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I am lifting this for I hope she doesn't mind... I am crediting her, so why would she, right? Or more like it, she won't even know.

Besides being a wonderful singer/actress she is a thinker. There is so much going on in this country and world and most of us are oblivious; too busy working and following our mundane life's journey.

Please read:

I was late to lunch. Having gone round and round in midtown traffic, I was in desperate search of a parking structure near La Grenouille on 52nd street. I was (illegally) talking on my cell phone whining about this high-class dilemma to a Los Angeles based friend, who tried to offer help by proclaiming “They must have valet parking!” It gave me pause; would La Grenouille even open the door to my 1993 Volvo station wagon, let alone park it? Eventually I stumbled upon an underground lot a block away, and arrived forty-five minutes late; an actor, starving, in hopes of at this point, a mere cup of coffee to relieve my pounding head.

I was seated next to my dear friend Dina Merrill, who’s husband Ted Hartley had invited me to this occasion. I first met Dina 32 years ago working in a Broadway play called “Angel Street” in which she was the Star. Those heady days left such fond memories for me. I was planting my feet on a Broadway stage for the first time in my life…a dream fulfilled, and it was “Angel Street” that got me my Equity union card. (The Producer Shepard Traube purchased it for me for $300.00) Because my professional theatrical experience was nil, the publicist, exercising creative license, filled my Playbill bio with credits like “She was a child prodigy on the violin.” My time in that play was brief, and it was particularly humbling to me because it was book-ended by my job as a waitress at the now defunct Lion’s Rock restaurant on East 77th street. Lion’s Rock, Broadway Stage, Lion’s Rock. I was thrilled to work with Dina, and I’m grateful that we are friends in this giant theatrical family.

Seated to the right of me was a familiar looking gentleman I recognized from a dinner party at Dina and Ted’s home last summer in East Hampton. Dina, always the Queen of graciousness, introduced me to everyone at the table, and in true actor’s form, I was thrilled that in spite of my tardiness, I was just in time for the meal.

As the endive and pear salad was put before me, I began chatting with the handsome man “on the right”. He told me that he had just come from attending a Barack Obama hullabaloo at Cooper Union. He noted that it was at Cooper Union where Illinois’ own Abraham Lincoln had spoken, and now Barack was Illinois’ own.(Of course my barking ego hammered; am I Illinois’ own too, being an entertainer from Winnetka?) He went on to say how he was impressed by Barack’s economic strategy. He thought that the presidential candidate showed true leadership and if he did become President, he would with great resolve deliver us from the dire economic mess we’re currently in. Matching his enthusiasm, I asked, “Well, did he propose abolishing the Federal Reserve and their stalwart collection agency, the IRS?” After a mutual chuckle,(well, I chuckled, he sort of half- smiled) I went on to proclaim that it was the very same Abraham Lincoln who declared that only the Government should issue Legal Tender, matched in Gold and Silver from its treasury. It was never the intention of our founding Fathers to borrow money with interest from a Private Banking Cartel like the Federal Reserve. I went on to say that this Central Bank that controls and manipulates the market, keeps printing more money which drives up inflation, and since we got rid of the gold standard in ‘71 we might as well start using the colorful paper from our Monopoly game to see how far that gets us, since the current value of the dollar and the money in the Parker Brother’s game are just about equal.

It was at this point I remembered who it was I was talking to. The “man on the right” was none other than Bill Donaldson, former Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission appointed by George W. Bush in 2003, after the previous Chairman left under a cloud. Prior to that, at one point in his illustrious career, Bill was even Chairman of the New York Stock Exchange,(the rest of his impressive resume, I would find out after lunch when I was free to Google him). A revelation of this stature prompted me to qualify my prior speech about the value of the dollar by placing my hand on his shoulder and proclaiming, “But you know that!”

The day before, when the news broke that Brad Pitt was related to Barack Obama, I decided to do a little digging and connect the dots of my own family’s history. The Ebersole’s claim to fame through the bloodline on my father’s side was a man named Elihu Root, a Nobel Prize winning Lawyer and Statesman, who worked as Secretary of State and Secretary of War under McKinley and Teddy Roosevelt. (My grandfather’s name was Amos Root Ebersole…I figured we were the poor relations, as the Root/Ebersoles I knew of were German Mennonite farmers from Pennsylvania) I brought this bit of news up to Bill, partly because Elihu Root defended the 16th amendment,(the Federal tax) and he was a New York senator when a few powerful Wall Street Financiers, Bankers and Government big wigs created the Federal Reserve in 1913. “The sixteenth amendment was never ratified!” I chimed, “the Federal tax is un-constitutional! …but you know that! (He knew of Elihu Root, but didn’t know that the ratifying of the 16th amendment was unofficially fraudulent.)

Genealogical sidebar aside, Barack remained on the front burner of our discussion. Like the cat out of the bag, or a horse out of the barn, my political passion ensued with engine speed. I went on to say that Barack, as charismatic and articulate as he appeared, was essentially bought and sold. Like every presidential candidate Democrat or Republican, with the exception of the marginalized Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel, Barack Obama has a powerful connection with the Council on Foreign Relations. Even though this private, organization states that it is non-partisan, and “dedicated to improving the understanding of U.S. foreign policy and international affairs through the free and civil exchange of ideas”, behind the curtain of this secret group is the CFR’s loyalty to the New World Order, or one World Government, run by (its primary allegiance) a Central World Bank. George H.W.”Poppy” Bush, talked about the New World Order on September 11, 1991(you-tube, look it up)shortly after the Bush family was implicated in the Savings and Loan scandal that cost the taxpayers 1.4 trillion dollars. Bill Clinton talked about the New World Order during his Presidency, and Barack Obama talked about it in 2007 in a speech in Chicago. Obama’s biggest supporter is Zbigniew Brzezinski, one of the architects of the Trilateral Commission, and a member of The Council on Foreign Relations. In his pursuit of US-UK World domination, Brzezinski knows that Obama will give a face-lift to US Imperialism, as we move stealth-like, to an increasingly debt ridden world of servitude. “You don’t need Armies and tanks”, I chirped, “all you need is debt. Debt is slavery!”

The Council on Foreign Relations‘ commitment to this Central Bank and its increasing power in the reordering of the world’s economy, spells the end of United States Sovereignty. We are joining with Canada and Mexico to form the North American Union, the dollar will be replaced by the “amero”, and we have the “Real ID” merrily headed our way under the banner of “security and safety”.

At this point Mr. Donaldson looked at me and simply stated, ” Your thoughts are mind-boggling!”. As we both laughed, I felt a strange silent acknowledgement of the inevitable; all I could repeat was the mantra to this former Government/Wall street Titan; “You know that!”. His mantra perhaps, though silent; “how does an entertainer formulate these thoughts?” Instead he pleaded, “I wish I could convince you otherwise!” I carried on, chastising the main stream media for being the biggest culprits in perpetuating this illusion of democracy, and keeping everyone distracted with the latest Brittany Spears escapade (talk about Lamb of God) as the American people along with our shriveling dollars are being sold down the river. By this time, we both had finished the first and second courses, and dodging the assorted glasses of red and white wine in front of me, I drank from the water goblet in the back.

I reassured Mr. Donaldson that even though it was the ending of America and our civil liberties, the dollar and the Constitution, our Sovereignty and our individual freedom, I said I was going to be all right, for I was sensing the information I was disseminating was causing concern to this kind man, like a father worried for one of his own. He asked me how I knew I was going to be alright and I said, “Because I’m not afraid of who I am. I ask myself ‘What Would Toto Do?’ While everyone was shaking in their boots at the great and powerful Oz, Toto was merely parting the curtain, and while we all stand shaking in our boots at the most corrupt and secretive Un-American administration in our nation’s history, looking for a Messiah to deliver us from our foreign, domestic and economic evils, remember, it is the metaphoric Toto in all of us, the recognition of our innate curiosity and goodness; not afraid of Truth, not afraid of our Light; this alignment with our Divinity is a mighty force that is our ultimate Savior.

This economic and spiritual communion took place while dining on a sumptuous meal at one of the finest French (is it o.k. that I mentioned French?) restaurants in New York City. We wound down the lively (pretty much one-sided) conversation by mentioning the delicious food, the glorious dessert and bold coffee along with expressing our gratitude and the merits of being Dina and Ted’s friends. As we were getting up to leave, one of the guests mentioned that she and her husband were late getting into the city, as they had just flown in from Chicago, and arrived at the airport forty five minutes prior to the start of the luncheon.(around the same time I was circling La Grenouille in my ‘93 station wagon). In an attempt to commiserate with her dilemma I piped in with “I hear they cancelled a lot of flights due to the weather ” She replied, “Oh no, we flew in a private plane.” To cover the tracks of my ignorance in social hierarchy I quickly retorted with ” Well thank God for that!”

I said my goodbyes to everyone after taking pictures with other guests who hailed from Libertyville IL. (I just finished a pilot for Lifetime of the same name and thought perhaps the photographing of this coincidence would ensure its pickup) In my final farewells to Bill and his lovely wife Jane, I thanked Bill for allowing me to share my thoughts with him, as I was sure it was not something he expected at an Investor’s luncheon. He looked at me with concern, then smiled warmly and said “We have to talk!” (He probably was hoping next time he could get in a few more words. )

I drove back to Maplewood after stopping for aspirin at the Alexander Hamilton convenience stop on the 95, leaving behind an afternoon of rubbing shoulders with the rich and powerful at an exclusive New York restaurant. I decided to do more research on my famous relative, this time connecting bloodlines instead of shoulders, with the rich and powerful of yesterday.
Turns out Elihu Root was the founding Chairman of The Council on Foreign Relations. Its illustrious membership roster began more than 80 years ago with a man who ironically argued for three hours on the Senate floor against the Federal Reserve Act. It fell on deaf ears. This Republican Senator from New York, ahead of his time, warned against the reduction in bank reserves and alluded to the dollar crisis that would ensue, when inflation would drive foreigners to sell American securities (dollars). This well intentioned man, warning us of the dangers of the Federal Reserve, went on to establish a very powerful, private, group of which Barack Obama is a part of, that makes and shapes foreign and domestic policy without ever having to answer to the American People, faithful to establishing a One World Government, Global Elite Bankers, take all.

Curiosity and the internet, can be a fatal combination, when it comes to one’s need for sleep. Around 2 a.m. after hours of reading about my Nobel prize winning ancestor who tried to save the Union from the catastrophic consequences of the Federal Reserve, I went back to my Yahoo home page and as I was about to close the laptop and outen the light, I saw the headlines for the day. I was astounded.. another dot was being connected without even searching for it. It read “TREASURY’S PLAN WOULD GIVE THE FEDERAL RESERVE WIDE NEW POWER.” I thought about Barack Obama and Brad Pitt, and the lovely luncheon with waiters that spoke French and I thought of my ancestor Elihu Root. Thou my feelings were mixed on the accomplishments of this Republican Statesman, ,strangely all of this internet information had left me with a sense of hope and inspiration in spite of parting the curtain on the Truth of this World of unforgiving debt and its debtors. I thought of my ole’ pal Jesus when he said,”You shall know the Truth, and the Truth will make you Free.” So to all the Power Elitists who would bark, “Let them eat cake!”, my motto is “Google!” Toto would agree.


palestar said...

I have nicked this and it now resides too on my site. thank you - i have a sneaky suspicion that christine does not mind at all - i have of course given you and christine full credit.

i have stopped being concerned about the election - and all the bull-shit surrounding it. the powers that be already know who the candidates will be... all the backstabbing and rhetoric going on it just bull-shit as per usual. have i mentioned lately how much i dislike politics and lies and meanness - there are some who do it because they can - because they think they are better than most others - in reality - they are simply ignorant children that will eventually be hoist by their own pitards- honour - truth - and respect will overcome in the end...

thank you dear heart - you are kindness personified.

Anonymous said...

Freaky bitch...LOVE actress sucking down shrimp cocktail with the elites.....WISH I WAS HER....and that voice...


Gpawilli said...

Paelstar -

Im there with you.... I am sick of politics right now. When we should be uniting... we are dividing.