Monday, July 2, 2007


I have another glorious day on the road only to turn on my computer at the end of it and learn that Emperor George Bush has proven his critics right again.... painfully so.

After one of the most amazing days in my life, I turn on the computer to learn that our president has once again failed to do the job he was elected to do.... and someone needs to do something.

As I said in my film, Enough is Enough.

George Bush and Dick(head) Cheney need to be removed from office.

They blatantly disregard the will of the people and they trample on the most sacred contract the people of the United States have with their government, the United States Constitution.

And to make it worse, King George is not smart enough to have done this on his own. This is the work of the (shoot your friend in the face) Vice King Dick Cheney. The same US EMPLOYEE who believes he is a member of the legislative branch and not the executive branch.

These two people play fast and loose with the law more than Entertainment Tonight talks about long-dead Anna Nicole Smith.. and no one really looks into it.

Isn't it time that the DEMOCRATIC controlled Senate, or in this case house, I believe, start looking into the crimes and misdemeanors of Vice Dictator Dick Cheney and Dictator George Bush? Are they seriously that arrogant that they think they can get away with their crimes and no one is going to call attention to it?

If so... it appears they are right.

When Bill Clinton took over the presidency in 1993 the investigations began. After eight years all they could get on Bill was receiving a blow job or two from an intern. Poor judgment - definitely.... illegal - NO!

Over the past 6 weeks I have written to my congressman, Ed Pastor, six times and I always receive a nice response. Ed, enough of the polite responses to my inquiries please start doing something about my concerns.

I will say it again.....



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