Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Did The Democrats Get it Wrong?

Tonight I watched Hillary Clinton at the 2008 Democratic Convention in Denver, CO and was, and still am, emotional and saddened - not at what she had to say -I've always championed her eloquence and strong and positive message for America - but that over the past year or more, people did not get her, understand her, and were blinded and bullied into believing her to be something other than what she is... a passionate advocate for woman, children, and America's lower and working classes.

Watch Hillary's speech in it's entirety and tell me what you think!


palestar said...

my friend told me the other day - he did not want Hillary as vice president - he was hoping she would be the next attorney general - cause he thought she could get things done that have been ignored and abused the last 8 years...

we will see...

joshuadeanwiley said...

in response to your title...no, i don't think the democrats got it wrong. our love for Hillary does not change. she is and will always be an talented civil servant, and caring human being. i also believe that she will find a important roll in this new democratic administration. we need her, and she will still get a lot done.
what we need more, right now, is for our entire party to come together for the better good. we OWE our grandparents and our grandchildren that much. the time is not to be selfish. don't take Hillary's loss personally. it is not about you!
Our country, our planet, cannot withstand 4 more years of status quo. remember 2288 beckley rd. and your grandparents, and tell me what you need to do.
you know i love ya!
p.s. tell all your friends!