Monday, November 19, 2007


I still haven’t completely shaken this damn cold. It’s been hanging on now for five days now, slowly migrating from my head to my lungs. It still isn’t there completely but it is trying.

Yesterday I was going to make a vlog but because of cold decided against it. I’m sure I will make one this week sometime, but I noticed I hasn’t written anything in a while so I need to find the motivation to do that.

I have had an idea for some time and have picked up tidbits of information here and there and even in some unexpected places so I know I need to write on this particular subject.

I also need to start looking for a job.

I spent a considerable amount of time yesterday pouring over Careerbuilder, Monster and I found several positions but noticed that the majority of the ones I am interested in are held by Accountemps or Robert Half and after my last conversation with JR at Accountemps, I just don’t think he is going to be putting me up for any positions. I thought I would call or write his manager and have a conversation. I can’t believe they would just throw away a strong candidate.

Ironically today I received an email from Accountemps “regarding the quality of our service.”

I’m off to send out some resumes and to start my new blog article.

Oh... and I wanted to send a heartfelt to a special know who you are... and NO Kevin... it isn't YOU!


Jake said...

feel better, chris. for sure, it must leave you soon!
try as well. i have found some great postings there as well.
is what you do something that can lend itself to the arts at all? i can send you some great links for things TV related (production, etc) and arts in general.
be well.

arm jerker j said...

Fight the good fight, my man.
And hope you gain your health soon.
BTW, I noticed you NOW HAVE A PHOTO! Instead of the gray head I always see on my blog!
Nice, smiling, lovely face...

Steven said...

I was checking out my favorite blog and read Grandpa Willi has a cold. I've got a receipe for Cock soup that will clear you right up.
I'll bring it by tomorrow. Feel Better Possum.
Love Ya

Mom g said...

Good luck on the search, Chris.
You have so many qualifications and are so personable, that I know it won't be long.

Hope you feel better soon.
Looking forward to the next talky.
Happy Thanksgiving, to you!