Sunday, March 2, 2008


Ellen DeGeneres is one funny lady. I've always enjoyed her but unlike my pal Rosie O'Donnell she is rarely political, and at times that has bothered me.

When bad things happen to good people, or any people, it is often easier to ignore it, but it is rarely, if ever, the right thing to do. I believe it is the responsibility of those with a voice to defend those that are voiceless and often faceless.

Recently Ellen did just that and did the right thing. She gave a voice to a murdered 15 year old boy named Larry from Oxnard, CA. In doing so she also gave a voice to the thousands of other gay youth around the country who are spat upon, beaten-up, and verbally abused by their peers and others.

Ellen encouraged her viewers to find out the candidates' beliefs on gays and reconsider their votes when the candidates to not respect and value the contributions of all people.

Thank you to my dear friend, actually, my oldest friend, Ronda, who brough this clip to my attention.


Gpawilli said...


Bobby said...


I was truly amazed when I saw this on Ellen last week. Actually, being gay; I sat there proud as hell. Ellen put it so well! One thing that just resonates in my mind is the term " Second Class Citizen". Hopefully, some more eyes opened, and are still opening!

Scott-O-Rama said...

I assume that you are also aware that Ellen appeared (via video I believe) at one of Hillary's campaign stops last week. She is officially endorsing Hillary.

Anonymous said...

I believe that Ellens "humanity" is stonger than her "gayness". She has such dignity!
I do not feel that she is in anyway obligated to share her political oppinion with us. Her show is about entertainment not "the news". And thank goodness for that. Maybe I have just had enough of people sharing their "View" with the world.
All people should be outraged that this young man was killed for being who he was. Not just gays, but all caring "human" beings. One little boy died and anothers life is ruined because he was raised to think there was something wrong with being gay.
My only question: Who are this "killers" parents?

palestar said...

wow kev you hit the nail on the head - i have written about it on my site too - we are in big trouble if we think this is only about being gay - i too want to know who the hell are his parents - personally i want to protect all the children - it is all right to be different!!!

ellen has had both barak and hillary on her show - i do not know if she is mainly supporting either or if she supports both... oy vey! - visit anyone who wants to hear the opinions/thoughts of a chubby ole lady... ;o)

Gpawilli said...

Hey Palesrar -

I just read that Ellen has in fact endorsed Hilary.


palestar said...

palesrar [;o)] says: thanks chris - did not know for sure. - as far as this so called big tuesday is concerned - it ain't over till it is over. i like obama but i feel he was a bit too condescending to hillary and a bit pompous - concerned me that he could be this way to all women in general - not ready to put up with that - so lets move it for hillary.

take care... palestar =o)