Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Today I returned from work and found an email in my inbox. The subject line read "PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS." As I scrolled down the above picture was displayed and the text of the email read:

The scripture on the T-Shirt reads: Psalms 109:8 - If you look in your Bible it reads: "Let his days be few and let another take his office (or place of leadership)."

Please Black people - show them that you just don't buy and wear ANYTHING!

It was signed by Dr. Leslie Agard-Jones, Historic Paterson, NJ. This prompted me to look up the passage, as well as the supposed author (Dr. Agard-Jones), and that is what it says and Dr. Agard-Jones is the former Dean, College of Education, William Paterson University.

I initially found it a bit humorous that Dr Agard-Jones, a black man himself, addressed his statement to "black people." Perhaps he felt it necessary, but what disturbed me (yet didn't surprised me), was that a white sheet wearin red neck would be making such t-shirts. Is nothing beneath these cowardly racists. Perhaps it was the brain child of one of the neanderthal low-lifes that pass as Arizona state senators, you know, the ones that still want President Obama to hand them his birth certificate in order for him to be allowed on the ballot in 2012.


Patrick said...

Sad isn't it Chris?

Palestar said...

More than sad - this crap of attempting to destroy him began when the idiots realised they had lost the election! Along with many corporate heads went on a cruise and the plotting started.

To me all the lies they tell says more about them and their dark side then it tells about Barark Obama. We just have to stick together. I do pray for him - but I pray for the ass-wipes too. Yes I pray for their enlightenment...

Sending love and light to everyone... thanks Chris I may nike this post and let it travel to my sites... ;=)

Palestar said...

I did it Chris - jeez louise when are people gonna grow up!!!

Familythatcares said...

Thank you for sharing. Leslie is my childhood friends hubby and indeed at Wm.Patterson..you gotta be alright kid if you got a video of Barbra's one woman performance!!

Be well!