Monday, July 23, 2007


Our President, George Bush is dangerous. Prior to invading Iraq there were no terrorist in the country. They never had car bombs exploding.

The lies and arrogance of this adminstration will be felt for future decades. Terrorists first attacked us because of our involvement in the middle east and for putting our nose in where it isnt wanted. My grandchildren and all of our grandchildren will now be fighting this so call "War of Terror" years after the criminal Bush/Cheney regime leave office.
I often think about the money spent on this illegal war and wonder what else could we have done with it. We cannot get healthcare for all children in the country but we can spend $500 billion to destroy a country.

We could have put that money to good use updating our infrastructure. Our bridges and highways were built after WWII thanks to President Eisenhower and now they are starting to crumble. Just think, we could have put people to work building up our country instead of killing over 3,000 young American man and women. We have also killed over ad 600,000 Iraqi children, men and woman are dead. They are more than numbers, they are sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, brother and sister.

Oh.. but they are Iraqi, they are all terrorists.... right. HELL NO! They were citizens of a country we invaded. And why did we invade Iraq? Money, Oil, or Greed? Or was it because Saddam Hussein threatened little George Bush's father? Was it because little George felt his father hadn't finished the job? Maybe it didnt have anything to do with George at all. Maybe it was is "handlers" who orchestrated the war. It has been proven that long before September 11th a group of George's buddies were putting together the justification for this unjust war against Iraq.
Bill Clinton was investigated for the entire eight years he was in office. In the end all Ken Star could find was a cum-stained dress worn by a desperate girl trying to feel loved ... and then he lied about it. So what? I'd lie about my sex life too.

And now we have little George Bush in that same office lying about every offical act that comes from there. Weapons of Mass Destruction? Iraqi links with terrorist groups? MY memory is short... what else has he lied about?

Why are we not removing little George Bush for office?

These are the darkest days our country has ever known.
Gays want to infiltrate the sacred state of marriage. Mexicans are jumping over the fences and taking hardworking American jobs. Stem-cell research is killing innocent babies.

Have you ever wondered why as an election nears we start hearing about these issues. Instead of talking about things that matter and effect our lives, they attempt to distract us with meaningless issues.

There are 12 million illegal immigrants in this country.
Now how do you suppose we round up 12 million people and send them back? I say we go door to door like census takers and ask for everyone's U.S. birth certificate. Those that can't produce one are put in a holding tank awaiting deportment.

And what if we did find a way to do so, how would it effect our economy? I am not willing to have 3 jobs making five dollars and hour. Im not going to bus tables at a restaurant and take abuse from some superior acting white family. Im not going to trim hedges or clean floors.

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