Sunday, March 23, 2008


Two years ago, during my brief residence in Fort Lauderdale, I went to Key West with my friend Antonio for the Easter weekend. We drove down on Friday and returned home on Sunday.

That Saturday was memorable because we were invited (and acepted) to visit Antonio's friends, Daniel and Tais, on their 153 foot luxury yacht, "Big Aron," which was anchored several hundred feet of the shore.

Antonio is Brazilian and knows Daniel and Tais from Rio de Janero, and his hometown of Port Alegre, Brazil.

I spent the entire glorious day chain smoking cigarettes, guzzling dom perignon (my guess is we went through at least two cases for maybe six people), grazing on delicious food, and trying to understand my new friends' Portuguese conversation.

For most of the day we were on the top deck - talking, laughing, eating and drinking, and then after a full tour of the yacht, we went down below to one of the lower level aft decks for lunch.

Lunch consisted of a green salad which was followed by a mouth watering lobster and shrimp, grilled to perfection.

Along with Daniel and Tais, there were two other couples on the yacht, including Adriana, a big Brazilian movie star who wore a barely there string bikini. There was also a staff of 10: the captain, Daniel's personal chef, four deck hands and 4 others who constantly circulated around us, refilling drinks, emptying ashtrays and bringing us food.

Antonio was helpful translating the conversation, and Tais, who spoke some English, graciously tried to include me in the conversation, which centered on the topic of sex, penis size, and more sex.

Oh the rich.....

The above pictures are some that I found on the internet because my pictures of that day, and I have many, are being held hostage in my old laptop which has died. One of these days I will retrieve them an make a real movie of that amazing day.

.... and this year I think I will be spending it at the ballpark.

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Big Deal I had Lamb cake!!