Tuesday, November 6, 2007



When I should have been comfortably between the sheets and under the comforter I was up trying my hand at a little creative editing.

The people of Germany and all of Europe let Hilter go a very long time before he was stopped. What is it going to take for the American people to stop this war criminal with the school yard bully mentality and bring him to justice?


Mom G said...

Beautifully said, Chris. EXACTLY "George Santayana said....
"Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it."
...... when, when, WHEN??????
Damn good job, Chris...
Damn good.

Anonymous said...

I nicked your video and put it on my site - it should certainly give us all pause...


arm jerker j said...

*drawing in a deep sigh before i comment*

Ok Chris. Well done clip. It made be uncomfy...which I suppose is the point here...

But this is where I may shock and amaze you because although I completely agree that Bush’s war should stop and although I’ve met the man and got the creeps and although I find him to be a huge instigator of strife we never needed to be involved in—I have never really seen Bush similar to Hitler.

Although what we are doing in Iraq is like policing, as some senior ladies said today when I interviewed them about their good deeds for soldiers, I just don’t see this war the same as the Holocaust. That is a very strong accusation although (and I keep saying that!) the unnecessary deaths are alarming. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t defend A THING Bush is doing, but even as our governor, I never saw him in the same light as Hitler. No one on this earth has ever, or probably ever in the future (knocking on wood) could be that evil. That sheer unadulterated disgusting waste of human, innocent life in the droves. Bush is a bastard but he isn’t Satan. I'm quite sure that if Satan is a real being, Hitler surely was his right hand man or even channeled within him...using him as a puppet.

I’m very surprised to have seen myself type all this because I have never had one good thing to say about the man. But it’s what my gut tells me. I know you will disagree….and most of your loyal readers.

Anonymous said...

Ok I wanted to comment, but it's purely from a teacherly educational point of view:

A. Cut down the length. You don't need to edit to a whole song. 30 second clips have more impact than 3 minutes that no one will sit through.

B. Substance. If you are going to make the statement that Bush and Hitler are similar, then you have to show more similarities than them both just waving from podiums. You would need to show footage of both wars, footage of coffins that were filled by the policies of both, etc.

C. I agree with Arm Jerker in that the content is a stretch. He's a horrible president, but not a Hitler (my opinion). I want him out of office for our own safety, but I would never want to see him hunkered in a bunker with Laura B. with a gun to their heads...I think comparing and contrasting him to Nixon would have been great...Or better yet...the opposite direction...compare him to Bill Clinton...Cuz I know when Hillary gets elected, you will do a video with Barbra singing Happy Days Are Here Again!...

other than that, great job LOLOLOL

love ya,

Anonymous said...

This is response to "Arm Jerker: (whatever the hell that means)

Do you feel Hitler was evil because he killed all those people?

Because he wanted to rule the world?

Because he listened to no one?

Because he knew he was always right, no matter what the United Nations said?

There is a fine line between "Evil" and "dumb ass stupid!

Bush has let thousands of people die in order to prove to his "Daddy" what a big boy he is.

I dont really believe there is much diference between a million people or 10 people dying for the wrong reasons.

Arm Jerker dont get me wrong I do not believe that Bush should be compared to Hitler and it really does creep me out BUT..........

What exactly has "W" sacrificed for all his dumb ass hard headed decisions made? The man is convinced he is in the right (no matter what the UN or the 911 commission says).

And lets not forget "God" talked to him. (most likely a collect call that the tax payers paid for).
At least Hitler had the brains to say he was an atheist.

And Bush isnt done yet!!

Who (or is it whom) is more frightening?

Bobby said...

Scary seeing the similarities....

However, I do not think anyone could ever live up to the horrible events that took place under Hitler's reign. Bush is just a MORON, and those in his administration remind me of something we have all heard before. The blind leading the blind……Some do see the light eventually. Look at the amount of resignations Bush has had to contend with.

MANIPULATION, PREJUDICE, POLITICS, WAR. Genocide?? That is what most people see when HITLER is brought to light. Okay, I see where someone can obviously relate these factors to George.

I am fully aware that in both our government and protesters of the war; there are EXTREMIST!!! We have to be careful in how they impact our thinking.

Videos like this can be entertaining, and thought provoking. The power of media tools! I am chalking this one up to imagination, and entertainment. I cannot relate to the comparison personally….Just me, I guess.

History will be BUSH'S scarlet letter. Something I can take solace in at night, much power has been moved to the government and yet people just idly stand by. The next President is going to have to remove the band-aid of shame from us, and dig deep into a wound around the world to clean up our images and positions amongst the global community.

Sad sad sad...

Hell, I am just spewing out random thoughts…lol

For the most part, I just love PAT BENATAR!!!!

arm jerker j said...

i so responded to anonymous...what happened to the comment sir???

Gpawilli said...

I do not know. I can tell you I haven't deleted anything.

Even when I dont agree I will post em.....

SO.. Im SOOOO SORRY cuz I have no clue.

Any chance you know what you wrote?

arm jerker j (look it up) said...

eh. not in important now....
anonymous can just stay that way.