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I wrote the following after seeing the Barbra Streisand concert in November 2006. It is posted on I decided that even though it was posted there I want it on my site as well.

Coincidentally, the review posted just above mine was from another Barbra lover - one of Fettit's (Jim) other former boyfriends Mark (I was number one, he was number three).....


This was the fourth time I’ve been privileged to see Barbra Streisand in concert. In flew to Detroit in 1994, New York in 2000, and Chicago last Tuesday. Maybe it was the seats, but last night in Phoenix was by far the best.

Her voice was lovely, huskier than in the past, enjoying the occasion, and receiving the outpouring of affection and admiration from the crowd of mostly loyal devotees.

In between the first and second song, or was it the second and third, who can be sure, I yelled “I love you Barbra” and she replied, “Why, thank you sir.”

I met Rosie O’Donnell at the Chicago concert and that was a treat, but after all these years of hearing her voice, it was overwhelming to have her acknowledge mine – exciting for a teenager worshipping his idol – just as exciting for a 45 year old gay father/grandfather.

With trepidation I was looking forward to the “political” segment – Phoenix being a red city in a red state – but it went over surprisingly well. Having been reworked since the election results of last week, it was truly funny and the crowd laughed, screamed, and clapped with approval.

When she mentioned her appreciation that AZ had defeated the inclusion of bigotry in the state constitution (by defeating a ban on gay marriage) the crowd was right there cheering with her.

She noted in the beginning that she hadn’t sung in Phoenix since 1975 (when she was filming A Star is Born) and that by coincidence Kris Kristopherson was also playing in town at the same time. She told the crowd she had invited him to stop by if his show got out earlier than hers, and after the first encore she came back hand-in-hand with him and the crowd was rapturous.

For me personally, this was the pinnacle. She didn’t have to sing, she just had to be.

I fell in love with Barbra 29 years ago, December 26th, when I first saw A Star is Born. As a child I had seen her other films, but as a sometimes lost and often lonely 15 year old boy, she touched me so deeply and personally that she has never released her grip on my heart. So to see her walk onstage with Kris K. after all these years, I was euphoric.

The Phoenix crowd was much livelier that the Chicago crowd the week before. Other than a sourpuss couple in front of us what didn’t clap one time during the entire show – and wanted to start fights with those that did – I was moved to see so many people around me, women and men, with child like smiles and moist eyes – enjoying their dream of seeing their idol – this icon – who has meant so much, in such a personal way, to so many people. I almost enjoyed watching her through their eyes as much as seeing her standing 30 feet in front of me.

Wow….What a Night… Thank you Barbra

I wrote this review 10 months ago... but it takes me right back to the concert... even the part where the unhappy guy in front of us wanted to kill Fettit!

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manymeez said...

Wow, I am green with envy! I will probably never get to realize my dream of seeing Babs in breaks my heart, but what can I do? I will live through the lucky ones like you. Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience!