in my life, I turn on the computer to learn that our president has once again failed to do the job he was elected to do.... and someone needs to do something.

As I said in my film, Enough is Enough.

George Bush and Dick(head) Cheney need to be removed from office.

They blatantly disregard the will of the people and they trample on the most sacred contract the people of the United States have with their government, the United States Constitution.

And to make it worse, King George is not smart enough to have done this on his own. This is the work of the (shoot your friend in the face) Vice King Dick Cheney. The same US EMPLOYEE who believes he is a member of the legislative branch and not the executive branch.

These two people play fast and loose with the law more than Entertainment Tonight talks about long-dead Anna Nicole Smith.. and no one really looks into it.

Isn't it time that the DEMOCRATIC controlled Senate, or in this case house, I believe, start looking into the crimes and misdemeanors of Vice Dictator Dick Cheney and Dictator George Bush? Are they seriously that arrogant that they think they can get away with their crimes and no one is going to call attention to it?

If so... it appears they are right.

When Bill Clinton took over the presidency in 1993 the investigations began. After eight years all they could get on Bill was receiving a blow job or two from an intern. Poor judgment - definitely.... illegal - NO!

Over the past 6 weeks I have written to my congressman, Ed Pastor, six times and I always receive a nice response. Ed, enough of the polite responses to my inquiries please start doing something about my concerns.

I will say it again.....