Sunday, February 3, 2008


My friend Scott at asked me to write a guest article for his site explaining why I support Hillary. I thought I would post it here as well even though it will be seen by many more people on his site than mine....

I have been a supporter, vocally and financially, of Hillary Clinton’s since the day I first saw her with her husband, then Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton. Prior to the 1992 election I had never heard of either of then, but once I heard them speak, together and separately, I knew I was listening to a new generation of politicians.

In 1992, after having grown-up in the 1960s and having experienced all that goes with that, both Bill and Hillary brought something new to the political arena. Their passion and belief that government could change, and change for the better, was rooted in the ideals of the 1960s.

When the country elected Bill Clinton President of the United States in 1992, we were unconsciously voting for Hillary as well.

It was instantly acknowledged that Hillary Clinton’s intellect was equal or superior to that of her husband’s. She was already an accomplished lawyer, business woman and community activist. She was smart, strong and had a complete sense of herself – an identity outside that of her husband’s.

She was a new genre of First Lady. She wasn’t a classic beauty with an arm-length long pedigree like Jacqueline Kennedy, nor was she the grandmotherly Bess Truman and she certainly wasn’t matronly Barbara Bush. Accomplished and outspoken, she was a partner in the presidency.

Since that time my support for Hillary has never wavered. For me, she is without peer. It excites me that she is the first serious female candidate (no offense Shirley C) with a shot at winning the presidency, but more importantly that she is one of the smartest, most experienced, and fair-minded candidates ever.

Fashions and seasons may change, but the conscripts who authored our constitution were purposeful in our government’s design. They, unlike our current president, understood that negotiation and concession were essential and key to our form of government and so does Hillary Clinton. She is a practical politician who realizes the need to stand firm for what she believes, but pairs it with the understanding that sometimes there is a need for compromise.

Hillary also understands, unlike the current president, the importance of relationship building, both abroad and at home. She is well respected and admired by the leaders of countries around the globe, and has many admirers among her Republican counterparts.

Today while contemplating writing this I remembered that several Republican senators have given Hillary high praise over the past few years. One such Republican was none other than Arizona’s war-hero Senator John McCain, who very well may be her opposition in the November election.

During an appearance on “Meet the Press” on February 20, 2005, John McCain was asked his thoughts on a Hillary presidency and he said, “I am sure that Senator Clinton would make a good president.” Although he made it clear he would be supporting the Republican candidate, he reiterated, “I have no doubt that Senator Clinton would make a good candidate.”

Additionally, Tom Cole was the (Republican) House Majority Whip in April 2005 when he told the National Journal that “She (Hillary) projects strength and the capacity to run the country, to pick smart people, to know when to compromise. Those are things that the last few years have proven to me she can do. I don’t see any of our guys who could beat her…..”

That gives me hope that other Republicans can see the promise of a Hillary presidency. As a person who rarely votes for my personal interests, I have to hope there are others who vote for what is best for the country.

As trite as it may sound, I vote for people.

I vote for those who don’t understand, or were never shown, their significance in the process. I vote so the uneducated may someday learn their potential. I vote so no child goes to bed hungry. I vote so senior citizens do not have to choose between medical prescriptions and food.

I vote for the factory worker who works for 30 years and then loses his pension as the company relocates overseas. I vote for the veteran whose life was torn apart by the separation from his family as he served his country in an ill-conceived war and then returned home with a mutilated body and splintered soul. I vote so that in 25 years my great-grandchildren will be able to breathe clean air and drink clean water.

During the past eight years we have endured a moral and spiritual depression where opportunity and serenity were overthrown by a furtive, omnipotent, hypocritical, greedy dictatorship and due to that greed we have the largest division of wealth this country has ever experienced. Few people could handle the challenges that face our country but I believe Hillary can, and will, put us back of track economically.

I trust she will restore our place in the world community. She is uniquely qualified as she has known many of the world leaders for upwards of 16 years. She understands the complexity of these relationships and she has the maturity to know we cannot accomplish anything globally without the support of other countries.

Although Hillary stands on her own merits and will be the ultimate decision maker, I believe in the extension of the Clinton legacy, and I look forward to celebrating the repudiation of the mega-wealthy and returning this country to the middle class, and giving every American the opportunity of reaching their full potential.

I genuinely hope people listen to Hillary’s position on the issues, instead of listening to the pundits, and if they do they will discover what I have known all along…Hillary is the smartest and most qualified for the job.



Neicey said...

God!! you can write my Friend...I am praying for her to win too!!
You've been kind of lax in your 'bloggin' whorin' haven't you!
Off topic..I just got soooo excited about NYC...did you get your flight?
How are the puppies doing? How's work going?..give us some stories...I miss you!!

Mom G said...

have I told you lately that I love YOU????

Michele said...

I can't wait to go back to the future! :)

Anonymous said...

Bravo Little Brother!!

Scott-O-Rama said...

Thanks for the great piece. I just made it live on my site. I would have done that earlier, but... well...

Palestar said...

i want to see obama and hillary walk that road into the white house together.

to me there is just one race and is time for the human race to have a say in this wonderful country - and yes i feel as if a different species has been in "power" as it were. No more…!

it is time to step up and celebrate our differences- whatever has happened - it is time for healing and forgiving - go forward into the rainbow future that can be- must be - i am speaking of our rainbow culture of differences – no matter what those differences may be - we are children of god - we love - we err - we forgive - we can be the change we want the world to be [ghandi] - i do/try not procrastinate more - i have learned to just say it - i worry not about trusting people - i trust myself and my heart will tell me what is right or wrong. it is right for the growth of this nation/the world for us to make our selves heard by taking them [hillary and obama] in to their/our future as president and vice president.

So as you can tell – I agree with you – chris – you are one guy I will walk into the future with as my friend – blessings to you and yours – my daughter grace will say but mom – I will say – baby girl it is alright – chris knows what to say and how to make things alright again – he is my kind of pied piper. …and so it goes.

Palestar said...

seems i have stopped the commenting on this - sorry.

stay safe and well -

walk in beauty... palestar

mom g said...

Hope you saw it, but just in case
I just saw it!!!!