Thursday, August 9, 2007


Americans should be pissed, no, American should be scared to death. The constitution of the United States and the rights it entitles its citizens are being trampled. King George and his republican pals have done it again, and this time they have scared the other side, the democrats, into submission. What in the hell is going on?

What has me so upset is not the actual act of eavesdropping, I not afraid of that - most of my secrets are out there. It is what it represents. Today my private conversations can be listened in on, tomorrow my house may be broken into and I may be jailed for my thoughts or for writing this blog or because I gather with a group of like-minded individuals and we protest this administration's policies.

Why is the average Joe and Joanne American NOT outraged by this? Our rights are slowly deteriorating and no one says a thing, everyone just rolls over because it is in the name of catching terrorists. HA!!!! We were told the same thing about invading IRAQ!

King George and his republican cronies, as well as the sleeping democrats work for US - not the other way around. They are not governing the way we expect and yet they get a pass.

In Arizona when the governor doesn't perform in a manner we find agreeable, we either recall them or have them impeached. Why can't the same be true of the President and Vice President of the United States.

What will get Americans up in arms....TRY TAKING AWAY THEIR GUNS!

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