Sunday, November 11, 2007


This past week I received an email from someone I have come to know because of this page (and the rest of my website). This stranger-friend is extremely bright and very articulate and she and I were recently conversing via email on the upcoming presidential election.

Her email prompted me to write this in response and she has encouraged me to post it.... so after some edits here it is….

What I was going to write was about Hillary..... Hopefully the next president of the United States......

First, let me say that I believe Hillary is exceptionally intelligent. Although lacking the charisma of her husband, she is smarter that Bill (who I think is brilliant except when it comes to his willy) and I think she allowed Bill’s career to dominate her life all these years because of his ambition and now its her turn.

The reason I support her (and her husband) is because I truly believe they are good people who want to help Average Joe American. I've believed it 16 years ago when he was first running for office and I believe it today.

Is Hillary really moderate? I don't believe so. I think she is a true progressive that is smart enough to know that in order to get elected you have to appease (and appeal) to a broad audience. I also think WHEN she is elected she will surprise everyone, especially if she has a democratic controlled senate and house.

I do not dislike any of the other candidates, of course I am talking Democrats. I like Barack and John Edwards. Hell, I even like what the weasily little Ross Perot look-a-like Dennis Kucinich has to say. I like what he has to say a lot, and am glad he stood up and called for the impeachment of evil Dick. But I am not convinced that any of them can get elected.

Can Hillary get elected? I've always thought so, however, she is a polarizing figure. BUT... BUT the republicans do not have any candidate that can beat her.... in my estimation.

McCain became a joke after George W got the nomination in 2000 and he fell in line like a foot soldier. After all the unethical games Karl Rove and George Bush played on him during the primary season, he caved and has never had the respect of this country since. He is my senator and I wish he would retire.

Mitt Romney..... he has Ken Doll goodlooks but the majority of people are not going to vote for a Mormon. Americans are thick and they all think the Mormon religion is a cult and their right-wing Christian Churches are Jesus’ real churches. Jesus belongs to them and them alone. The mormons aren’t invited to sit at that table.

I can’t say much about Fred Thompson and I don’t think I need to – except – WAKE UP.

The only hope the Republicans have is Rudi Guiliani - who I genuinely think is a joke. He has been married three times, including once to his cousin. He is running on his 9/11 record (smoke and mirrors at best) and that he turned smut-filled Times Square into Disneyland. He is pro gays and pro abortion and wasn't beating Hillary in their last face off, and wont in this match up.

If the two nominees are Hillary and Rudi - Hillary will win.

One reason is because the big southern “Super” churches for the first time in many years will not be encouraging their voters to vote for either candidate - the (im)moral minority will have to sit this one out. They can’t energize their base with Rudi as the nominee.

I also think you may see a third party "religious" candidate emerge. When the Religious Right sees that they have no true candidate they will find one. I've already heard rumbling about it.

In her initial email to me she was mentioning that she was “looking hard” at Bill Richardson because “of his candor, depth of experience, and practical problem solving approach. He seems like someone who knows how to manage the executive role without being authoritarian, as his method is diplomacy.”

Some of her reply to the above

” actually reassures me that she (Hillary) will stay true to democratic principles, especially restoring our bill of rights, and refusing to allow the executive branch to be almighty. And yes she is--as my teenagers would say--""hella" smart.

You are right in your astute comparison of Kucinich's and Perot's looks/ears, and weasily demeanor. It is too bad that someone with principle has to come in such unfortunate packaging, but beauty is all mathematical really, so I won't refute it.

Mitt Romney, as you say so well, has those Ken Doll looks, also that ken doll blank naive dumb -as- a-post stare. I listened to most of the R. nominees at that family values conference on C-span--missed Guiliani though. I swear if that greasy swindler becomes President, I will have to leave the country.

Now I am annoyed with Bill Richardson for saying we should not waste time with discussing impeachment, that there is business to be done. The dems can conduct business all they like, but it will be futile as long as the President is vetoing, and the republicans are filibustering for a false majority. OUT OUT damn spot, I say!

Kim – I hope you don’t mind me using what you wrote but I enjoyed your words so much…..

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Anonymous said...

I am refusing to comment on persons running for president till after the first of the year. Be ready because my words will be well thought out, well investigated, and frankly anyone who doesnt agree with me is a complete asshole and shouldnt be aloud to breath the same air as those of us with intelligence (is that spelled correctly)?
So until after the first of the year lets save our strength, our oppinions and our coordinated energy for a time when it will matter. I wish these people running for president would do the same. Exactly how much work are ANY of these people getting done while they pull a wage (from our tax dollars)? Focus and do the job you were elected and are being paid to do. There will be enough time between January and November for the mormon to find more wives, the ex new york city mayor to change wives, the guy from new mexico to see more UFOS, and the lady to go to Ross for less to pick up more solid colored pant suits.
Are we sure "Slick Willy" cant run again? Did anyone double check?
So stand by. Till January I will ponder what I believe is best for whatever country "W" leaves behind.