Friday, August 31, 2007


I haven't added my two cents regarding the disgraced Idaho Senator Larry Craig. Initially I intended to write one of my long-winded diatribes but I am lacking the energy to do so.

I have listened to the taped interview and his subsequent press conference and I only have two things to say:

First, Senator Craig is just another lying, self-loathing, hypocritical republican who lives his life hiding in the shadows while voting against full civil rights for all American citizens. I hope he resigns in disgrace or is forced out by his fellow bigoted comrades.

Second, the act of enticing and entrapping men in airport or public rest rooms is wrong (as well as a poor use of manpower) and should be unlawful . Undercover operations, such as this, purposely target gay men and benefit no one. More good would be accomplished by having a uniformed police presense in such places - not only would it stop restroom "cruising" it would also prevent crimes where there is a victim, such as assault, robbery, rape, murder etc.

Oh... Did I say I hope Senator Craig swings for this?


arm jerker j said...

You know what? What you said JUST HASN'T BEEN SAID!? That is a good point and I'm going to make sure to link this entry to mine. Very valid point. It truly seems to be something to target people and not just in Craig's case. Why NOT a uniform cop? And I'm right along with you: I hope that he not only swings, but takes a dive as well!

Bobby said...

Being a police officer myself; you know I agree with the idea of such an ignorant form of proactive policing, such as entrapment. It does not detour criminal activity. It prescribes an environment to allow the activity to occur.

As for Seantor Craig. I love the " I AM NOT GAY " defense. Wow, I think Comedy Central, SNL, and Mad TV are going to run with this. I cannot wait. Time for the moron to resign.