Saturday, May 31, 2008

Wigs, Wine and Wilderness

Memeorial Day weekend started out as a nightmare.

After sitting on an airplane for far too long and waiting around LAX overnight I arrived in New York's JFK airport 15 hours late.  I took a car over to Matt's apartment and then we drove north to Woodstock to celebrate Dean's 40th birthday. 

Trying to get back to Phoenix was just as eventful.

Wigs, Wine and Winderness - Wonderful


Liz1971 said...

loved it, chris! looked like you had a fantastic time (minus the hellish trip to and from!)!!

palestar said...

chris - was a crazy wonderful weekend you had - thanks for sharing. your friends are fantastik and all of you have great senses of humour. will watch again. a few times. wigs and all - outrageous fun...

i am reminded how blessed you all are to have one another - jeez - hmm you know - i did not have a 40th - 50th - or a 60th birthday party - i am going backward now - so when i get back to 50 - i will hire you to throw a party for me. gazooks do i have a list of folks i'd love to see. less then one might think - but if you an jim are there it would be kinda neat - maybe. don't worry just dreamin' and kidding around. thanks for sharing...

loving dennis de young - styz.

rest well and be safe. blessings... palestar

my e-mail is down - right now - will send you one soon. ;o)

Patty B said...

Chris, Thanks for sharing another fun viddy!! I could almost hear your laugh through the photos..........Wigs, Wine, and Wilderness...looks like it was a good combination.

Bobby said...


FABULOUS TIME, and yes minus the trip details; the overall experience had to be the highlight of the whole trip. Looked like a lot of fun. People need to do more themed get togethers!!! Maybe we should all rent a home in the hamptons? LOL

Missing you, and loved seeing MATT again!!


Jenice said...

I just want to ask one thing...
When are you coming to Dallas?!

Anonymous said...

more like,
"fun friends are family forever"!!

JoeyfromVA said...

OMG that looked like a blast Chris!! Those blonde wigs were fabulous! lol

I wanna party with you and your friends!

tammy said...

hey Chrissy the viddy!!looks like you had a blast!!!!!
luv ya!