Saturday, June 6, 2009


Last night I had a dream about my upcoming trip to Provincetown, MA. I guess you could say I am excited.

In the dream we arrived in town (a town that was much bigger then the actual Ptown) and were greeted by Richfield, Minnesota's most famous resident, Miss Richfield 1981. We spent the entire day walking the streets, stopping in random stores and bars, while Miss Richfield gave us a glimpse into her world of international fame, and shared her dreams of building a comedy palace that she envisioned herself performing in nightly.

(This Photo of the gang and Miss Richfield 1981 was taken three years ago during my last Ptown vacation)

The next day while sitting in a coffee shop talking with friends, a thin and not completely unattractive friend of friend (I have no idea who he was) asked me what I ate. Not understanding, I asked what he meant. Looking at my mid-section he said, "Do you eat pies and cakes or do you eat salads?" As I started to reply my attention was diverted as a cute, young man with tossled brown hair hanging in his eyes, and a tattooed map of Scandinavia (with green letters - NOR - in the middle) on his left bicep started to walk by me. He stopped, gave me a smile and started up a conversation. I told him I hadn't taken a shower since the day before and for some reason that drew him closer and with an even wider smile he started caressing my face and massaging my neck.

Then I woke up - but what does it all mean?

Last night, while watching baseball (and The Young and The Restless)on television, I was perusing Youtube for Ptown videos. Trying to get Fettit as excited as I am about our upcoming adventure, I showed him several videos of Miss Richfield and Ptown.

The acquaintance asking what I eat - I think that is about my self-consciousness about my weight and what I ate the day before. However, in my defense, I have lost 25 pounds (it was 30 but I have played with five pounds over the past year) - and we have been trying to eat more healthy again prior to our trip.

Yesterday I didn't do myself any favors.

For breakfast I had an everything bagel with garden veggie cream cheese - a no no. At lunch I had three rolled chicken taquitos with guacamole and cheese -another no no, and when I got home I was peckish so I had about 20 Pepperidge Farms crackers - no no trifecta. To make matters worse, for dinner Fettit made beef stroganoff.

Okay - so yesterday was a frickin fat and carb-fest and subconsciously I am disgusted with myself for all the crap I ate.

Eating all that dough is not going to help me fit into the new bathing suit I bought for the trip, and I don't want to have to wear a jilbab to the beach to conceal any new found girth.

When I first started going to Ptown, 12 years ago, part of the routine was to go the beach, but as the years passed, and the pounds started piling on, I kept my distance. This year, feeling better about my ol body, I have been planning to make a return to the beach and am determined feel good about my body.

As for the good-looking young man with the tattoo. I will have to think long and hard about that one, but I am sure it was just a dream within a dream!


palestar said...

relax sometimes a dream is just a dream. ;-)

Anonymous said...

YOu look perfect to me, of course, I am your Mother so, maybe I am alittle blind to any flaws my children may "think" they have. You looked good in February and probably still do. As for the young man, that is your wishful thinking or dreaming, just keep your eyes open when you are there. Love to my baby, Mommy