Friday, July 6, 2007

Summer 07 Vacation

I had a wonderful vacation these past (nearly) two weeks. Near perfect and what wasnt perfect had nothing to do with me and I had to let go.

Below are a few of the things Ive learned:

America is soooo beautiful and has so much to see
I wish I had become a forest ranger (as I once dreamed)
Americans overall are wonderful people
There aren't many African Americans in Wyoming and Montana
Sydney is a wonderful travel companion
Beartooth Highway is the closest thing to HEAVEN ON EARTH
A piece of my heart remains in the Black Hills
African Americans do not share in our national parks
Japaneese do
Not many east coast Americans make the trip to Yellowstone
Moose make me happy
Some people see half full

We are in Salt Lake City, UT. I decided to forego the Teton route due to the length of time it was going to take and instead took a direct route. We arrived several hours ahead of schedule and I was able to take a nap.

Sydney got in a brief swim and later we are meeting Fet's sisters and niece (and their families) for dinner. Im not sure Miss Sara is joining.

Tomorrow is suppose to be Bryce Canyon Natl Park and the Grand Canyon but I was thinking that if we got up and left by 8 and didnt stop at either we could get home by 7pm.


I will share more of what we did on our vacation later.

Will anyone ever read this?

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