Friday, August 17, 2007


I was awakened this morning by Edna barking. Someone was in the backyard peaking in at us as we slept. It was Fettit’s hanger-on Walo. Something is not right about Walo waking me up. Even with this I was able to have a good day.

Kevin (brother) called soon after and during the conversation he coined a phrase. I can’t say what it is because he wants to copyright it and make a kazillion dollars.

I am making the invitations for Kevin and Brad’s (Craig) 50th birthday party. It is being held September 29th in Kalamazoo (yes there really is a Kalamazoo). I don’t think I will be attending… they will probably come out this way around that time anyway.

Having lunch with friends Joann and Laura is always a favorite of mine - Fettit joined as well. The time goes too fast and we touch on far too many topics to give any one of them our full attention – from my unemployment situation to prostate cancer, blood clots in the lungs to born again Jews, gay rodeos to my trip to New York City.

I love these long time friends who are crazy and opinionated and passionate and funny.

Later Christy dropped off Noelle - Icing on the day that was already pretty perfect.

Today I shared a conversation with my brother, a pizza and salad with Fettit, laughter and conversation with friends and kisses from Noelle. I say today is a keeper!

I sure hope someone doesn’t piss me off before I go to bed!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

LOL..I hope nobody pissed you off either!

J. said...

i miss times like that with friends. hang on tight...i think when you get a certain age everyone lets all the petty bs out the window so it makes everything better...
glad you had a great day!

Kim said...

Chris-Found you thru the Rosie forum. Thanks again for your comment.

M and I started reading your blog yesterday and I just finished up at work. We're so jealous of your trip in July. Sounds and looks like a great time. We look forward to seeing more of those pics. Your family is beautiful and I love the older pics.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and we look forward to getting to know you more.

Kim & M