Friday, February 27, 2009


Recently I realized I have been completely neglecting this place of mine - shying away from it. It hasn't been just here that I have neglected, I have also not been returning emails. I currently have 35 read and saved emails - all waiting for a response.

Today I received notice that I need to renew the hosting fee for my website. I purchased the name in late March 2007 but don't think I started designing it until late summer. It seems like a lifetime ago and I now need to decide to renew or let it go.

I can't see myself letting it go but with the down-turn in the economy and the medical bills I have amassed it may be time to say good-bye.

Interestingly enough, I don't even know if anyone frequents the website or this blog any longer. I used to be so into all of it but once Hillary failed to get the Democratic nomination for President of the United States and my little medical episode I guess I briefly lost my passion for politics and started focusing on other things.

That does not hold as true today.

I love our new president and am truly proud to be an American again. I don't feel the need to apologize to every foreigner I encounter as I did the past eight years. (I need to write about our president soon)

..and although this is not going to be a political rant, more of a personal one as you can tell from the photo of my Noelle, I have just one question for these tight- ass, white republican stiffs....

Why weren't you screaming about mortgaging our grandchildrens' futures when it came to wasting 1 trillion dollars funding the occupation of Iraq?

Throwing our money away to kill innocent people and devastate a country that never did us harm, as well as scores of damaged America families who lost loved ones is fine with you money-grubbing assholes because it makes you and your friends rich and richer, but God forbid we spend money on the people of the United States.

Someone needs to stand up and call out these greedy fuckers. Do something for Americans FIRST...

Okay.. I will get off my soap box.

This weekend Michelle and Jon are moving so Fettit and I will have the grandchildren. Noelle will spend the night but Christopher is still too young.

I put Noelle's photo up just because I thought it was so adorable. She grabbed the wigs off the patio table the other night and put it on, with Fettit's help, and I couldn't help but take her picture. Fettit was in the photo but I cropped him out... he isn't as cute as she is.

That's is it for now kids..Oh.. one more thing....

We held our 1st Annual Academy Awards Gown party this past Sunday and it was a blast. I have some photo's I will post, but more importantly, I took video of the arrivals on the red carpet. Once I look at the video, I am hoping to post some of it here so you can share it the craziness.

Goodnight all!


Liz1971 said...

hey, you know, sometimes real life and real priorities get in the way of blogging! but glad you are back. sooo right about the money grubbing republicans--blech! love the pic of your beautiful noelle! the gown party sounds like a blast!

as always, i love how you love life! xo

MaryB said...

Chris, loved the video!! My first time on your site (Can you believe it). Was always too busy (When I was working) and then I just forgot about it...until James told me to check out the video. I can't wait to tell all the Motor City Lesbians to check it out. They will crack up. (Loved all the pics that you have up were one handsome dude (Still are))!! Love ya