Sunday, May 31, 2009


It is so much easier to just steal things off the internet then to come up with an original idea and yesterday I started a piece for inclusion here and still have not finished it so when I found this I thought it was worthy...ha - like anything I put on here is ever worthy.... and worthy of what anyway?

I originally saw a small clip of Ellen Degeneres' Tulane commencement speech and found it so funny I went to Youtube to see if there was more. As luck would have it, there was, and what I discovered was nearly all of the funny parts were in the beginning but what she had to say after the jokes was touching (co-mingled with some comedy).

Its rather long at nearly 10 minutes but I think it is worth the time.

Oh.. and I really am working on an original piece having to do with my upcoming vacation....


Palestar said...

going on a cruise are ya? have fun kiddo... ;-)

Gpawilli said...

No cruise.....

Fettit and I are meeting Matt and two other friends in Boston and then going over to Provincetown for a week or fun.

I've been A LOT but Fettit has never been... so it should be fun!

I got us 1st class tickets to and from Boston so we are going IN STYLE... haha

Leaving Phx on July 3rd and returning on the 11th!

palestar said...

whoo hoo! have fun - good ole p-town, eh? i am sure jim with enjoy it - he deserves it too. ;)