Thursday, March 26, 2009


When I first read about Tammy Bruce’s tirade against the First Lady of the United States - referring to her as trash - I thought, “just another boney, ultra-conservative right-winger trying to make a name for herself,” however, I was only partially right, and I was surprised to find that I may have a connection to her.

Like 99% of the country, I had never heard of Tammy Bruce prior to her headline grabbing diatribe against Michelle Obama, so I “googled” her name and read articles about her and watched her on a few “so called” news shows.

On her website (I won’t advertise her website by giving the URL) it shows a photograph of her and I upon first seeing it I was dumbstruck - Tammy Bruce bears a striking resemblance to my former sister-in-law.

Yeah, her teeth may be straighter, the girth of her nose may have been neatly trimmed and she may now be a rabid lesbian, but she is my brother’s former bride. Interest piqued, I had to do some further investigation.

I learned that “Tammy” was born in California in 1962 and is a gun-loving, pro-choicer, who changed political parties back in the 1990s. Except for the birth year, it sounds like her.

She may have stretched the truth regarding the year she was born, but lying came naturally to her and her clan, and if my memory serves me correctly, her family did have a personal affinity for firearms, name calling, fighting and abortion as their only form of birth control.

Their other passion was pasta.

Coincidence – I think not!

They loved picking fights and threatening others with their guns. They did not care who it was. No one was off limit, not even family.

Hell, as we were moving out of town, I distinctly remember “Tammy’s” brother driving by our house waving a gun in the air, threatening us, and she and her toddler daughter were with us.

I got along fine with “Tammy,” although she may not have been the warmest woman in the world, but it was not her fault. She was raised by a woman who did not have an ounce of conscious or compassion. When they moved from Tucson, Arizona to Denver, CO, her mother took the beloved family poodle to the groomers and purposely left it there as they drove out of town.

Sounds like the same folk. The more I read, the more I am certain “Tammy” is the ISM’s ex-wife.

As I now stare at the picture of Tammy Bruce, I can’t be 100% certain she is my brother’s ex-wife, after all I haven’t seen her in over 25 years, but the similarities are just too much of a coincidence - they both are from California, mean spirited, gun-sporting, abortion lovers who lack compassion and like to pick fights. The odds are in my favor - Tammy Bruce must be my former sister in-law.

Did I mention the family was trash?

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