Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I recently read an article in Vanity Fair about Denise Hale, a San Francisco socialite, whose friends bought her a t-shirt with the saying printed on it, "Everyone is Entitled to My Opinion," and I found it so appropriate for how I feel.

Uninitiated, I will gladly give my opinion on any range of subjects and expect my audience to agree with me because the way I feel is the way I think every free thinking, open minded, educated person should feel.

It is also appropriate because that is what is at the core of this blog. I give you how I feel - what makes me happy, what makes me sad, and what simply pisses me off. I believe in fairness, equability and reciprocity, both for the good and the bad, I guess.

Those who come here know that if I am ranting about something, or something upsets me, I am going to be vocal and it is understood that "Everyone is Entitled to My Opinion."

There is one subject I have yet to be as vocal online about as I am in person, and maybe one of these days I will offend the entire world by letting everyone in on my feelings about this subject, but as far as most social issues (and politics) I think that anyone who doesn't think like me was raised wrong. I know... but I can't help it and I admit it - "Everyone is Entitled to My Opinion."

People are mean to each other and although I can be a little harsh, and often definitely doctoral, my beliefs are quite simple and I just believe everyone needs to treat each other fairly, without cynicism, free of prejudice and preconceived misconceptions, and to let everyone live their life freely and honestly.

I have always said as long as no one is getting harmed, leave em the fuck alone - so ya see "Everyone is Entitled to My Opinion."

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Anonymous said...

then why are you so mean to me? hmmm?