Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I saw this on AOL tonight and then saw that my friend Matt posted it on Facebook, but I had to include it - It IS Rant-worthy.

This is a clip from "Britain's Got Talent" and the contestant, Susan Boyle, is a frumpy 47 year old woman who lives alone with her cat and has never been kissed. When Simon Cowell asked who she would like to be as successful as, she answered Elaine Paige (a famous musical theater star in Britain) and no one was biting, that is until she opened her mouth.

Isn't it a pleasant surprise when a cynical public is blown away and shamed for judging a book by it's cover? If I hadn't read the article that accompanied the clip I would have judged this woman by her appearance and discounted her right from the start - just like the audience and the three judges did.

And weren't we all wrong?

I say congratulations Susan Boyle and I hope to see more clips.

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Anonymous said...

Just returned from London and this woman has taken the country by storm. For a moment all of Brittain is listening to her sing and forgetting that no one is working, the sun never shines and it really isnt important to go to the dentist!! Bravo Susan Boyle. ISM