Monday, May 30, 2016


Tomorrow is going to be a magical day. I can feel it in my bones... literally.
I am spending the entire day at Mayo Hospital getting poked, injected, photographed and studied, and later in the afternoon, I am planning on my doctor delivering some good news. I don't think I have unrealistic expectations and I don't have my head in the sand, but I have been feeling so good the past couple of weeks.  
If I hadn't been told there is a battle going on inside of me, I wouldn't know it.
I remember feeling fairly good a few weeks after undergoing chemotherapy last spring, but don't recall feeling quite this good.
It has been 17 days since my third and final Provenge infusion, and I had been a little skeptical about doing this procedure so soon after chemotherapy. More disappointed I guess. After all, I finished chemo only ten months previously, and I was initially told it should help me for a few years. I was thinking three to five years, not 10 months.
But now that I have endured the tedious, and sometimes painful, four hour blood draws, followed three days later by bone chilling re-infusion, I am feeling more like my old self.  While I may not be able to run a marathon, but I probably couldn't at 25 years old either, I am ready to conquer Yellowstone, Grand Teton, and Glacier National Parks. We leave in 30 days.
Too be continued.....

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