Sunday, November 22, 2009


I started to rate the individual performances from tonight's American Music Awards show on ABC, but found I was too tired, uninspired and unentertained to do so.

Instead I want to point out that I enjoyed the showmanship of the Adam Lambert finale and unlike all the nay sayers I have read on the internet in the past hour, I do not believe his career is over before it started.

Although I am not a fan of screamers, the boy is talented and self-possessed and I am fan just for those reasons and I hope he stays true to himself and his instincts.

My favorite performance of the evening belongs to my new favorite performer Lady Gaga.

A complete original, Lady Gaga blended song and dramatics for a performance that was theatrical, artistic, and entertaining unlike the those the lip syncers (Janet and J Lo). Did anyone see J-Ho fall on her overrated behind?

Below is Lady Gaga's performance at the show.

I just found Adam Lambert's adult rated performance and like the Lady Gaga video, the quality is crap, but it will give you an idea.

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