Monday, May 31, 2010


Fettit and I stopped by the Conforti-Wiley's earlier today on our way home from lunch and while there this commercial came on the television.

A toddler is all swagger and charm as he struts his chic down the sidewalk, capturing the attention of two beautiful sidewalk cafe diners and the nodding appreciation of a motor scooter rider. A slack-jawed pedophile (in a gray Pee Wee Herman suit) is so taken by the denim diaper wearing stud that he releases his balloons. (Okay, what the hell was JWT thinking - that part is beyond creepy.)

Other then that last part, I love this advertisement. It made me want to run out and buy jean diapers for my kids - then I remembered they are nearly 28 years old. They can buy their own!

My diaper is full
Full of Chic
When it's a number two
I look like number one
I poo in blue

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