Saturday, June 30, 2007


Today was another perfect day. I knew it would be.

I let Sydney sleep in until nearly 9 this morning and we didnt leave the hotel until after 10. I changed our reservations and decided not to stay in RC another night. It would have been too much work driving to Devil's Tower and on to Sheridan in time to get there by 10:41am tomorrow. So I made a reservation for Gillette, WY.

We drove to Hill City, past my favorite lake, Pactola Resevoir, where we had lunch in the Hill City Diner. Afterwards we walked around and bought T-shirts for Noelle, Ryan and Chrissy. I bought myself two painting (prints) that captivated me when I first saw them. They are a winter scene of an old farm house. They remind me of MI and of something Gramma Sincler would have painted.

Then we were off to Mt Rushmore which always affects me. Im not sure if it is what the sculptor stands for or if it is because it reminds me of Gramma and Grandpa Willi or if it has something to do with teenage years.

When I was a teenager I would drive out there just because and did so often. Im always captivated.

We hiked the Presidential Trail and watch the movie that is presented at the museum. I took some great photos and the coloring is amazing.

We then drove to Pactola Res. Read all about it and talked with the volunteer rangers. Syd made out like a bandit... they gave her so much stuff. I love this lake, although it is down 30 feet. I didnt get any good pictures though because the clouds took over....

Our last stop of the day was Devil's Tower National Monument. We drove through Deadwood but were running late so didnt stop. The drive to the tower was about 1 1/2 hours. The ranger's station was closing in an hour so we had to hurry so Syd could fulfill all the requirements to become a junior ranger (which she did and got a patch). More great photos.. the color is amazing with this camera.

We are now in Gillette, WY for the night and tomorrow we pickup Sara in Sheridan.

Sydney is a dream. She is so smart and remembers everything I tell her about each place. She is learning so much and loves the quiz I put together for her for this trip. She loved getting the Junior Ranger patch today. She is appreciative and is having a good time... or so she says.

I knew it would be the perfect fit...

More tomorrow... we are on our way to Cody, WY... possibly seeing a rodeo. It will be an early day of driving.. HURRAY!

(WARNING... I just read this and my tenses are all out of whack... I should fix it but its almost 1am and Im tired)

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