Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Forty-eight hours until surgery and I am lying flat on my back with Vick's spread all over my chest and neck and stuffed in my nose. This is not a good sign.

I woke up yesterday morning with a tickle in my throat and it has progressed. At work today I was sneezing so much that a coworker surprised me by running to the store to get me a box of Kleenex and a half gallon on orange juice. She felt bad because she thinks she gave it to me.

I'm not sure.

I don't really feel bad but its in my nose and moving ever so slowly down to my chest. I am sure that isn't a good sign - just before surgery.

I called the surgeon's office and left a message to see how it effects my surgery - if it does at all. I have yet to get a call back.

I have been asked a few times lately if I am nervous and the truth is I haven't had one nervous thought. Perhaps I am living in denial as to the severity of the situation but I have never lived on what ifs and whys.

The fact is I have colon cancer. So what? I'm relatively young and in good health until I am told otherwise, and even then I doubt that it will have much effect on how I live my life.

As I have said all along, this is a bump in the road. I have been fortunate not to have had many major bumps up to this point. Others endure so much more than I have that I can't feel sorry for myself.

People live each day not knowing where they will find their next meal or where they are going to sleep. Some don't know the love and support I do and walk through life alone.

I am constantly reminded that I am surrounded by the love of my family and friends.


Thursday afternoon is going to come and go and I am going to wake up in the recovery room and scream my head off for morphine. Give me that damn drip and make it drip often. To all those reading that will be visiting me in the hospital, I am instructing you now - I expect you to automatically hit the morphine drip button for me when you walk in the door. No need to kiss me and hug me - just hit the f-ing morphine drip button. It will make me much happier to see you.

I am a big baby when it comes to pain and I don't even know what pain is - other than when I broke my arm in three places running down the sidewalk in New York City after a night of over indulging. Even that pain I don't remember now but I do recall waking up in the morning crying like a baby.

I am warning everyone right now - expect that I am a wimp. Hell, I bitch about the pain from my feet. Its a damn good thing I cant get pregnant because I wouldn't handle it so well. It definitely would not be pretty.

Oh - and if anyone really wants to make points - bring me a damn margarita. That will help with the pain too, and the DTs. On second thought, maybe that isn't such a good idea.


Liz1971 said...

i hope you feel better and that whatever you have doesn't interfere w/ thursday! xo

Sparroweye said...

I gave my son Turmeric when he was coming down with a sore throat, cold. He said the taste was so bad that it scared the cold away. I don't know. I use it, right from the grocery store spice rack. It works for me. Knocks a cold right out. Tastes awful. good in food but not straight. The doctor will decide.

palestar said...

echinacea and golden seal in juice helps as a natural anti-biotic.

jim bringing margaritas - i just want the damn bloody thing out of ya. you sure as hell don't need it...

sore throat zinc lozenges - vitamin c - oh hell we all need it gone specially you - soon baby soon it will be out like the damn spot.

we all will be sending you love and light and prayers that neva hurts... ((((chris))))

rock 'n roll - take care.

walk in love, peace and beauty...palestar

Anonymous said...

Chris...I'll keep an eye on your ore while you're recovering.....

We can celebrate together when your drip stops....I'm thinking a youtube margarita party......LOL

Anonymous~~~ ;)

Matty M said...

He made it through surgery...just so everyone knows...still knocked out though...just realized he has to accept this posting so you may never see it...


Sparroweye said...

Hope you got over the tickle. Tumeric worked for me the other day as I think something from these medical visits was trying to jump on me. Now I am having meltdowns, after effects and crying jags. I am the worst patient. I am a good caregiver, bad patient.

cannylass, aka Andrea_44 said...

Geez I should have read this earlier Chris, but you've already been given the good advice about stuff to take for the cold anyway, and I hope you got over it before the surgery!
Now it's Saturday and I just read on Flickr rbloggers that the surgery went well. I hope that morphine drip is working well! I wish you could have the Margarita's too!

Thinking of you!
Gentle hugs,
Andrea in Canada

palestar said...

chris you are home and doing well last i heard...

got you out of there before you started to punch someone out. not like you really would. uh huh!

be gentle with yourself - sitting in the sun reading magazines as in the hospital good idea - better to be doing it at home. nice too no dinging nosy machines at home - me thinks.

thank goodness for jim he will make sure that you eat well and relax - i am sure you will find something to do to have fun. margaritas in moderation - hee hee.

keep healing - keep smiling - be safe and well. talk at you soon. blessings...palestar

Anonymous said...

sending all my love hugs and butterfly kisses from maine

palestar said...

thinking of you...

Sparroweye said...

Thinking of you Chris. Hang in there. Hugs

Sparroweye said...

Get your i.v. drip for that turkey and dressing. Get better Chris. I can sympathize. I get pet scan next Tuesday, maybe some molars pulled and then probably radiation treatment for my throat cancer that is now gone. Nothing makes much sense in this world. Except that we need you in it.

palestar said...

hope you and yours are having a lovely peaceful and delicious thanksgiving. stay safe and well.

chris hope you are feeling much better and energetic.

walk in love and beauty...palestar

Jenice said...

We all love you.