Friday, June 29, 2007


I cant sleep tonight. Its 2:30 in the morning and Im in Torrington, WY., a town Ive seen though the night lights.

There are many reasons I cannot sleep. One is the blast of the train whistle that travels by every 15 to 30 minutes. I sure wish I had been warned about that. The hotel I say in at the Edmonton airport has the same problem, but there they supply earplugs. Not this one.

Probably the main reason for my sleeplessness is that my vacation plans (here comes another train)are disintigrating before me.

Last night (or four hours ago) Miss Sara was suppose to arrive at Denver International Airport. Instead I started receiving (another train) frantaic phone calls from her telling me that her plane was delayed two hours and she probably wouldnt make her connection, and then that the flight was cancelled all together and that the earliest she could get to Denver was Saturday night at 9pm.

WHAT? Thats two days away!!!!!

How was/am I suppose to respond to that? I put my vacation on hold for two days as it was staying in Frisco, CO awaiting her arrival. I certainly am not expected to waste two more days.

After the first call, while I was killing time in Central City, CO - a quaint old mining town revitalized by gambling - I cancelled our hotel reservations so we wouldnt be unnecessarily charged. In the end I could have used mine.

So I arrived at the hotel in Torrington, 77 miles northeast of Cheyenne, and started trying to put back together the pieces of this immaculately planned vacation.

It looks like we will have to cut the Black Hills portion of the plan by one day so we can pick-up CW In Sheridan, WY or Bilings, MT.

I should sleep but I cannot. I may awaken Sydney in an hour so we arrive at Custer State Park in time to see the early mornig feeding of the animals.

Oh... and I had a very nice dream about Broadway performer Marty Thomas. He was burned out on the Broadway life and came to Torrington to rejuvinate. I wanted to help.

I should just shower now.

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