Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Okay - So tonight while reading Rosie's "Ask Rosie," someone mentioned Jane Fonda's blog. Naturally, I had to pop in to see what it was all about - American Idol had just ended and 9pm was way too early to go to bed - and I ended up reading several of her entries.

Jane Fonda has a real live f-ing Blog.

She talks about her causes, day-to-day life, her family, and return to the Broadway stage after (I believe) 46 years in "33 Variation" where she has received glowing reviews.

I've always been an admirer, and have enjoyed her in every film I have seen her in, but because, well, you know... her hey-day was Barbra's hey-day and I could only have eyes for one STAR at a time; however, I have always admired her convictions, intelligence, talent, and Christ, her beauty. The woman is still such a knock out!

So I went to Jane's website and I think I may be addicted.

I like her common sense approach to writing - she drew me in with her writing - even something as pedestrian as her trip to Starbucks for a bagel (as I recall she forgot her money and had to return home - but they were out of bagels anyway).

Perhaps it was the photo of Jane and Dolly Parton - I love a good reunion!!!

Oh, if only Barbra would blog. She could do duet blogs with say, Neil Diamond or Donna Summer - and if she has to, Barry Gibb. How fun would that be - or maybe she could teach current singers how to sing instead of lip sync (Madonna and Britney can you hear me).

Okay - Enough is Enough - back to Jane.

The link for Jane's site is (could it be any simpler). Take a look, it's a pleasing slice of an American Icon's life.

Thanks Jane... I will be visiting way too often and will be adding the site to my blogroll!

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Jyl said...

i'm going to check it out! i love how you write...hope all is well!