Thursday, June 4, 2009


A slew of my friends posted this on Facebook, so of course they will have no need to watch it here, but I think it is hilarious....and so sacrilegious that I had to post it.

Ironically near the end as she is recapping I thought to myself this is just like "The Twelve Days of Christmas" and right then guess what tune started to play? YEP!!!

Get yer head outta yer asses people...Against Gay Marriage? Don't marry a gay!!!!


palestar said...

Okay - IMHO - none of this crap should focus on or call it "gay" marriage - simple indeed. Against it then if you are a woman don't marry a woman - or a man do not marry a man. Other wise it is none of your god damn business.

Anti-"Gay marriage" is just a lie designed to take away the fundamental rights of many people. It is designed to make this country a "religious" country not unlike Iran or Iraq. Really! Think about it!

We have always been a secular government - meaning that everyone can worship as they choose or not. We have separation of church and state. By making "gays" the focus Catholics and Mormons together with fear and outright LIES have turned California into a religious state. Again it is bloody well not - bottom line about "gays" getting married - it is about assholes thinking they are better than anyone else and wanting to control by taking away fundamental rights of all - by naming it anti-gay marriage and the stupidity of their lies – so far – they think they have managed to well along with their so called governor – OY – they think they have been successful.

Perhaps our primary focus should be on getting the tax-exempt status revoked from all religious organizations – and being bloody careful on the politicians we support or vote for. Other states are moving forward – they should be respected for that – but important to keep and eye and an ear open for devious idiots to try and spread their lies.

I ramble perhaps but sometimes we all need to rant. Sometimes ya just gotta...

palestar said...

yes i posted it too and another about prayer - they just tell it like it is... ;-) Funny but it puts thing into perspective doesn't it?