Tuesday, August 21, 2007


It has taken me over a month to get around to making this movie of my vacation to the Black Hills and Yellowstone National Park. I took approximately 1500 photos and had to narrow that down to 300 or so.

Initially the movie was 20 minutes long and YouTube wouldn't let me upload it.... so I have now gotten it down to a managable amount of photos.

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I did the vacation.

(I notice that the photos seem to be a little out of focus in the movie.... I will keep working on it.)


Kim said...

WOW! Where do I begin?! First-those pics are amazing and thanks so much for sharing. And how cool that your granddaughter(?) got to experience all that. She'll have those memories forever. The sites alone were amazing but then to see all that wildlife! WOW again. While in Alaska we saw moose and caribu..that was so cool. I so hoped to see a bear but they were a no show. Lucky you.

Thanks again! It was like I was there.

Gpawilli said...

Hey Kim -

Thats for visiting/watching. It was an such an incredible time. I don't think I;ve even written about the cowboy who sneaked us into the rodeo on July 4th.


Oh...and just so ya know... Sydney is my great-niece, Noelle is my granddaughter. There is a video further down that has to do with Noelle.

Both are my two special girls!

Arm Jerker J. said...

That was a gorgous trip! The sky in Yellowstone was the stuff photographer's dreams are made of. I just keep salivating on all the great shots I would have loved to take! Wonderfully done and you had some cool photos. I want a trip! I want a trip!!!!