Monday, August 27, 2007

IS RUSH LIMBAUGH A RACIST...or just an idiot?

To really get what Cenk is saying in this clip you need to watch the entire thing. It begins with a conversation about Rush Limbaugh being a racist (which I'm sure he is) and then Cenk lays out the criteria for going to war - meaning Iraq vs Bosnia or Darfur.

The first war against Iraq was justified; however the current invasion and occupation is illegal and yet we claim the moral high ground. We went against international law and invaded Iraq.

Darfur is a completely different situation. The poor people are dying, or more accurately, are being murdered, no different than the Jews in World War II and the United States is not intervening.... why?

Because there is no oil or as much profit to be made.

Rush Limbaugh, talking to his white suburban housewife, is a drug addled racist(un)Compassionate Conservative. Nothing he says surprises me.

But The Young Turks are right. If the people in Darfur were white, we would have been there and taken care of this problem long ago.

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arm jerker j said...

I've always thought he was a racist....and a idiot. Hahaha. That man is a waste of human space. Literally.