Thursday, April 2, 2009


Today my mother entered the 21st Century. She turned in the keys to dial-up and upgraded to broadband.

Ten years ago we gifted my mother with her fist computer for Christmas. It was one of those cheap E-machines. Back in the time of dial-up, the no frills cheapo was perfect for her.

On her own, she learned the ins and outs of the the internet but her tutorial was stunted by her lack of high speed. That all changed today.

Today she got to come here and see what she has been missing for nearly two years - pictures and movies of my oh so exciting life - friends, family, Noelle and Christopher.

Welcome to the real internet world Wanda! Does this mean I have to watch my manners?



Jyl said...

no - i doubt you have to watch your manners! i bet your mom knows you pretty well! you're not the type to try and be a people pleaser by being something your not! just sayin' miss you!

Your Mommy said...

I bet your friends thought you were hatched. Thanks for bringing me into your world. It is worth everything to get to hear my drunk son sing, and share his life with the world. I love you and your brothers for starting me onto this life of internet. You know I love it and you!!! But I am sure Kevin will claim he is my favorite. Couldn't you have found a better pic of your beautiful Mom? I look bored with the world, and that sure isn't the case.

Scott said...

If you stopped minding your manners on your blog, I'd stop reading. I love you for your outspokenness!