Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Party 2008 - Thrilling

This past Friday, October 24th, with friends and family from near and far in attendance, we held our 4th Annual Halloween Party.

My brother Kevin and his partner Brad (Craig) came from Michigan with his crazy sisters and their friends. East coast friends Matt, Dean and Rol came for the weekend as well as my friend Joe Joe from Fort Lauderdale. They were joined by our local family and friends.

It was fun to forget about all of my recent health issues and just laugh and have a good time.

Fettit enjoyed his Dame Edna costume so much he repeated it last night to hand out candy.

The next night several of us went to a club is Scottsdale to continue the celebrating. Those photos come near the end of the clip.



Liz1971 said...

what fun!! loved the 'miss ice hole' costume! thinking of you, chris..xo

palestar said...

wish i had been there - happy that you all had such a good time.

matty and his frieda kahlo unibrow what a hoot . i love how you all love to have fun.

thanks for sharing. be safe and well everyone.


Anonymous said...


palestar said...

good news sam is married!!! rosie's friend

Anonymous said...

started at the top to lighten my Heart..I flickr mailed you my love